How To Spot Real Vs Fake Gallery Dept Apparel

Gallery Dept is a brand known for its unique style. Originating from Los Angeles, it was founded by Josué Thomas in 2017. The designer had an idea to infuse art into fashion, creating a collection that reflects personal style.

The streetwear brand gained huge popularity thanks to its distinct designs, limited releases, and collaborations with artists and designers. Celebrities like Meek Mill and Drake proudly wore their Gallery Dept clothing.

With the exclusive craftsmanship and artistic approach, expect this to reflect the prices. For example, a pair of jeans with unique details such as distressing and patchwork retails at $800.

Given the prices, counterfeiters are trying to profit from the hype. They sell cheaper and lower-quality versions to capitalize on the popularity.

If you want to get the premium quality and promises of Gallery Dept, you need to be very careful when purchasing. Our detailed Gallery Dept real vs. fake guide reveals the verification methods you should know to make an informed decision.

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Identifying Authentic Gallery Dept Pants

Gallery Dept. real vs fake tags

Most Gallery Dept pants have a branded logo printed on the left side. Keep in mind that there are two variations of the logo:" Dept de la Galerie" and "Gallery Dept." Further, you would want to observe the font and see how it matches the original.

Cotton jersey and fleece back cotton are the most commonly used materials for sweatpants. However, you can also encounter denim and leather coating. The fabrics are heavy and sturdy, giving off a high-quality feel.

Observe the inside tag stitching to get a better idea of the authenticity. In the original, the stitching is minimal and neat. On the contrary, the fake is messy and uneven.

Next, pay close attention to the colors and patterns. First, make sure the exact style you're purchasing is an official release by Gallery Dept.

Also, look for inconsistencies in the color intensity. The fabric in counterfeit pants can look too bright or faded.

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How to Spot Fake Gallery Dept T-Shirts

Gallery Dept. fake neck label

The Gallery Dept t-shirts are another popular item from this brand. We examine the logo, material, stitching, and tag to distinguish between Gallery Dept's real and fake shirts.

Their t-shirts come in different colors and minimalist designs with the signature logo. When you compare closeups of both, you can spot the differences in fonts, which are very apparent in the letters "G" and "R. "

The curve shouldn't be that prominent in the letter "R." If it is, we are talking about a fake product. Also, there should be a small gap in the "G" letter.

The T-shirts are made of high-quality materials and cotton. The material should be comfy and breathable but still feel dense and sturdy. A material that feels too light and see-through might be a fake.

In addition, observe the stitching quality. In the original you would see neat and dense stitching, while fakes wil have protruding thread and uneven stitching.


Distinguishing Real Vs. Fake Gallery Dept Hats

Gallery Dept. real vs fake hat

The Gallery Dept hats come in different colors. However, they all have the signature brand logo, which can vary. You can notice the classic "Gallery Dept" or "Dept de la Galerie" version; both are legit.

The logo is positioned in the center. Some special editions might have additional text under the logo, but it will always remain central.

Next, you should pay attention to the printing quality. The letters should be bold and have precise lines.

The overall quality of the material is another point that makes the difference between gallery debts, real and fake. Also, the well-finished edges are a sign of an original product.

The next thing you want to look at is the color and design. Make sure that the exact style you want is an official release. Then, compare it to the original to see if the color is exactly the same.

Now, check the interior to find the wash tag. The stitching should be neatly done and symmetric.

Finally, you would want to compare the price. Gallery Dept hats start at $115 and may increase depending on the style. If you come across a very cheap price, then this indicates a fake product.

Commonalities Across All Gallery Dept Items

Gallery Dept. authentic tag

All items in the Gallery Debt collection share a few common characteristics. First, the logo and position are consistent. It might vary slightly in some styles, but you can always check this online.

If you look closely at the individual letters, especially the "G" and "R," they should exactly match the original.

Next, you want to pay close attention to the material. It should give off a high-quality feel and not look transparent.

The stitching is neat and precise. The sweatpants should have a unique stitching pattern.

Lastly, examine the tag to identify gallery dept real vs fake. Every garment comes with a branded tag with the logo. Check the overall quality and whether the font matches the original.

Conclusion: Embracing Authenticity in Fashion

With so many fake versions resembling the original, you should be careful when purchasing Gallery Dept goods. While the counterfeit products might copy the popular designs, they lack the quality and craftsmanship a big name brand offers.

Buyers must stay vigilant about counterfeit practices and always shop from licensed retailers to avoid being scammed.

If you need help from professionals to verify designer goods, we are here to help you. Our authentication experts can assist you in making an informed decision.


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