How To Spot Real vs. Fake Air Jordan 1 Hyper Royal

jordan 1 light blue sneakers

The Jordan 1 Hyper Royal is famous in the world of sneaker culture. The distinct colorway, suede patches, high top design, and Swoosh branding are the signature features of this shoe.

Counterfeiters are attempting to create identical copies to capitalize on the high demand.

However, the production practices of a big-name brand are unparalleled. The fake sneakers will showcase a lack of precision, which is obvious to the trained eye.

Our detailed Jordan 1 Hyper Royal real vs. fake guide provides step-by-step instructions on authenticating your shoes. Make sure to go through all the methods!

Table of contents

Initial Inspection 

jordan 1 light blue sneakers

We begin this Jordan 1 hyper royal real vs fake guide with an initial inspection. We look at the proof of purchase, box, and box label and do a smell test to assess authenticity.

Original Nike shoes should come with proof of purchase. The receipt can come in electronic or paper form and contain the retailer's name and address.

While you can analyze the fonts, logo, and color of the receipt, don't rely solely on this to authenticate a pair of Nike sneakers. For example, a fake pair can come with a misplaced original receipt to deceive you. Use other authentication methods to confirm the product's originality, and don't rely solely on proof of purchase.

Next, we take a closer look at the shoe box. The original box for Jordan 1 Hyper Royal can be recognized for its signature Nike logo and black and red color scheme.

Compare the colors of the Jordan 1 Hyper Royal real and fake shoe box, and you will see a clear difference. The authentic box has strong colors and high-quality printing. Also, you might notice a difference in the Nike logo.

To analyze the box further, we checked the box label. Counterfeiters can copy the style number, which isn't a good way to authenticate a product. Instead, you want to look at the font and letter size. Fake labels have a difference in letter shape and thickness.

To round up the initial inspection, we conduct the smell test. This is an excellent way to tell the difference between a fake and a real model if you have the shoe in your hands. If you're looking at online listings, you would have to rely on other methods.

The Jordan 1 Hyper Royal is made of leather and suede overlays. Original leather has a pleasant, musty smell you can recognize straight away. If your shoe has an unpleasant smell of plastic and glue, this indicates a fake.

If you still find it difficult to authenticate your sneakers, don't mind contacting a shoe authenticator. To be honest, spotting a difference can be difficult for the untrained eye. Authentication experts have experience in verifying luxury and branded products so that you can shop with peace of mind.

Interior tongue label

The interior label attached to the shoe tongue can give off a fake product. We focus on the fonts and printing quality to distinguish between fake and real.

At first glance, the text looks exactly the same. That's why we need to examine the letter font. The font is thick, and the letters are clearly printed on the label.

On the other hand, you can notice the inconsistency in the fake model. The letters are thinner, there is more spacing between the letters, and the printing quality is terrible.

Exterior tongue label

Jordan Hyper 1 Royal has a distinct blue label printed with the Nike logo on top of the tongue. Spotting the differences between the real and fake models helps us understand where counterfeiters do it wrong.

Firstly, you can notice differences in the Nike Air logo. The letters are thicker in the original, and you can also spot a difference in the letter "K." In addition, the label fabric is a stronger blue color than the original.

Size Tag

When you compare Jordan 1 hyper royal real vs. fake size tags, you can notice they have the exact text. Just comparing the style codes isn't enough to tell the difference.

Counterfeiters go a step forward and copy the actual numbers. However, they don't do it with precision, and you can notice inconsistencies in the font and letter size.

Although the text placement might be the same, the letters in the fake size tag are thinner.


Hourglass shape

back of the nike jordan sneakers

It is time to take a look from the rear of the shoe. You can notice how the original has a pronounced curvy shape. The middle part, where the seam is located, is narrow and widens in the upper and lower part of the suede.

On the other hand, you notice how the fake model has a straighter shape.

Material Quality

The Jordan 1 Hyper Royal's signature look features white leather and blue suede. First, we examine the material quality.

The original leather is soft and grainy, having irregular patterns and wrinkles. On the other hand, fake leather looks uniform and flawless.

Authentic suede has a soft texture. This is likely a fake pair if you notice it is rough and plastic-like.

Next, we analyze the material finish. Look at how the material is cut along the edges. Does it have a nice and smooth finish? Then, it is probably an authentic pair. If the patches lack cutting precision, this indicates poor equipment used by counterfeiters.


The swoosh logo is another essential feature that pinpoints differences between the fake and natural models. Notice how the Swoosh has precise and clear edges in the actual show. The fake one looks messy due to poor cutting techniques.

Next, we will examine the stitching. The original has dense and angular stitching that gives it a high-quality feel. On the contrary, the individual stitches are tiny and misaligned in the fake one.

Air Jordan logo

air jordan logo close up real vs fake comparison

The Air Jordan logo is a signature for this collection, located above the ankles. We take a closer look at the letters and wings shape in closeup photos to make a difference between Jordan 1 hyper royal real vs fake.

Firstly, you can notice a difference in the embossing quality. The logo is stamped into the leather, and you can feel the raised parts that add dimension.

On the other hand, the fake logo is fairly printed onto the suede. Therefore, it lacks texture.


The Air Jordan text is in a circular banner wrapped around the basketball. You can notice the thick and precise letters in the real model. Also, notice that the letters don't touch in the original.

Counterfeiters might lack this important detail, and their logo might look off. Some of the letters can be connected or go beyond the banner.


The next step when authenticating the Air Jordan logo is analyzing a closeup of the wings. You want to analyze the proximity and shape of the individual feathers in the wings. You can notice that they overlap in the fake logo or are placed far apart.

Toe box

toe box real vs fake comparison for jordan sneakers

Next, we observe the toe box from the side and top. The overall shape of the toe box and the emotions give us valuable insights for distinguishing Jordan 1 Hyper Royal real vs fake.


The perforations on the top can help us make a difference between Jordan 1 Hyper Royal real and fake. They are thin and precisely cut on the real shoe versus the thick ones on the fake.


Next, we look at the toe box from the side to assess its shape. The toe box on the original shoe is thin and slightly elevated.

When analyzing the fake one, we can see that it is inflated and lacks the midsole curve.

Rear patch

The rear patch on the original shoe should be wide. On the fake, it is notably thinner. Also, it should match the color of the suede. If the patch is visibly darker and lighter than the suede, it is a sign of fake.

Corner stitching

The corner stitching is located above the swoosh logo. On the original, it has a thick thread and is dense.

The corner stitching is too close to the swoosh logo in the fake shoe. His individual stitches are too small and irregular.


The shoe laces can differ in fake and real Jordan 1 Hyper Royal. The real ones are thick and made of quality materials, whereas fake laces are thinner and clumsy.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a fake and a real Jordan 1 Hyper Royal since counterfeiters have perfected their practices. However, there are still differences due to poor manufacturing techniques.

Need help from authentication experts? Contact us now, and our team will authenticate your sneakers!


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