How To Spot Fake Dior Book Tote

How To Spot Fake Dior Book Tote

Do you want to buy a Dior Book Tote, but don’t know how to tell if it’s a fake one or not?

In this article, we have gathered the best eight methods of spotting a fake Dior Book Tote you can always use.

So buckle up, cause we’re in for a ride!

How To Legit Check Dior Book Tote?

The Overall Look Method

Dior Book Tote: The Overall Look Method

First, let's look at Christian Dior's design, focusing on its overall style.

We need to talk about the Dior print first—there's also a Toile De Jouy version—that really catches our eye.

The original print is sharp and clear, but it looks fuzzy on the fake one; also, the size is wrong, and the colors are way off.

It's the small things that make the original perfect: like the thick, straight string on three sides of the real bag, compared to the thinner, wavy string on the fake one.

Dior Book Tote: The Print Method

We've talked about the Christian Dior print before (you can also get it in Toile De Jouy style), so let's look at it more closely now.

On the real print, the stitching is very sharp; even if the letters overlap, you can read them easily. That's not true for the fake one, where the letters are small and hard to read.
All the details on the real one are even and neatly sewn, but the fake one has messy, thick stitching.

It's not just the quality; even the letter styles are different: the letters should be skinny but big, like you see in the picture on the left.

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The Side Method

Dior Book Tote: The Side Method

Not only the small stuff but also the size of these bags is different.

You can see the real one is wider, so it holds more stuff—what's a tote bag for if you can't fit much in it?

The bottom of the fake bag curves too much, but that's not all: the stripes look wrong. They should be rounded but they're too pointy, and they're not even in the right place—they should be closer to the bottom.


The Embroidery Method

Dior Book Tote: real vs fake embroidery

One cool thing about this bag is the special Christian Dior stitching. But the fake one doesn't get it right.

In the left picture, you see strong beige thread used for the stitching, but the fake one uses weak white thread.

Also, the original has a random pattern with its lines all over the place. The fake one, shown in the right picture, has a pattern that's the same all over. It might not look bad, but it's not how it's supposed to look.

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The Handle Method

Dior Book Tote: real vs fake handle

The real handle is thick with two lines joined in the middle. The fake one has a thinner handle with just one big line down the middle.

Besides the size, the color of the stitching is wrong too. The fake handle has black thread, but it should be cream like you see in the left picture.


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The Interior Method

Dior Book Tote: real vs fake interior

As we said before, the inside of the fake bag is much smaller than the real one. We see this again, with the real bag having more room inside.

The colors inside are different too. The real Christian Dior design has cool colors, while the fake one has warm colors.

The Font Method

Dior Book Tote: real vs fake logo font

The font is also a problem. For example, the real "Christian Dior" letters are thin and the same size, while the fake ones are thick and wide.

The space between the letters is also off. It's even on the real print, but not on the fake one. The "Paris" letters in the right picture are also wavy.

The Label Method

Dior Book Tote: real vs fake logo label

Last up for today, let's look at the label. The shape is close but the label on the fake one could be a bit bigger.

The real one has bold, bright letters, but they look faded in the right picture. You can really see it in the "Made In Italy" words.

The thread used to sew the label is also different. The fake bag's thread is shiny, but it should be flat and as thick as the real bag's thread.

Is A Dior Book Tote Worth It?

Because of the versatility of the bag, it can be used for shopping, travel, work, or vacation. The patterns and colors don't show dirt too which makes it very practical. If you want to buy a spacious bag that can be used daily, then we would say that this model is worth it.

How Can You Tell A Fake Dior Book Tote?

If you follow these instructions and find the differences you will be able to spot a fake model designed by Christian Dior without many difficulties. Keep in mind that there are many details that need to be taken into account so don’t skip any step.

Where Can I Get My Dior Book Tote Authenticated?

If you followed each instruction carefully and still couldn’t get the authentication done on your own, we would advise you to connect with our expert team via live chat and use our legit check services with the fastest turnaround time: Dior legit check.

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