How To Spot Fake Nike Air Jordan 1 “Fearless”

In this guide we will go through some checkpoints that you can use to legit check the Jordan 1 Retro High Fearless UNC Chicago. This model is really unique because of its beautiful glossy finish. Definitely an item to own if you are building your sneaker collection. However fake manufacturers have gotten their hands on this model too, therefore our team decided to make a free and accessible guide for everyone. We have also collected some fake vs real Jordan 1 Retro High Fearless UNC Chicago comparison pictures, be sure to examine them throughout the guide and compare your pair with our example.

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In case you are still unsure about authenticity of your Fearless Jordans after reading this guide, reach out to our experts, 24/7, all around the world.

How to legit check Nike Air Jordan 1 "Fearles"

How To Legit Check Nike Air Jordan 1 "Fearless"?

  1. Jordan logo - Notice how the real logo has more “depth” to it. Upper part of the logo should be darker on the authentic pair. Stitching might be “messy” or uneven on replicas.How to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 1 "Fearless": Jordan Logo Method
  2. Hourglass shape - From this angle we can check if your pair has the correct “hourglass” shape. We have  previously had some fake examples that did not have an “hourglass” shape at all, however this time the fake manufacturer went a bit overboard and made the sneakers look too curvy from the back. We do not suggest comparing the reflections, because they depend on the lighting in the room a lot.How to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 1 "Fearless": Hourglass Shape Method
  3. Toebox - The toebox is much darker on the fake pair. Pay close attention to the texture all around the sole, it should be detailed and visible, unlike the fake one.How to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 1 "Fearless": Sole Method
  4. Tongue Label - There is not much to say about the backside of the tag, except for the fact that the gap between the text and the left side of the tag is smaller than it should be on our legit example. Be sure to compare the tag on your sneaker with the real one from the picture below. Try to point out the differences, as they might signify a fake Jordan 1 Retro High Fearless UNC Chicago pair.How to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 1 "Fearless": Tongue Label Method
  5. Nike Air Logo Front Side - On the front side of the tag there is a “Nike Air” logo. Fake pairs tend  to have those sharp edges that look very unnatural (in the logo). Shape of the swoosh is also off on this fake example, just as the overall quality of the tag.How to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 1 "Fearless": Nike Air Logo Method
  6. Insole - You can see the stitching around the insole on the authentic pair, but you can not on the replica.How to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 1 "Fearless": Insole Method

This is the end of the guide, hopefully you managed to learn how to legit check Jordan 1 Retro High Fearless UNC Chicago. The takeaway here is that fake manufacturers make a lot of little mistakes that you might or might not spot. If you had any problems during this Jordan 1 Retro High Fearless UNC Chicago legit check feel free to contact us or use our legit check services for any of your designer clothes. 

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