How To Spot Real vs Fake Jordan 4 Red Thunder

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Jordans are the most counterfieted sneakers in the world. Millions of pairs are anually crafted by different fake brands, dealing millions of dollars worth of damage.

In this article, we'll take a look into a short guide on how to spot the difference between a real and a fake Jordan 4 Red Thunder pair. Enjoy!

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Initial Checks

Before diving into intricate details, start with preliminary checks. Authentic Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers have a distinct smell associated with genuine materials. Additionally, ensure you have a valid proof of purchase from a reputable retailer to enhance your confidence.

Box Label Inspection

When checking if your Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder is real or fake, focus on the box label. Look closely at the color code, especially the one marked by a yellow rectangle on the fake pair.

Real pairs stick to a steady color code on the box label, matching the specified details accurately. On the other hand, fake versions might show differences in the color code.

This inconsistency is a clear warning sign when trying to tell apart genuine Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers from fake ones. By paying attention to this detail, you're taking the first step in a thorough authentication process.

Inside Label Verification

Checking the inside label is essential for verifying your Jordan 4 Red Thunder's authenticity. This label provides crucial details about the sneaker's production and is a key factor in spotting fakes.

Look closely at the font type on the inside label. Genuine pairs have a clear and consistent font. Watch out for irregularities, misspellings, or differences in code matching. Pay special attention to a bolder font type, which can indicate a fake pair.

Examine the manufacturer's date on the right side and the "FABRIQUE EN CHINE." Counterfeit versions may have inconsistencies, so check if these terms are printed in a bolder font.

Cross-verify the UPC on the inside label with the one on the shoebox. A mismatch is a strong indication of potential fakery with your Jordan 4 Red Thunder. Take these steps to ensure you're dealing with an authentic pair and avoid falling for counterfeit sneakers.

Tongue Label Check

Jordan 4 red thunders fake vs real tongue label

When checking authenticity, look at the tongue label. Make sure the tongue is the right length, matching real specifications. Check the "Flight" text thickness and compare it to official images for differences.

Also, examine the Jump Man logo, focusing on the belly label thickness to spot authentic details. These details are key to confirming if your Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers are real or fake.

Size Tag Inspection

When examining Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers, pay attention to the size tag. Legitimate pairs have a specific font boldness and appearance. However, counterfeit versions may exhibit differences in font characteristics, such as text that is too bold. These details can be crucial in distinguishing between authentic and fake pairs.


RFID and Label Analysis

Incorporating technology into sneaker authentication, RFID plays a pivotal role. Genuine Jordan 4 Red Thunder pairs are equipped with RFID chips, providing a secure means of verifying authenticity.

Analyze the RFID presence and its alignment with official standards. Additionally, conduct a thorough examination of labels. This ensures they adhere to general production levels.

Netting Comparison

Jordan 4s Red Thunder real vs. fake netting

When examining Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers, pay attention to the netting—a crucial factor for authentication. Authentic pairs have clear and consistent netting patterns. Counterfeits might show irregularities like uneven spacing or distorted patterns. Keep an eye on these details to accurately identify genuine Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers.

Analyzing the Back of the Sneaker

Examining the back of the Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder reveals key identifiers for authentication. Genuine pairs feature a precise leather overlay with clean stitching and attention to detail.

Counterfiets don't have that. They can only afford to craft from poort leather and with old machineries. This results in a bad overall look and unclean stitching.

The Air Chamber Test

When checking if your Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers are real, focus on the air unit clarity. Real ones have a clear and well-defined air unit, while fakes might look cloudy or inconsistent. Keep an eye on these details to make sure you're dealing with authentic Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers.

Heel Counter Examination

Jordan 4 Red Thunder real vs. fake heel details

A detailed examination of the heel counter is essential in identifying authentic Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers. Legitimate pairs boast a high-quality heel construction, with precise detailing and uniform stitching.

Counterfeit versions may exhibit flaws in the heel construction, such as uneven stitching or inferior materials. Scrutinize the heel counter to ensure it aligns with authentic standards.

Sides and Air Pocket Analysis

When distinguishing between real and fake Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers, pay close attention to the side panel. Counterfeit versions might show irregularities in the netting extension and air pocket patterns.

Additionally, inspect the stitching below the triangular-shaped cage for any discrepancies in width. These details offer crucial clues to assess the authenticity of the sneakers.

Midsole Scrutiny

Examining the midsole is crucial when assessing the authenticity of Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers. Authentic pairs feature a midsole with precise detailing, uniform coloring, and clean lines.

Counterfeit versions may exhibit inconsistencies, such as color variations or uneven detailing. Pay attention to these subtle details to ensure you accurately identify genuine Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers.

Black Light Testing

To reveal hidden flaws in counterfeits, black light testing proves to be a valuable tool. Genuine Jordan 4 Red Thunder sneakers exhibit specific details that can only be seen under black light.

Counterfeit versions may show discrepancies, such as unexpected markings or inconsistent patterns. Utilizing black light testing adds an extra layer of verification in the authentication process.

Final Thoughts and Tips

So this is how you can efficiently check if a pair of Jordan 4 Red Thunders is legit or not. However, if you feel like you're not the man for this type of meticulous job, don't worry!

Just contact one of our specialists at LegitGrails and we'll have that covered for you.


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