How To Spot Fake Chanel Dad Sandals

How To Spot Fake Chanel Dad Sandals

To authenticate Chanel Dad Sandals you need to start with the overall look method and be extra careful: observe stitching, leather quality, quilting, and symmetricity. Then, check heels, logos, and closures that might be hiding more flaws than you might expect. Don't forget to observe the insole, serial number, sole, and box- even if they might not sound that important, trust us, checking these are vital.

How to legit check Chanel Dad Sandals?

Chanel Dad Sandals Authentication: The Overall Look Method

When it comes to as simple of a model as Chanel Dad Sandals getting all the details accurately is even more important. 

Take a close look at the authentic heel that is super even and exquisite whereas the replica one fails to copy flawless symmetry. 

The stitching plays a big part in it as the sloppy sewing on the right picture makes the flaws appear even worse. 

The low quality of the replica leather gives the model a worn-out look. 

Iconic Chanel quilting gives these sandals a more fashionable look. The replica factory didn't get the quilting right either.

Chanel Dad Sandals Authentication

Fake Chanel Dad Sandals: The Heel Method

Elegance is hidden in details. You might have already noticed how smooth the authentic heel is, without any extra line, whereas the fake one looks as if it has layers.

Stitching also plays a big role: tight sewing on the original sandals is almost seamless, even the connecting part in the middle is almost impossible. On the other hand, sloppy and careless stitching on the replica model highlights some production issues, such as a huge gap in the middle.

Fake Chanel Dad Sandals

How To Spot Fake Chanel Dad Sandals: The Logo Method

What is a Chanel product without its logo? If it's replicated wrong, then even the most flawless details go to waste.

Take a close look at how the authentic logo is rounded and exquisite with its golden details, whereas the double C on the fake model looks distorted, with a narrower and taller look.

The velcro straps should have a thick and uniform edge. However, in the fake example on the right, the edge is wobbly and much thinner than the real one on the left.

How To Spot Fake Chanel Dad Sandals

Chanel Dad Sandals Real Vs Fake: The Closure Method

The use of low-quality leather played its role: the replica closure is uneven and wider than it is supposed to be. Using this quality daily might result in tearing the material sooner than expected.

Similar to the first method, quilting in this case is asymmetrical and sloppy.

Even the measurements of the replica metal connecting these two parts were chosen incorrectly.

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Chanel Dad Sandals Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Chanel Dad Sandals: The Insole Method

Even though the insole might not be showing up while wearing the sandals, it is still vital to observe it closely.

Patch that the lettering is written on is round on the authentic model whereas it looks like an asymmetrical corner-less triangle on the right picture. It is also flat when it is supposed to be bulkier; Letters on it are bigger, written with different fonts, and bolder than they should be. Even the Chanel logo is thicker than anticipated. 

Real Vs Fake Chanel Dad Sandals

How To Tell If Chanel Dad Sandals Is Fake: The Stitching Method

Having seamless stitches on the model is super important. The technique of the replica factory was not the best: the stitches are loose and sloppy which will result in sandal pieces falling apart. 

Even the color of the thread was chosen incorrectly, as it is a shade darker than the original one: it gives the model a dirty look.

How To Tell If Chanel Dad Sandals Is Fake

Legit Check Chanel Dad Sandals: The Serial Number Method

Checking the serial number of the model is super important. Some replicas don't even have them but even if they do, observe the font and the way it was written.

Letters and numbers of the authentic serial number are consistently spaced out and they look engraved nicely in the leather. On the other hand, the spacing between the characters on the right picture is very inconsistent, numbers are pale and written with a different font.

Chanel uses unique font in their stamping and replicas often don't get it right. The number "3" is usually where you can see the biggest difference, as it should have a flat top in an authentic pair.

Legit Check Chanel Dad Sandals

How To Legit Check Chanel Dad Sandals: The Sole Method

For some reason, replicating the Chanel logo is a problem for the replica factories: while it is supposed to be as narrow and thin as it is on the left picture, in reality, it is smaller, thicker, and wider. 

Similar to the logo, letters and numbers are bolder. You can see the differences if you compare the "Made In Italy" texts.

How To Legit Check Chanel Dad Sandals

Fake Vs Real Chanel Dad Sandals: The Box Method

Whenever you receive your long wanted Chanel Dad sandals, you need to observe the box too.

The sticker on the original box is large enough to have enough information on it, including the authentic picture, leather quality, and all the other official details. 

We bet you have already noticed how poor-quality the replica sticker is with its tiny details when they need to be written boldly with a bigger font.

Fake Vs Real Chanel Dad Sandals

Are Chanel Dad sandals worth it? 

Depends on what you are looking for. If you are searching for a fancy model that will go well with your cocktail dress then no, Chanel Dad sandals will not be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for “fancy” designer shoes that can be used daily, then yes, go for it!

How can I tell fake Chanel Dad sandals?

You are already familiar with the 9 best methods used for the authentication process, then you already know how to tell fake and real models apart. Do not forget to follow each method closely.

Where can I get Chanel Dad sandals authenticated?

If you still need professional help, we got your back! All you need to do is use our authentication services that are available 24/7! Check it out: Chanel legit check.


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