How To Spot Real vs. Fake Jordan 1 Spiderman

jordan 1 spiderman sneakers
The Jordan 1 Spiderman is a close collaboration with Marwel, featuring an update of the Jordan 1 Chicago colorway. The red suede and intricate patterns are inspired by the famous superhero, and they are becoming sought after by sneakerheads.

Thanks to the unique design and connection to the iconic superhero, the Jordan 1 Spiderman gained popularity in the sneaker world. Consequently, counterfeiters try to profit from the hype around this collection.

The market is flooded with fake versions, which look identical to the original. But this doesn't have to stop you from securing your pair.

We bring the ultimate Jordan 1 Spiderman real vs fake authentication guide, explaining the proven methods.

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Initial Inspection

side by side real and fake spider man jordans

An original pair of Jordan 1 Spiderman should come with proof of purchase, whether in paper or electronic format. The receipt contains information about the purchase and retailer.

However, keep in mind that a fake pair can come with an original receipt. Therefore, use this method with others to determine Jordan 1 spiderman real vs fake.

The shoe box should be made of sturdy cardboard. It comes in black, with a red Nike logo and Spiderman graphics. Pay close attention to the logo and its resemblance to the original. Variations in letter font and odd placement can finalize a fake.

After checking the box quality and graphics, it is time to assess the label. The label should contain the sizing, style code, and barcode. At that point, you want to look for inconsistencies in the font, letter thickness, and text placements. These are usually the things where counterfeiters don’t pay attention.

If you have access to the shoe, do a quick smell test. If the product is fake, you will feel the strong plastic smell as soon as you open the box. The original shoes are made of suede and leather, which have a pleasant earthy smell.


We can notice a slight difference in the color tone when looking at the tongue. The texture can also vary in some fake models.

The original tongue is white but has a pinkish hue. On the other hand, the fake tongue comes with a yellowish tone.

Another thing to check is the stitching quality. The stitches should be uniform in size and spacing. If you notice loose threads, this is a clear sign of a fake.

Tongue Label

Next, we analyze the tongue label located on the top. Although it looks identical at first glance, we can still spot some crucial differences.

The fake label is broader and taller. When looking at the logo, we can notice a difference in quality. The authentic one has precise letters, while they appear smudged in the fake.

The Nike logo should be positioned close to the upper seam in the original label.

The stitching

Poor-quality stitching is what always gives off a fake product. Counterfeiters won't recreate the same quality, no matter how hard they try to copy the aesthetic.

Look for uniform stitch size and consistent spacing between them. The stitching should also be strong and secure without any loose threads. Overall, it looks neat and precise, with no overlapping.

In fake products, the thread is thinner. Also, there is inconsistent spacing between the stitches.


Air Jordan Logo

The Air Jordan logo is a signature for this collection. It consists of the famous wings, basketball, and banner. Poor embossing quality and improper spacing between the elements signalize a fake product.

The advanced production practices of a big brand are unmatched. However, you will notice minor flaws if you look at close-up photos of fake Air Jordan logos.


The wings shouldn't be wider or smaller than the original. There should be proper spacing between the elements. Also, the wings are deeply embossed into the leather, creating a raised texture. A logo that is fairly printed over the surface is a red flag.


The Air Jordan lettering is placed within a banner spanning over the basketball. The authentic logo looks well-balanced.

However, we can't say the same for fakes. The lettering goes beyond the banner, resulting in a messy look. The printing quality is questionable, resulting in smudged letters.

Materials and Prints Quality

real vs fake jordan 1 spiderman printing

When distinguishing Jordan 1 Spiderman real vs fake, it is essential to look at the materials. Authentic sneakers are made of leather and suede, natural materials that can be recognized by their characteristics.

The genuine leather feels velvety on the touch. If you can also feel the sweet smell, you have an authentic piece.

The suede patches should feel soft, with some imperfections that should not be mistaken for flaws. Thanks to the raised fibers, they have a distinct texture referred to as nap.

How do you recognize authentic suede? When you stroke the fibers in one direction, they should lie flat. If you do this in the opposite direction, they will raise and feel slightly rougher. The color will also change in intensity.

The smell test will also help with this method. Natural materials should not have a strong chemical odor like synthetic ones.

The red color on the original shoe should be saturated and vibrant. If it is faded, this can indicate a counterfeit product.

The prints are a signature feature of the Jordan 1 Spiderman, inspired by the iconic superhero. The distressed suede patches and dot pattern make this shoe stand out. The counterfeiters might have done a great job, but you can still find inconsistencies in the color and details.

The back of the shoe

jordan 1 heel counter comparison of real and fake sneakers

The hourglass shape is a distinct feature of the Air Jordan 1 collection. Take a look at the back of the shoe to assess the shape. Don't wear the shoe for this test; this can distort the form.

Can you notice the hourglass shape in the rear? It seems like the shoe is curvy on the top and bottom. However, this isn't the case with fake pairs. The shoe is straight and does not have a prominent hourglass shape.


The outsole is bright red, whereas the fake one has a slightly different hue. The authentic one has more definition and precise edges.

The original outsole has a grip, which is required for a shoe. On the other hand, the fake one is smoother, which might make it slippery.

Black Light Test

Use a black light to perform a series of tests to determine whether Jordan 1 Spiderman is real vs fake. When lighting the outsole, you can see that the original has a more prominent glow and holds the light for longer.

In the fake one, the light disappears immediately. The logo can also look orange under black light.


From analyzing minor details like stitching and labels to performing practical tests like the black light test, every step is essential to verify the authenticity. Now, you are armed with the knowledge to distinguish between fake and real Jordan 1. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a sneaker enthusiast, this guide helps you stay vigilant.

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