How To Spot Fake Vetements Hooded Bomber Jacket AW17

How To Spot Fake Vetements Hooded Bomber Jacket AW17

Buying a fake product is always hurtful, especially when discussing an expensive Vetements Hooded Bomber Jacket.

Read this article if you don’t want to get in the net of fake manufacturers that produce counterfeit Vetements products.

We have gathered the best five methods of spotting the difference between a fake and a real Vetements Hooded Bomber Jacket AW17. Enjoy!


How to legit check Vetements Hooded Bomber Jacket AW17?

The Hood Stitching Method

When verifying a Vetements hooded bomber jacket, you should pay attention to the stitching on the hood. The stitching must identify that this is a Vetements item, and must state the season and the year of its release. As shown on the Vetements real vs fake comparison below, the stitching must be bulky.

The authentic letters and numbers look thick and consistent, with no inconsistencies in the form of multi-layered stitching. As seen on the fake Vetements example, the stitching is messy and the font looks thin and stretched horizontally.

How to spot fake Vetements Bomber by the Hood Logo Stitching Method


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The Front Side Neck Tag Method

Another important thing to check on Vetements items is the neck tag. First, look at the front of the tag. In the real vs. fake Vetements picture below, you'll see what words are usually on a real tag.

Sometimes the words change because of where it's made, but don't just use this to decide if it's real. Look closely at the font and how far apart the words are on the neck tag to tell if it's real.

The real tag's words are thin and long side-to-side, different from the hood's sewing. The words should also have space between them.

But fake tags have thicker words that are too close together. Also, a real tag should have an extra empty space at the bottom.

How to spot fake Vetements Bomber by the Front Neck Tag Method

The Backside Neck Tag Method

Once you've examined the front of the Vetements neck tag, turn to the back. Here, you should spot the brand founder's name - Demna Gvasalia.

On a genuine tag, this text will sit in the bottom half, with a slender font that stretches horizontally. In the fake vs. real comparison below, you'll notice the counterfeit Vetements text might be off—either too low or too high.The font errors from the tag's front side will likely be repeated here.

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How to spot fake Vetements Bomber by the Backside Neck Tag Method


The Front Side Wash Tag Method

Now, let's look at the washing label, also called the Vetements wash tag. This part is really hard to copy, so it's important to check if our Vetements hoodie is real.

In the real vs. fake picture below, you can see how different the two labels are. The real one is longer and thinner, while the fake one looks shorter and wider.

How to spot fake Vetements Bomber by the Front Side Wash Tag Method

The Backside Wash Tag Method

On the back of the Vetements wash tag, you'll see more info about the item and how to wash it. A real tag has a special code you can check on search sites (like Google) or shopping sites (like Farfetch) at the bottom of the product page. Below the code, you'll see the item's color in English and French.

The French part will be smaller than the English one. Below that, you'll find washing tips. On a real tag, it will say the item is only for dry cleaning, and you shouldn't iron it. After these tips in both languages, there are three more lines of info.

How to spot fake Vetements Bomber by the Backside Wash Tag Method
If you're still not sure if your Vetements item is real, just ask our expert team! We love helping you check Vetements or other brands. If you want to know more about what we do, go to our 'How it works?' page. It has all the main details and answers to common questions.

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