How To Spot Fake Chanel Wallet On Chain/WOC

How To Spot Fake Chanel Wallet On Chain/WOCWe don't think there is anyone out there who doesn't like a fancy Chanel wallet, therefore we decided to write a guide on how to authenticate Chanel Wallet On Chain.

We hope that after reading our guide you will be able to authenticate your item easily at home. We understand how it might be difficult for a person without much knowledge in fashion to keep up with our methods and it's totally ok! Just try out our amazing authentication services. 

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The Overall Look Method

The first flaw that is super noticeable is how the flap of the replica bag is very close to the bottom edge, while there is a bigger space between these two edges on the original model.

Whenever you see quilting like this it screams the name of Chanel, that is why it should have been copied better by the replica factories; These diamond shapes made by the stitches are bigger on the authentic model than it appears to be in the bottom picture.

Overall, the replica model seems to be bulkier.

Chanel Wallet On Chain/WOC Fake VS Real Guide: Chanel WOC Fake VS Real

The Caviar Leather Method

Let's compare Chanel Wallet On Chain fake vs real by the caviar leather.

First of all, we have to say what caviar skin is. This type of leather is very common in Chanel bags, which is not very surprising as this grainy, hard and very solid material endures scratches the best.

If you take a closer look you will see how these grains are bigger on the original model and look just like actual caviar, while the unauthentic surface seems to have little dots that do not make it look pretty at all.

Therefore, the replica will not be as durable and solid as the faux model.

Chanel Wallet On Chain Fake VS Real

The Logo Method

The logo is something that Chanel puts on every bag that it produces, therefore it is one of the most important details while authenticating the item.

The first issue that the replica logo has is the sizing - the original one is clearly bigger than the fake one.

The spacing between the CC is bigger on the authentic model too.

Choosing the right color clearly was a problem for the replica factories, as the logo in the bottom picture is more yellow, while it needs to be golden.

The original model is scratchless and grainless when the replica logo failed to be durable.

Chanel WOC Real VS Fake

The Back of The Bag Method

Comparing Chanel the WOC fake the VS real by looking AT the back of the bag is another way of authenticating the model.

We want you to take a closer look at the quilting on the pocket and how it lines up flawlessly with the quilting on the background, while the quilting on the unauthentic pocket does not match with the background.

The original pocket is bulkier, while the replica is pretty flat, but bigger in size.

Are our methods too hard for you to understand? If you still have doubts it is totally ok, we got your back! Just use our authentication services. Our amazing team is by your side 24/7!

Chanel Wallet On Chain Legit Check

The Side Method

Even though comparing sides of these models might sound a little weird, trust us, it is one of the most effective ways of identifying the flaws.

First of all, the height of the authentic model is greater while the faux model is wider. There might be more room in the replica bag but you can see how squiggly the sides of the bag are, while the edges are super straight in the left picture.

We already talked about the difference in the caviar leathers, which is the same issue in this case.

Chanel Wallet On Chain Legit Check

The Inner Signature Method

This signature put on the inner pocket of the bag might not be visible while wearing the bag, but it is a great way to find the difference between Chanel Wallet On Chain real VS fake.

The first thing that replica factories failed to copy successfully is the font; Letters shown in the bottom picture are bolder, larger and thicker, when they have to be smaller and thinner as shown on the authentic model.

Clearly, the color of the original letters is golden, while it is silver on the fake model. The CC logo needs to be smaller with the thinner outline too.

How To Authenticate Chanel Wallet On Chain

The Location of Production Text Method

Similarly to the previous pictures, letters in the upper picture are smaller and thinner, while the unauthentic letters are bigger and more square-like.

The replica letters need to be golden, not silver and the spacing between the letters has to be bigger too.

The fake background is also grainier than it needs to be.

Chanel WOC Legit Check

The Serial Number Method

The main difference appears in the font, as the original numbers are rounded, not square - like just as shown in the bottom picture. Overall, the sizing of the numbers has been poorly copied, as they are smaller on the authentic tag.

The double CC logos put above the numbers should not be as bold and thick as shown on the replica, but thin and pale.

The overall shape of the white tag needs to be less wide and smaller too.

Chanel Wallet Authentication

How to authenticate a Chanel Wallet? 

We would suggest using the Logo method in the very first place as it is an easy method to spot a fake Chanel wallet. The Signature method is also one of the methods that we recommend using due to the bad quality of logo completion by fake manufacturers.

How do I legit check a Chanel Wallet before the purchase?

We would recommend asking the seller to upload photos of the serial number and production text before proceeding with the purchase. Two of those methods are available in our guide above. Make sure to always stay rational about the price offered by the seller. Always authenticate "too good to be true" deals. 

What is the best method to inspect a Chanel Wallet Real vs Fake?

We've noticed that barely no one knows about a simple option of going to a Chanel store and asking staff to inspect your bag. They will have a plenty of similar models to compare your item to. 

The Bottom Line…

This was the guide on the comparison of Chanel WOC real VS fake. Hopefully, you will be able to authenticate this fancy model by yourself at home. If you still have doubts you should not worry for a second, as all you need to do use our amazing authentication services. Our knowledgeable and helpful team is available 24/7: Chanel legit check.

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