How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 High Fragment Design x Travis Scott

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 High Fragment Design x Travis Scott

Who would have thought that this collaboration will be out for the public so soon? The Jordan brand has united some of the most iconic designs together and delivered the Jordan 1 Fragment Design x Travis Scott pair this summer. The replica manufacturers wasted no time and produced those copies even before the official release date. Follow these steps to ensure the authenticity of your Jordan 1 Fragment TS.

How to legit check Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 High?

  • Checking the overall shape
  • Verifying the toe box
  • Examining the wings logo
  • Looking at the inner Swoosh
  • Inspecting the tongue labels
  • Legit checking the heels
  • Examining the heel tab
  • Authenticating the size tag
  • Looking at the insole
  • Checking the inside stitching
  • Verifying the box label

Authenticate With Real Experts

LegitGrails Authentication Process 3

Jordan 1 Fragment x Travis Scott Legit Check: The Overall Shape

At the very beginning, you should inspect the overall look of your pair. Look at the heel area from the side: the replica Jordan 1 TS Fragments often appear more bent, compared to a real pair. The heel of an authentic Jordan pair should be rather straight, while still having some difference between the levels of leather.

Talking about the leather details, make sure you examine the leather strips around the eyelets. The fake Fragment x Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 High would often have sloppy cuts, making the strips appear messy.

Remember to also check the position of the reverse Swoosh - the signature Jordan 1 Cactus Jack feature. In the real vs fake Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 comparison, notice the placement of the Swoosh’s tip relative to the corner stitching. In the lower grade replicas, the gap between the Swoosh and the stitching is often very big.

 Jordan 1 Fragment x Travis Scott Legit Check

How to Authenticate Jordan 1 High Fragment TS: The Toe Box

Moving along the outer side of the shoe, pay attention to the toe box of your pair. The rubber midsole is often a great reference point for a Jordan 1 Fragment legit check. The counterfeits tend to miss out on the correct grain pattern. There must be three levels of the grains on the midsole that are visibly separated. 

Our legit check team has noticed a great tendency in the replica Fragment x Travis Scott Jordan 1: the fakes tend to have a yellow-ish midsole, while the authentic pairs have a much purer shade of white.

The toe box is another great detail to be verified. The majority of the fake pairs the LegitGrails team has spotted had a rather curved toe box; please refer to the Jordan 1 TS Fragment real vs fake comparison below. An authentic toe box would have a rather boxy toe box (excuse the repetition).

 How to Authenticate Jordan 1 High Fragment TS

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How to Spot Fake Fragment x Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 High: The Wings Logo

Moving to the third step of the authentication process, start by examining the stitching around the well-known wings logo. It is typical for a real pair to have a bit of a sloppy stitching. However, what actually differentiates a fake from a real Jordan 1 is the thickness of the thread. An authentic Jordan 1 Fragment x Travis Scott would use a thick, high-quality thread, while a counterfeit would use much lower quality materials.

This model does not have an Air Jordan wings logo we are all used to (the one with the thin fonts and the connecting R and D). Even an authentic logo might throw you off if you don’t know what to look for. Ensure that the fonts and the spacing correspond to the authentic example below, yet take into account the fact that there may be some quality control inconsistencies in such a detail.

How to Spot Fake Fragment x Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 High 

Fake vs Real Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1: The Inner Side

The sophisticated design of this pair offers numerous printing details to be verified - but do not get excited just yet! As Nike is infamous for its inconsistent quality control, which results in almost all retail pairs looking different between each other, the printing details are not always the best reference. However, some lower quality replicas may still be stopped by looking at the inner side printing details. 

Firstly, check the black text strip located in the upper part of the midsole - the cheaper fakes often miss out on this signature Fragment Designs detail. 

Another text you should verify is the - again signature - Cactus Jack cross logo. The fake Jordans would have this text looking crooked, check the incorrect alignment of the replica example in the below Jordan 1 Fragment Travis Scott real vs fake comparison.

Fake vs Real Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 

How to Legit Check Jordan 1 Fragment x Travis Scott: The Tongue

Looking at the tongue of this model, you may notice several labels that need authentication. Firstly, the signature AJ1 Nike tongue label, which is white with blue lettering in this edition. The embroidery pattern inconsistencies can drastically change the fonts, which can help us spot fake Fragment Jordans much easier. Pay attention to the ® registered trademark sign, referring to the Fragment x Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 fake vs real comparison below.

Remember to authenticate the stitching pattern around the tongue, as the reps tend to show inconsistencies. There is a piece of fabric, which surrounds the edge of the tongue; as the counterfeits tend to be much cheaper, they use less material, making the edge look sloppy.

 How to Legit Check Jordan 1 Fragment x Travis Scott

Jordan 1 Fragment x Cactus Jack Legit Check: The Heels

The next crucial step of this Jordan 1 Cactus Jack legit check is looking at the back side of your pair. Firstly, you must check the hourglass shape of the pair. Although the Jordan reps are now improving, and the hourglass shape can often be seen in the copies, some cheaper fakes often miss out. 

Another small yet important detail is the small heel tab - make sure its shape is rather square, as shown in the authentic example below.

Moreover, the outsole should also be verified when looking at the heels. As mentioned before, the fake Jordan 1 Travis Scott x Fragment pairs often have a rather yellow midsole. You should keep in mind that a retail pair would have an almost pure white midsole. Remember to check the grain pattern as well, as mentioned in the second method.

 Jordan 1 Fragment x Cactus Jack Legit Check

Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 High Real vs Fake: The Heel Tab

There is a Cactus Jack logo found in the left heel tab, which remains an important feature of the Travis Scott x Jordan 1 collaboration, following from the original AJ1 Highs. The smiley logo has not been perfected by the replica manufacturers. Even though here it appears as a printing, rather than a heat stamp, its shape is still not the same, and the strokes are not as thick as they should be.

Looking at the heel tab, remember to verify the leather texture, as it is often more smooth in the replicas. An authentic Jordan 1 Retro High Fragment x Travis Scott pair would be made of the standard tumbled leather.

 Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 High Real vs Fake

How to Spot Real Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Fragment: The Size Tag

From the LegitGrails Team’s experience, the size tag is a very tricky detail when it comes to authentication. In some cases one look at the size tag can tell you whether a pair is authentic or fake, and in other cases the size tag is copied almost perfectly.

Here we suggest you pay special attention to the fonts used, and the overall text formatting. The spacing is often inconsistent in the fakes, and the thickness of the fonts is inconsistent.

Some cheap counterfeits even manage to get the model code wrong. This is why you should conduct a model code certification; in other words, DH3227-105 legit check.

 How to Spot Real Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Fragment

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How to Verify Air Jordan 1 High Fragment Travis Scott: The Insole

Inspecting the inside details is as important, if not more important, as checking the outer detail of your pair. Looking at the insole, you will find several details worth your attention. 

The Nike Air logo must be checked, and the ® registered trademark sign is here to guide as again. Legit check the fonts and their thickness by looking at the letter R.

Your pair might or might not have a size sticker in its insole, the sticker may also have varying designs. If the sticker has the same design as the example below, make sure you check the text formatting here as well.

 How to Verify Air Jordan 1 High Fragment Travis Scott

Fake vs Real Travis Scott x Fragment AJ1 High: The Footbed

Our team always requests clear photos of the footbed, as this is one of the most crucial details in the Jordan legit check. A reliable authentication cannot proceed without this detail.

We recommend you check whether there is a piece of tape holding together the extra threads. Sometimes, those stick to the insole when it’s taken out, so make sure to check that as well.

Additionally, you should verify the pattern of the inside stitching of your pair. The sews must have some gaps between them, and there must be consistency. However, remember that the Nike quality control is not always perfect, and even some retail pairs have stitching flaws.

Fake vs Real Travis Scott x Fragment AJ1 High 

Fragment Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Authentication: The Box Label

The final step of this authentication guide is to check the box label, as it allows us to look at several text printing details and spot flaws, if there are any.

First, take a careful look at the model name/ code part of the box label. By examining the text formatting, you may be able to spot a fake Travis Scott Fragment pair in less than a minute. Sometimes, the counterfeit copies even indicate the wrong codes and colourway names.

Finally, take a look at the size indication in the same box label. The ‘EURO’ size indication often uses the wrong fonts in the fake labels.

 Fragment Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Authentication

Where can I find the Jordan 1 Fragment Travis Scott raffle?

As the model has already been released, most of the raffles are now over. Check out your local sneaker stores, as those may still have some raffles scheduled.

Where to buy Fragment Jordan 1 Travis Scott?

Unfortunately, this is one of the pairs that is impossible to buy for retail price after the official release. If you want to ensure authenticity, use reliable platforms - it is as straightforward as it sounds. Check out our guide to avoid being scammed when using third party platforms: How To Avoid Online Shopping Scams.

Where can I get Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 authenticated?

If after following these steps you are still unsure whether your pair is real or fake - do not panic! The LegitGrails authentication team has great experience in Jordan authentication, and we will definitely help you out. Check out: Jordan legit check.

 See If Your Jordan 1 High Fragment Design x Travis Scott Are Authentic

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