How To Spot Fake Dior B23

Dior B23 legit check might not be as easy if you are not familiar with fashion, this is the exact reason our team decided to write this guide to help you spot fake models easily and quickly.

Even after the detailed explanation inexperienced person might not be able to differentiate an authentic model from the replica, but do not worry, our knowledgeable and fashionista expert team can spot the fakeness even in the flawless replicas, all you have to do is use our services; Our team is available 24/7!

An Outline of How To Legit Check Dior B23?

  • Inspecting the overall pattern
  • Checking the Dior pattern close up
  • Looking at the midsole tag
  • Taking a look at the toe cap
  • Inspecting the bottom of the shoe
  • Legit checking the heel counter
  • Examining the font of the text on the insole
  • Taking a close look at the sizing printing

The Side Method

In this method we want you to take a look at the stitching: how evenly and symmetrically stitches have been done on the authentic model, while the fake one has sloppy and asymmetrical stitching.

The difference appears on the shoe paneling too, which is transparent on the authentic sneakers with just a little bit of blurriness, while the paneling on the replica is white which gives it a very cheap look.

The beige rubber outsole on top of the white has been missed too, as the fake Dior B23 has more of a dirty-white look more than beige.

The difference appears on the foxing too: You can easily notice how unevenly it has been cut out on the fake model.

We will be talking about the Dior signature in the next method. 

How to Legit Check Dior B23:  The Side Method

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The Text Method

The Dior signature has to be one of those iconic ones that we see the most on T-shirts, bags, purses, shoes, etc.

These sneakers were not an exception too: You can see on the authentic model how finely signatures are put on the sides of the sneakers; The letters are faded-out black and the creamy-white background goes very well with the patchwork-effect.

Replica factories did not succeed in copying these details as their logos are pitch black with a pale white background that create such a huge contrast that it is very hard to miss.

How to Legit Check Dior B23: The Text Method

The Logo Method

To compare Dior B23 real vs fake we will have to take a look at the logos.

The rubber logo glued on the white outsole is different on both of these models.

The original sneakers have a rectangle shaped logo, while the fake one has more of a square shaped attachment.

The space between the edges and the white outline is larger on the authentic model too.

Letters differentiate from each other in these two pictures: There is no spacing between the letters on the original logo, while on the fake one spacing is noticeable and the logo is larger overall too.

How to Legit Check Dior B23: The Logo Method

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The Front Method

Let's start from the top: It is hard to not notice the difference in tongues: The tongue of the fake model looks much taller in height, which does not necessarily look appealing.

The laces are very clean-looking white, which the replica factory failed to copy, as the laces on the right picture have a dirty white look.

The authentic model has a much larger toe cap than the unoriginal one.

The last detail we want you to take a look at is the foxing: how much of a texture it has on the left photo, while it looks almost flat on the right.

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How to Legit Check Dior B23: The Front Method

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The Bottom Method

In our opinion, for original Dior B23 authentication this method is the easiest to use.

You can see immediately how much of a difference there is between these two pictures: The authentic model has dragonflies engraved at the bottom of the sneakers, while the replica one has just drawn them dimly.

Apart from the dragonflies, the curvy details on top and bottom of the shoe as well as the net and the logo are engraved very appealingly on the original sneakers, which replica brand totally missed!

The colors are not even close to each other: authentic sneakers have a beige bottom and the replica has a white color to it.

How to Legit Check Dior B23: The Bottom Method

The Heel Counter Method

In this method we want you to look at how different the width and the height of both heel counters are.

Fake one appears to be taller and thinner in width than the authentic one.

Stitching of the heel loop is drastically different from each other too: while the original one has even and tight stitching, the fake one failed to replicate the same.

Structure of the outsoles do not match each other too.

How to Legit Check Dior B23: The Heel Counter Method

The Insole Method

To spot the fake model, all you have to do is look at the insole: The authentic model has "Dior" written in all capitalised letters, while the fake one capitalized just the first letter.

The font is radically different too and it takes up much more space than it does on the original sneakers.

The coloring is also missed: authentic Dior B23 has a beige insole and the fake has a pale white color to it.

How to Legit Check Dior B23: The Insole Method

The Sizing Print Method

This is our last method of how to authenticate Dior B23.

The way the sizings are written on these sneakers are the way to tell if your shoes are original or not:

First of all, as you would have noticed already, the replica print does not even tell "Made In Italy", which automatically shows the fakeness of the sneakers.

The sizing of the letters and numbers are different, as the authentic model has a larger print than it appears to be on the bottom picture.

How to Legit Check Dior B23: The Sizing Print Method

Concluding This authentication guide...

  • The overall pattern of the shoe is often off in the replicas
  • There are numerous grades of replicas, hence some may be much harder to spot
  • The Dior pattern is generally an easy part to authenticate
  • The log tag should also be checked in regards to the font of the text 
  • The toe cap might vary in sizings
  • Authenticating the details on the bottom of the shoe is crucial
  • The fake heel counters are different in sizing to authentic ones 
  • Always inspect the thickness of the font on the insoles
  • The code component is the easiest part to authenticate

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