How To Spot Fake Vetements Hooded Bomber Jacket AW17

How To Spot Fake Vetements Hooded Bomber Jacket AW17

The LegitGrails team has put together a Vetements legit check guide for you to understand how to authenticate your Vetements hooded bomber jacket of the autumn-winter 2017 collection. Bear with us for this legit check guide with real vs fake comparisons focusing on the Vetements Automne Hiver 2017 hooded bomber jacket.

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How to legit check Vetements Hooded Bomber Jacket AW17?

The Hood Stitching Method

When verifying a Vetements hooded bomber jacket, you should pay attention to the stitching on the hood. The stitching must identify that this is a Vetements item, and must state the season and the year of its release. As shown on the Vetements real vs fake comparison below, the stitching must be bulky.

The authentic letters and numbers look thick and consistent, with no inconsistencies in the form of multi-layered stitching. As seen on the fake Vetements example, the stitching is messy and the font looks thin and stretched horizontally.

How to spot fake Vetements Bomber by the Hood Logo Stitching Method


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Moreover, you can clearly see the perfect alignment of the authentic letters and numbers stitching. This is a clearly noticeable flaw often seen on the fake Vetements hooded bomber jackets. For a better understanding, see the real vs fake Vetements hoodie comparison above.

The Front Side Neck Tag Method

Another crucial detail to legit check on any Vetements item would be the neck tag. First, let’s look at the front side of this tag. Below, on the fake vs real Vetements comparison, you can see the text that would be found on an authentic neck tag. The text might slightly vary depending on the country of production, so this should not be the only aspect you legit check.

The font and spacing of the neck tag test must be your focus when authenticating Vetements neck tag. Notice how the text of an authentic neck tag text is thin and stretched horizontally - the opposite of the hood stitching. There should also be visible spacing between the words on the neck tag. On the contrary, the fake Vetements text would be much thicker and bulkier; there would also be little or no space between the words.

Another point to consider: there should be extra empty space at the bottom of the neck tag.

How to spot fake Vetements Bomber by the Front Neck Tag Method

The Backside Neck Tag Method

After inspecting the front side of the Vetements neck tag, move onto the backside. There you should find the name of the brand’s founder - Demna Gvasalia. The authentic text would be located in the lower half of the neck tag, the font would also be thin and horizontally stretched.

As you can see in the fake vs real comparison below, the fake Vetements text would be dislocated; it would be placed lower or higher than it should be. The font would probably repeat the mistakes of the fake front on the front side of the tag.

How to spot fake Vetements Bomber by the Backside Neck Tag Method


The Front Side Wash Tag Method

Moving onto the washing label, or Vetements wash tag, which is probably the most difficult detail to copy. Therefore, it is vital for out Vetements hoodie legit check.

On the real vs fake comparison below, notice the difference in the shape of these two washing labels. An authentic washing label would be longer and more narrow, in comparison to the fake Vetements wash tag, which would be shorter and wider.

How to spot fake Vetements Bomber by the Front Side Wash Tag Method

The Backside Wash Tag Method

On the backside of the Vetements wash tag you would see additional information about the item as well as some washing instructions. On an authentic washing label you would see the model code, which could be verified in your search engine (e.g. Google) or on online retailer websites (e.g. Farfetch) at the bottom of the product page for this item. 

You could also notice that under the product code, the item’s colour is indicated in both English and French. The French translation would be smaller than the English text.

Under, there would be the washing instructions. On an authentic wash tag, there would also be a message stating that this item can only be dry-cleaned and cannot be ironed. Below these messages in both English and French, you would find three additional information lines.

How to spot fake Vetements Bomber by the Backside Wash Tag Method
In the case you still being unsure about the authenticity of your Vetements item, feel free to reach out to our team of experts! We are always happy to help you verify your Vetements or any other brand item. If you want to understand our service works, visit our ’How it works?’ page; it contains all the important information about the service and the answers to some FAQs.

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