How to Spot Fake Dior Jordan 1 High

How to Spot Fake Dior Jordan 1 High

The easiest way to legit check your Dior Jordan 1's would be to inspect the Swoosh along with all Air Jordan (Air Dior in this case) logos. Move on to the heel details and the outsole logo. And finally, do not forget to authenticate the shoe box and the size label on it!

How to legit check Dior Jordan 1 High?

Dior Jordan 1 High Real vs Fake: The Left Outer Swoosh Method

The Dior x Jordan 1, or Air Dior, was one of the most anticipated collaborations of 2020. With the luxury powerhouse Dior, and the sportswear industry leader Nike producing this minimalistic pair that allows for unlimited styling. The pair was released on the 1st of July 2020, on a first come first serve basis, available exclusively in selected Dior pop-in stores with a pre-selection through a micro-site.

First, we will look at the outer side of the shoe - the left swoosh. In the comparison below, which shows higher quality fake Jordan Dior, we can see that the fake manufacturers have almost perfected copying the shape of the shoe. However, there are still some crucial differences.

First, the toe box looks bulkier in the authentic version, while the fake the toe box looks flatter. 

Then, we can also see how much darker the authentic grey stitching is, it almost looks black in the photo below. The fake shoe features a lighter shade of grey stitching, which would be an easy giveaway.

Moving to the right of the outer side, we have the iconic monogram swoosh. The Dior oblique pattern is not an easy one to copy, and here the fake producers did not succeed. The fake swoosh looks much lighter than the original Air Dior, and the oblique pattern looks almost faded. The shape of the Jordan swoosh is also different in a retail pair, as indicated in the photo below.

Additionally, the Air Dior logo on the leather flap looks much smaller in the fake, yet this will be analysed later on.

Dior Jordan 1 High Real vs Fake

Air Jordan 1 Dior High Authentication: The Right Outer Swoosh Method

The next way to verify the Dior x Air Jordan sneakers is by looking at the right outer swoosh, and its comparison to a cheaper fake version.

The heel of the authentic shoe seems to be much higher than that of the fake shoe; yet keep in mind that some differences can occur due to the sizing.

It is also obvious that there is a misplacement of the Air Dior wings logo. As opposed to the previous fake example, this pair has the logo looking much larger and placed much lower than the real one.

Now, looking at the swoosh we can point out some of the obvious differences there. Firstly, the shape looks completely off; it would not take long for our loyal readers to notice that. Moreover, the Jordan Dior monogram pattern looks very dark, which makes it completely illegible.

Finally, the toe box of this cheaper fake looks much rounder, compared to the sectioned authentic Jordan one.

Air Jordan 1 Dior High Authentication

This logo has been mentioned before, and a general clue on its verification would be firstly checking the thickness of its font and dividing lines. The dividing lines would have a much more consistent thickness, compared to the one in the fakes. This means that the fakes could have some random gaps, as pointed out in the comparison of the bottom parts.

Overall, the authentic Air Jordan writing would be thick, yet the left stroke of the letter “A” would be thin. As you can see in the fake vs real Dior Jordan 1 High comparison below, the fake logo has all the letters and strokes of the same thickness.

Another tip would be checking if the details are respected. The comparison below highlights two little circles with some curvy details on the sides. Those details are completely straight in the fake shoe, which makes it easier to spot a fake.

How to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Dior High

Still got doubts about authenticity of your AJ1 Dior's? Use our authentication services and get the outcome of the legit check in less than 30 minutes.

How to legit check Air Jordan 1 Dior High: The Tongue Method

Looking at the tongue of the authentic Dior Jordans, the difference can be noticed with a naked eye. Firstly, the tongue label has a much thinner and taller Dior logo, and a thicker Air text. The fake Nike swoosh also differs from the real one in its shape and size. The fake label is also of a darker shade of gray.

Then, we can see a slight monogram pattern on the authentic one, which is not the case when looking at the fake tongue. Keep in mind that the fake example shows an early fake version.

Lastly, we can see how the authentic lace tab in the middle has some visible stitches. The fake tab, on the contrary, has the edge sewed into the tongue.

How to legit check Air Jordan 1 Dior High

Real VS Fake Jordan 1 Dior High: The Heel Method

The fifth method outlines the way you can verify your pair by looking at the heel.

In the early fakes, the heel tab was white, while the final released version had this tab in gray. So be cautious and look out for that!

In the top part of the heel, you may notice the double stitching. There is significantly less space between the fake stitchings, which is highlighted in the below comparison. Moreover, the authentic heel is taller than the fake one.

Real VS Fake Jordan 1 Dior High

Legit Check Jordan 1 Dior High: The Outsole Logo Method

Another important detail of this iconic collaboration are the logos hidden under the outsole. The left shoe features the Dior logo. As you can see in the real vs real Jordan 1 Dior comparison, the authentic logo is considerably thinner than the original one.

The fake font is very bulky, and the fake manufacturers did not manage to properly copy the shape of the letters. This is particularly noticeable when looking at the letter ‘R’.

Additionally, the fake outsole has a darker shade of blue, and looks less transparent than the real one.

Legit Check Jordan 1 Dior High

Now, let's examine the right outsole logo. The fake right outsole has a similar flaw of a less transparent outsole. Moreover, the Air Jordan wings logo looks much smaller in the fake outsole, and the printing is almost illegible. 

Jordan 1 Dior High Legit Check

Dior Jordan 1 High authentication: The Box Method

This method probably only works for the earliest fake pairs, as much difference would be eliminated by the latest fake manufacturers. Yet we still decided to share it with you, just to eliminate any doubts. An authentic Air Dior box would be firm and thick, and have a black high quality material.

Dior Jordan 1 High authentication

How much do Dior Jordans resell for?

According to resell websites, the current price ranges anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000. So, if you see a price that is way lower than that, be careful because it is most likely a replica!

Where can I get help On Authentication & A Proof Certificate?

In case our guide was not helpful enough, our team of Luxury authentication experts is always here to help you! Our professionals will examine every aspect of your item and let you know if your Air Jordan 1 Dior High is authentic or fake as soon as in 30 minutes. See for yourself here: Dior Legit check.

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