How To Spot Fake Salvatore Ferragamo Belt

How To Spot Fake Salvatore Ferragamo Belt

To authenticate your brand new Salvatore Ferragamo belt start by observing the Gancini buckle that stands out with its unique features. Check the quality of hardware, lettering, and fonts that most of the time are different on the fake models. Observe the little details such as measurements, stitching, and engraving.
Let’s get into the process now.

How To Legit Check Salvatore Ferragamo Belt?:

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Salvatore Ferragamo Belt Authentication: The Buckle Method

One of the most exquisite features of the Salvatore Ferragamo belt is a Gancini buckle. You can see how the authentic buckle is smooth and reflective whereas the replica is matte and sanded- opposite of what had to be done. They also got engraved lettering wrong which had to be done in the same color as the metal instead of black. The shape of the buckle itself is rounded on the original model.

Salvatore Ferragamo Belt Authentication

How To Spot Fake Salvatore Ferragamo Belt: The Hardware Method

If the hardware of a belt is replicated poorly by the replica factory then the whole thing stands out in the worst way possible.

As you can see, the authentic buckle is narrower and thinner than it is shown on the fake belt which is thicker and wider.
Not only the measurements but the metal used in both of these cases are different: the replica metal is more reflective.
The lettering on the authentic buckle is tiny and blends in well with the background while it is bolder and bigger on the fake model.
How To Spot Fake Salvatore Ferragamo Belt

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Fake Salvatore Ferragamo Belt: The Font Method

For some reason, replica factories always fail to copy fonts well.
This case is no exception. You might have already noticed how small and square-like letters on the authentic model are whereas they are large and differently shaped in the right picture.
Not only the font but the measurements of the buckle itself is different on the fake belt which is wider.
If you also want to learn more about the authentication of other designer pieces then we would recommend checking out these pages: Bottega Veneta, Celine Teen Box Bag, Gucci Brixton Loafers.
Fake Salvatore Ferragamo Belt

Salvatore Ferragamo Belt Real Vs Fake: The Closure Method

Again, the buckle is shaped differently on the replica belt.
You might have already noticed how dimensional the authentic closure is. On the other hand, the replica is all flat and shapeless.
Not only the shape but the metal used in the production was not chosen wisely either- it is not supposed to be matte but rather shiny and reflective.
The font, again, was replicated very poorly too.
Salvatore Ferragamo Belt Real Vs Fake

How To Tell If Salvatore Ferragamo Belt Is Fake: The Lettering Method

Checking the lettering on the back of the belt is as important as any other step.
Even though the replica factory did a better job in replicating the Salvatore Ferragamo lettering, the same thing can not be said about the "Made in Italy" text which is large, square-like, and scratched-out instead of engraved.
We also want you to take a look at the neat stitching in the left picture and how different the situation is on the replica belt.
How To Tell If Salvatore Ferragamo Belt Is Fake

Legit Check Salvatore Ferragamo Belt: The Box Method

The box is the very first thing you see after receiving the belt.
Observing the box can tell you more than you would imagine.
The surface of the authentic box is textured and dark red whereas the replica is all smooth with a different shade of red.
A few words on the lettering need to be mentioned too: the replica text is silver and dimensional when it is supposed to be white and flat with tiny letters.
Legit Check Salvatore Ferragamo Belt

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Is a Ferragamo belt worth it?

When it comes to the Salvatore Ferragamo belt you need to keep in mind that you get the highest quality item possible. It is well crafted and durable that is going to last a long time. If you are a perfectionist then go for it! when you see it in person, the belt will go beyond your expectations.

Is Ferragamo a luxury brand?

Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian luxury brand that specializes in leather goods, shoes, and swiss-made timepieces. Its headquarter is located in Florence, Italy. So yes, it is as luxurious as it could get.

Where can I get Salvatore Ferragamo Belt authenticated?

If you still struggle to authenticate the belt at home with the help of this guide then we could not recommend any better place to get your item legit checked other than LegitGrails. We are available 24/7! Check it out: Salvatore Ferragamo legit check.

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