How to Tell if Jordan 4s Are Fake

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The sneaker world reveres the Jordan 4 as one of the iconic basketball shoes. Due to their popularity, they are also one of the most counterfeited sneakers.

If you're considering purchasing a pair, it's crucial to differentiate between an authentic Jordan 4 and a replica.

The Overall Look and Feel

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Start by scrutinizing the shoe's overall appearance. Compare it to official pictures from the Nike website or authorized retailers.

Real Jordan 4s are recognized for their distinct silhouette, stitching patterns, and quality of materials.

Replicas often have slight deviations in design, imprecise stitching, or may use cheaper materials that feel different to the touch.

The Packaging

Genuine Jordan 4s come in a sturdy box with a Jumpman logo. The box should also have a label detailing the size, style, and barcode.

If the box seems fragile, lacks a label, or the logo appears blurred or inaccurately placed - you are likely looking at a Fake Jordan pair.

The Heel

Inspect the heel closely. Authentic Jordan 4s typically have a raised Jumpman logo or the word "NIKE" based on the model.

The logo should be clean, evenly stitched, and placed symmetrically. Fake shoes might display discrepancies like a misaligned logo or poor stitching.

The Tag

Inside the shoe, there's a sewn-in tag detailing information such as the size, manufacturing date, and a barcode.

Cross-check to ensure this data aligns with what's printed on the box label. Discrepancies could indicate a fake Jordan 4 pair.

The Tongue Label

real vs fake Jordan 4 tongue label

The tongue of the Jordan 4 is a crucial authenticity indicator. Genuine pairs have a pronounced, padded tongue with an inverted Air Jordan label.

If the label seems crooked, has irregular fonts, or lacks the defining flip design, it's a red flag.

The Size Label

On the inside, the size label should be clear, easy to read, and free from any spelling errors.

It should also match the shoe's actual size. Counterfeits might have discrepancies in font, size, or even incorrect information.

The Insole

The last method for this this sneaker authentication guide is checking the insole. The insole of genuine Jordan 4s is cushioned and features a Jumpman logo. Remove the insole and inspect for quality.

Fakes often skimp on the insole, leading to lesser cushioning, an irregular logo, or a misfit inside the shoe.

How to Avoid Buying Fake Jordan 4 Online

Avoiding scams online becomes harder with each day. While we are trying to get more methods of not getting scammed, the scammers are building new ideas and sites to steal your money or send you a fake product.

However, here are some important tips you can use to never get scammed again:

  • Stick to trusted retailers: Always purchase from well-known stores or platforms that guarantee the authenticity of their products. Also, always check the URL to see if the scammer didn’t change any symbols to look the same. The best thing you can do is to get the URL directly from a social media platform. For example, if you want a pair of Jordan 4s, use the URL from Nike’s Instagram account.
  • Cross-reference pictures: Compare the seller's images with official photos. This might seem obvious, but it helps greatly if you never saw the product. However, the scammers can use original photos to fool you. In that case, look at the quality of the photos. If they seem like they were made in a studio, it can also signal that something’s wrong. No online seller will hire a photographer and a studio just to sell a pair of sneakers.
  • Check the return policy: Ensure there's a return option if the authenticity is disputed. Check the site and, if you can, call the seller or message. If they don’t respond to your return policy question, don’t buy from them.
  • Beware of unusually low prices: Extremely low prices can be a telltale sign of counterfeits. There’s no way you can buy an original pair of Jordan 4s for $10, right? That’s why you shouldn’t go after the lower price!
  • Research the seller: Check for reviews and feedback from previous buyers. You can also check if the seller has an LLC or any form of company registered somewhere, as all the records are public. This will make you fell more comfortable.

So here you have it, the best five tips you can use to not get scammed online. Stay safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most popular questions online.

Are Jordan 4s from China fake?

Not necessarily. While many genuine Jordan 4s are manufactured in China, counterfeit versions are also rampant. Always prioritize the shoe's authenticity over its place of manufacture.

How do you tie Jordan 4s?

Jordan 4s come with unique winged eyelets. For a classic look, you can lace them criss-cross and tie them regularly. For a more streetwear look, some prefer to lace them loosely and let the laces hang.

Are Jordan 4s still popular?

Absolutely! Jordan 4s remain among the most sought-after Jordan models. Their timeless design and historic significance ensure their lasting appeal among sneaker enthusiasts.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, while Jordan 4s are an iconic piece of sneaker history, the high number of fakes on the market necessitates an informed buying approach.

By paying attention to the mentioned pointers, you'll confidently secure a genuine pair and evade the frustration of counterfeits.

Still not sure whether your Jordan 4s are real or fake? Our Jordan Authentication Team is here to assure you!


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