How To Spot Fake Prada Cleo Bag

How To Spot Fake Prada Cleo Bag

To authenticate a Prada Cleo bag start by observing the overall look of the model: check measurements, shape, and leather quality closely. Next, observe the outline with stitching, logo and its details, closure, and handle. Finally, wrap up the process by following the label and dust-bag methods.

How to legit check Prada Cleo Bag?

Prada Cleo Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Whilst authenticating this bag keep in mind that the popularity of this model made replica factories produce thousands of copies that look nothing like the original.

Even though the bottom corners of the authentic model are curvy the transition between the edges is smooth. On the other hand, the replica factory suddenly became too generous in creating these curves as the corners are massive.

Another iconic feature of this bag is its round and curvy top part. The replica made a mistake by shortening the peaks on the sides. 

Overall, the low quality of the fake Prada leather is hard to not notice.

Prada Cleo Bag Authentication

Fake Prada Cleo Bag: The Outline Method

The outline of the model is supposed to be glossier than the other parts of the bag, just as shown in the left picture.

The bottom of the replica is done with the same matte leather instead of a glossy one.

The stitching should be pointed out too, which most of the time is sloppy when it comes to the fake models. As you can see, each stitch on the authentic Prada is very even and symmetrical whereas they seem loosened and insecure in the right picture.

Fake Prada Cleo Bag

How To Legit Check Prada Cleo Bag: The Logo Method

Even a small thing like a logo can make a model a hundred times better than it already is.

We bet you have already noticed how smooth and shiny the authentic logo is whereas the fake one is blurry and matte.

The edges of the original logo are sharper too.

The replica factory didn't do a great job in copying the details either. The "DAL 1913" part is supposed to be super defined and easy to read whereas it is almost impossible to tell that there is a text in the right picture. 

Each detail on the authentic model is more defined and well-produced.

How To Legit Check Prada Cleo Bag

How To Spot Fake Prada Cleo Bag: The Closure Method

If the magnetic closure is low quality then using a bag daily might not be as practical. 

As you might have already noticed the authentic closure is thinner, deeply put inside the leather which makes it more solid. On the other hand, the replica one is thicker, fuller, and differently-shaded. Unlike the authentic magnetic closure, it sits right on top of the leather.

If you are interested in learning more about authentication processes, then you should visit these pages: Prada Monolith Boots, Jadior Pumps, Salvatore Ferragamo Belt.

How To Spot Fake Prada Cleo Bag

Prada Cleo Bag Real Vs Fake: The Handle Method

Another thing we love about this model is the short handle strap that makes it super fancy looking. 

The authentic metal attachment is flatter and shinier whereas the replica one appears rounder, narrower and matte. 

The difference also appears in the way the handles were produced. The stitching on the fake strap is sloppy which might result in coming off at any minute. It is supposed to be double-stitched just as shown in the left picture.

Prada Cleo Bag Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Prada Cleo Bag: The Buckle Method

Prada lettering on the buckle might not seem like a big of a deal but in the authentication process, it is. 

As you can see, letters on the authentic buckle are bigger, wider, and deeply engraved in the metal whereas they are smaller, rounder, and harder to read in the right picture.

Metal details attached to the fake buckle are bigger than they are supposed to be.

Real Vs Fake Prada Cleo Bag

How To Tell If Prada Cleo Bag Is Fake: The Label Method

Replicating the metal Prada label is not an easy task. 

The replica label is thicker and has rounded corners; clearly, the authentic one is sharper and thinner too. 

Letters in the right picture seem to be a little distorted: letters on the original Prada label are bold and sharp.

How To Tell If Prada Cleo Bag Is Fake

Legit Check Prada Cleo Bag: The Dust-bag Method

We got to the last method for today's authentication process.

The material of the authentic dust-bag is higher-quality than the replica one, which seems to have a worn-out look. 

Font again is different in both of these cases: letters in the right picture are paler and thinner when they are supposed to be just as bold and wide as they are on the authentic dust-bag.

Legit Check Prada Cleo Bag

Is a Prada Cleo bag worth it?

Absolutely! With its sophisticated and classic design, the bag will go with any type of outfit. It is worth buying as the model is considered to be an “it” bag that will not go out of style any time soon!

How do I tell a fake Prada Cleo bag?

8 methods mentioned above in the guide will help you to tell the real and fake models apart. It is not that complicated if you follow each step super closely.

Where can I get a Prada Cleo bag authenticated?

Still need professional help? We got you! Use our authentication services with the fastest turn-around time right now! Check it out: Prada Legit Check.

Authenticate Your Prada Cleo Bag


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