How to Spot a Fake Chanel Bag in 2024?

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Chanel bags have a rich history and feature exclusive craftsmanship. The iconic bag known for its timeless elegance was initially released in 1929. The primary concept behind the bag was to offer a stylish handbag that would liberate a lady's hands, allowing her to move freely and gracefully while carrying the essentials.

The zipper compartment inside was meant to hide Coco Chanel's love letters. The signature look also features stitching in a diamond pattern, giving the bag shape and volume.

The price of Chanel bags has risen through the years, attributed to various factors such as exclusive craftsmanship, quality, inflation, limited availability, and growing demand. Consequently, the classic Chanel bag is a subject of plagiarism.

How to spot a fake Chanel bag and avoid scams? This step-by-step authentication guide provides instructions and professional tips!

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Inspect the Packaging

Our Chanel bag authentication guide starts with observing the packaging. This step provides useful insights for differentiating between a fake and an authentic product.

Chanel bags come in a sturdy and elegant black box that protects your precious bag. Look for any inconsistencies in material and color quality.

Next, we want to pinpoint a significant clue that gives off fake products. Chanel carefully packs their bags in multiple packaging to protect the product. Once you open the box, you will see that the bag is packed in bubble wrap.

As you unwrap the product, you will get to the dust bag. High-end brands provide a branded dust bag so you can conveniently store it. The white bag has the Chanel logo and a diamond pattern resembling the bag's stitching.

If you're purchasing pre-owned Chanel bags, the packaging might be displaced. In such a case, refer to the other authentication methods in our guide.

Overall Look Method

Chanel real vs. fake example

How to spot a fake Chanel bag with the overall look method? The closure is a great starting point.

Chanel bags have a branded signature look featuring their logo as the closure. Any inconsistencies can indicate a fake product. We can see how the original handbag has a nicely crafted closure in a golden color.

Whereas the fake model has a poorly done closure. We can also notice that the color is brighter and shinier than the original.

To round up the overall look method, we observe the stitching. Chanel is a high-end brand that relies on sophisticated machinery to craft premium quality products that are made to last a lifetime. Therefore, the stitching quality is better.

CC Chanel logo authentication method

The CC logo is a signature feature of Chanel bags. Poor quality and craftsmanship is a telltale sign of a fake product.

The original CC logo has clean lines and an excellent color that conveys quality. In comparison, fake logos are poorly cut and are too shiny.

Next, we move to observing the tiny print on the logo itself. The original logo has a branded logo printed with black letters. On the other hand, the fake logo has poorly engraved lettering that is barely noticeable.

The Leather Method

real vs fake examples of Chanel bags

How to spot a fake Chanel bag with the leather method? The material quality is an important indicator when assessing an authentic vs. fake Chanel bag.

Chanel bags are made of lambskin or caviar skin to ensure high quality. Lambskin feels very soft to the touch and has a subtle sheen. If the surface feels smooth but not very soft, this could indicate a fake product.

Caviar skin is made of calfskin, featuring a more sturdy look and a leather grain texture. The grain texture has raised bumps, which can be felt.

The Hardware Method

fake vs real chanel purse comparison

The hardware method reveals inconsistencies in the craftsmanship and branded logo. The back of the closure is another point of interest that helps us distinguish between a fake and an authentic Chanel bag.

The back of the closure rectangular backplate is secured with two screws. The original metal closure has a subtle brushed metal finish. At the same time, the fake hardware has a glistening sheen.

The "Chanel Paris" is engraved into the metal, featuring bold lettering and precise lines. On the other hand, the fake product has poor engraving quality and thinner letters.

As we further analyze the hardware, we notice differences in the screws holding the backplate. In the original bag, they are sturdy and safely secured, while we can't say the same for the fake.

The Chain Strap Method

identifying a fake Chanel bag by looking at the chain straps

How to spot a fake Chanel bag by observing the chain strap? The strap is a signature feature of the Chanel bag style and our next point of interest.

The genuine chain strap is heavy and sturdy, while the fake one is lightweight and gives off a poor-quality feel.

The original chain has a nice golden color and has no dents or scratches. In comparison, the fake chain is pale and can have visible imperfections.

The next thing we want to highlight is the leather strap stitching. The original strap is hand-stitched, while the fake is machine-stitched. Also, the real one looks flat and neat.

The Interior Method

For the interior method, we inspect the branded logo and zipper to distinguish a real and a fake Chanel bag. How to spot a fake Chanel bag by observing the brand logo?

Firstly, we spot a difference in the liter size and font. The original logo has thicker letters and precise edges, while the fake ones are thinner and curvier. Also, we can notice that the "c" and "h" letters are closer to the original logo.

Next, we inspect the printing quality to distinguish between a fake and a genuine bag. The authentic logo has bold letters that stand out with a bright golden tone. On the other hand, the counterfeit letters are pale.

Further, we observe the zipper below the branded logo in the interior. The original bag has a high-quality zipper to guarantee longevity, while the fake one is of questionable quality.

Inspect the Serial Number

Original Chanel bags come with a serial number indicated on a label. It is attached to the inside lining of the bag, usually in the corners. This number should match the serial number on the authentication card that comes with the bag.

The serial numbers were introduced in 1984 to fight the counterfeiters ranging from 6 to 8 digits. Therefore, vintage bags manufactured before 1984 won't have a serial number.

However, counterfeiters can copy the serial number. Also, remember that the authentication card might be missing for pre-owned bags. We advise you not to rely solely on this method when authenticating your bag.

Inspect the Chanel Authenticity Card

Chanel bags come with an authenticity card with the same serial number found inside the bag. An original card has excellent printing quality and is made of smooth, thick paper. A fake card can have inconsistencies in the letter size, font, and color quality.

Since the authenticity card is separate, we advise you not to rely only on this authentication method. A card can be misplaced or lost, so you can still find original pre-owned bags without the card. Also, remember that fake bags can come with an original authenticity card that was stolen.

What to do if you bought a fake Chanel?

Your rights as a customer vary depending on the local laws. In the UK, you have the legal right to get a refund for fake products and report the seller to the Trading Standards. Returning your money might not be possible, but legal action will be taken against the seller.

In the US, you can report the seller to a government agency responsible for intellectual property laws.

Also, Chanel has developed a strategy for fighting fake products. You can report a fake Chanel directly to their counterfeiter team at anticounterfeit@chanel.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Chanel Bags have serial numbers?

Chanel issued the serial number in 1984 as a first response to the rising counterfeiters. Vintage bags manufactured before that won't have a serial number.

The serial number ranges from six to eight digits, printed on a label attached to the bag's lining. The exact number is printed on the authenticity card that comes with the bag.

How can I authenticate my Chanel bag without a serial number?

Vintage Chanel bags made before 1984 won't have a serial number. But you can still authenticate them without the number.

You can authenticate Chanel bags with various methods, such as inspecting the packaging, CC logo, leather, chain strap, and interior.

How much do Chanel bags cost on average?

The price of Chanel bags has risen since 2008, and so has the demand. In 2023, the price increased by 16%. The Classic Flap bag costs over $ 10,000, and the Medium Flap bag retails for $ 10,200.

Given the rise in retail pricing, the trend is followed by pre-owned bags. Resale prices are increasing as the demand for second-hand bags increases. A Chanel bag purchased a few years ago is now worth more than the price you paid.


There are a few reliable authentication methods for identifying an original Chanel bag. We can make a difference between a fake and a genuine bag by analyzing the packaging, stitching, CC logo, hardware, leather, chain strap, and interior lining.

The authenticity card and serial number are other methods, but approach them cautiously. Cards can be misplaced or lost, so they might not be a reliable sign of a fake.

Another critical thing to remember is the rising price of Chanel bags. This product has high resale prices so low deals might indicate a fake product.

It is important to note that Chanel doesn't provide product authentication. If you can't distinguish an authentic vs. fake bag, it would be best to turn to Chanel authentication services. The experts have the knowledge and experience to tell a fake by looking at your photos.

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3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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