How To Spot Real Vs. Fake Air Jordan 11 Concord

a pair of Jordan 11 Concord

The Jordan 11s Concord is a popular model in the sneaker world. With so much enthusiasm around a product, counterfeiters are ready to profit from the hype.

The iconic shoe's rear has the number "45" printed on it. This number refers to the jersey number that Michael Jordan wore when he returned after retirement.

The Jordan 11s Concord is recognizable for the white mesh upper, shiny black leather overlays, and translucent sole.

The detailed Jordan 11 Concord fake vs. real guide reveals the foolproof methods for authenticating the shoes. Once you read it, you will understand how experts authenticate fake sneakers!

Table of Contents

Initial Checks

Jordan 11 Concord: overall look

We begin this authentication guide by examining the proof of purchase. Original Air Jordans should have a receipt that provides information about the retailer and other details.

However, don't forget that proof of purchase can be lost or misplaced in pre-loved shoes. In such cases, use other authentication methods mentioned in this guide.

Just because the shoes come with a receipt doesn't mean they are authentic. The proof of purchase can be counterfeited, so be sure to pay close attention to the letters and font. Also, an original receipt can be sold together with a fake pair.

Next, you want to focus on the shoe smell when comparing Jordan 11 Concord fake vs. real. The original shoe has a pleasant musky smell, as it is made of natural leather. Notice a strong chemical odor? This indicates a fake product.

Next, you want to focus on the shoe box. The original Air Jordans come in a black-and-white box with high-quality graphics and consistent logos. If you notice any inconsistency in the colors and printing quality, this indicates counterfeiters' poor manufacturing practices.

To complete this method, we examine the box label. It contains details about the sizing and style, together with a barcode and a logo. Although counterfeiters might scam you by closely copying the label, the difference is apparent to the trained eye.

You might notice differences in letter thickness, font, and shape. Also, the lines of text might not be perfectly aligned with the fake one.

Size Tag Examination

The size tag is our next point of interest; we look at the font, spacing, and quality to distinguish between Jordan 11 concord fake vs real.

One of the laws commonly seen in fake Jordans is the difference in fonts. Fakes have thick or thin letters that differ from the original.

Next, you want to look at the spacing between the letters and text. Nike keeps their quality consistent in every aspect of its products, so they also pay attention to the size tag design.

Fakes usually have inconsistent spacing, making the tag look disproportionate.


Analyzing the Jumpman Logo

Jordan 11 Concord: Jumpman

The jumpman logo is a signature feature of Jordans. At the same time it is a feature that gives off fakes.

First, we observe the logo's shape to distinguish between Jordan 11 concord fake vs real. Notice how the original has more details? When looking at a closeup of the logo, you can notice that the shape differs in fakes.

Next, we want to pay attention to the position. The Jumpman logo is perfectly centered on the rear. If it is closer to the black patch, this could indicate a counterfeit.

Lastly, we observe the quality. The Jumpman logo is embroidered into the leather with black thread. The original has clean lines and precise edges due to the excellent equipment.

Counterfeiters don't have the sophisticated machinery of a big-name brand, which results in poor precision. Protruding threads on the sides result in a messy look.

Sneaker Shape Nuances

The sneaker shape can reveal a fake product. We look from the rear to notice the differences between fake and real models.

Focus on the curve shaped by the black patch. Notice how it is curvier in the original shoe. There is a pronounced curve in the middle, and the left and right parts are curvy.

The fake model's middle curve is less pronounced, which alters the shoe design.

Interior Tongue Label Insights

The interior tongue label is another protein for differentiation. We examine the fonts to determine the inconsistencies.

First, we can notice how the original has readable, thin text. However, we can't say the same for fakes.

The counterfeit shoe has thicker text, which results in an unbalanced look. Also, there is a prominent difference in the stitching quality, as the stitches are small and irregular.

Toe Box Shape and Structure

Jordan 11 Concord: toe box

Our next focus is the toe box shape. We observe the shape to distinguish between a Jordan 11 Concord fake and a real one.

When you look at the original, you can notice that the toe box is curvy. This is a signature feature of the Jordans collection.

On the other hand, the toe box is positioned low in the fake model. It has a less pronounced curve than the original shoe. Despite affecting the look, this design flaw can influence the comfort.

Sole Color Verification

The original Air Jordan 11 ConcordConcord has a translucent sole with a slight blue tone. The value can be more prominent in fake shoes. When you compare the real and fake, you can notice the difference in tone.

Rear Text Alignment and Quality

Jordan 11 Concord: rear text

Next, we examine the shoe's rear text. The Concord 11s come with a black patch with the number "45," which is important for authentication.

Firstly, we can notice how the number has thin and precise lines in the original. In the fake shoe, the number has very thick lines. Also, the poor printing quality is apparent, as the lines appear messy.

Tips for Purchasing Authentic Air Jordan 11 Concord

Always buy from reputable retailers to ensure you're getting the real deal. Random websites and individuals selling on online marketplaces might try to sell you a fake, so be extra careful.

A meager price can also indicate a fake model. The adult Jordan 11s Concord detail for $220 and too-good-to-be-true deals can only mean one thing: a counterfeit.


Our Jordan 11 Concord fake vs. real guide provided step-by-step instructions for authenticating your sneakers. This helps you ensure you are buying the real thing and avoid getting scammed. Getting the real deal provides the quality and promises of a big-name brand.

If you aren't sure whether a pair is fake or real, our authentication experts can help you. We can confirm authenticity in a few simple steps.


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