How To Spot Fake Chanel Wallet

How To Spot Fake Chanel Wallet

To authenticate your Chanel wallet remember that there are several steps you need to follow closely: start by observing the overall look which includes details like measurements, stitching, and quality. Quilting is an important part of Chanel wallets so observe the details closely. Don’t forget to check pockets and logos as a lot can be said through it. The zipper is a vital part of a wallet as well as the slider itself, so analyze them alongside pullers, sides, fonts, and labels.

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Chanel Wallet Authentication: The Overall Look Method

We should start by observing the overall look method.

A replica wallet needs to have the same measurements as the authentic model to make the fakeness less obvious.

For some reasons, the replica factories always fail to do so which makes our job easier: Even though the flap is not perfectly straight on the original wallet either, the curve is not supposed to be as large as it is in the right picture. 

The corners of the replica flap have to be rounded and not as pointy as they are. 

The authentic wallet is bulkier with neat stitching that is almost impossible to see whereas the fake model looks too flat with the stitching that is too obvious.

Chanel Wallet Authentication

How To Spot Fake Chanel Wallet: The Quilting Method

An awesome detail about this wallet is its quilting pattern: As you can see the authentic surface is bulkier which can be explained by the tight stitching whereas the replica surface is flatter; the stitching is sloppy and the quality of the leather is different.

Not only the stitching technique but the pattern is different too- squares on the original model are bigger.

How To Spot Fake Chanel Wallet

Fake Chanel Wallet: The Pocket Method

The authentic pocket is much thicker than the replica which is super thin and not made of the same quality leather.

Chanel uses caviar leather very often- it is durable and scratch-resistant which is why it is super hard to replicate the quality leather well; As you can see, the fake wallet is shiny with a bigger grainy pattern, when it is supposed to be matte. 

Chanel Wallet Real Vs Fake: The Logo Method

What is a Chanel product without the iconic Chanel logo?

The fake logo is flat and matte when it is supposed to be more dimensional with a reflective surface just as shown in the left picture. 

There are some issues not only with the shape but the size too- the space between the C's is bigger on the replica wallet.

Chanel Wallet Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Chanel Wallet: The Logo Method (Higher-Quality Replica)

The situation with this logo is better but not the best either.

The fake logo is not as rounded as it is supposed to be- you can see how the shapes are different by looking at the side-by-side pictures.

Even the wrong placement of the logo can give the replica away- as you can see the original logo is placed in the bottom of the flap whereas it is placed almost in the middle of the fake flap.

Real Vs Fake Chanel Wallet

How To Tell If Chanel Wallet Is Fake: The Zipper Method

The zipper is an important part of a wallet and it determines whether the slider is going to move smoothly or not. 

As you can see, the material around the zipper is smooth and solid on the authentic wallet whereas it is all grainy in the right picture. 

The zipper teeth are smaller and closer to one another on the original model which means that the slider will move super smoothly on it. The situation is the same with the replica zipper where the teeth are not placed in the one perfect line.

If you want to learn more about Chanel authentication then you should check out these pages: Chanel 2.55 Bag, Chanel Boy Bag, Chanel 2020 Cruise.

How To Tell If Chanel Wallet Is Fake

Legit Check Chanel Wallet: The Slider Method

As much as the zipper is important in a wallet, so is the slider.

The authentic slider is smaller than the replica with a different, light golden color.

The puller metal has a rectangle shape in the right picture when it is supposed to be more square-like just as it is on the authentic slider.

Legit Check Chanel Wallet

Fake Vs Real Chanel Wallet: The Side Method

We should observe the sides in this method.

The side of the fake wallet is wider than the authentic- which might be pointing out spaciousness but remember, you are searching for the differences, not what is better. 

The two layers of the original wallet are done exquisitely.

Fake Vs Real Chanel Wallet

Chanel Wallet Fake Vs Real: The Puller Method

When it comes to the authentic puller you can see how long and narrower it is in comparison to the fake one which is shorter and wider.

A few words need to be mentioned about the stitching too- long and sloppy stitches when they are supposed to be neat and tight.

Chanel Wallet Fake Vs Real

How To Legit Check Chanel Wallet: The Font Method

Always be careful when it comes to observing the fonts.

You can already tell how the letters of "Chanel" on the authentic model are thick and bold whereas they look super washed-out in the right picture. 

"Made in Italy" text also has some problems on the replica- letters have to be smaller, less-squared, and bolder instead of washed-out.

How To Legit Check Chanel Wallet

Fake Chanel Wallet: The Label Method

The last method we will be analyzing for today is the label.

The replica factory did a better job in replicating the font but they still missed some details. The Chanel logo is rounder and thicker on the fake wallet and the stitching is almost non-existent when it is supposed to be as neat as it is in the left picture.

Fake Chanel Wallet

How can you tell if a Chanel wallet is real?

If you followed these 11 detailed methods then you already know how to tell fake and real Chanel wallets apart. Be extra careful when it comes to analyzing the details such as leather, zipper, stitching, and fonts.

Why is Chanel so expensive?

When you are buying a Chanel item remember that you are paying for the high-quality materials, factory workers, and the popularity of the brand- this is why Chanel items are this expensive.

Where can I get my Chanel wallet authenticated?

If you still struggle with authenticating your Chanel wallet by yourself then we could not recommend anything better than using our amazing authentication services. Visit: Chanel authentication services.

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