How To Spot Fake Vetements Tee

 How To Spot Fake Vetements Tee

The quickest and most accurate way to authenticate a Vetements T-shirt would be to inspect inner labels close up. The font of the text on the labels is an important component for an accurate Vetements Tee authentication. Along with the inner labels, such details as the logo patch and print are vital for a complete Vetements legit check.

Vetements T-Shirt Legit Check: The Chest Print

The first step in this authentication process is to examine the chest printing and its details. A fake Vetements tee would show printing inconsistencies and the colours would be off. In the fake vs real Vetements tee comparison below, notice how the counterfeit target printing is rubbed off. 

The look of the text would also be affected by the incorrect print pattern. In this particular case, the ‘2019’ printing at the bottom of the real item is thinner than the fake one. The fonts are also different, which is very noticeable in the overall Georgian text that appears above.

How To Spot Fake Vetements T-Shirt: Vetements T-Shirt Legit Check


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Vetements Tee Authentication: The Patch

Demna Gvasalia often uses patch details in his pieces, which have now become signature in the Vetements t-shirts. Inspecting this detail is a crucial step in the authentication process, as the Vetements Tee replicas often fail here. 

Firstly, check if all the colours are consistent, by looking at the comparison below, or an authentic reference online. Do not forget to check for the lighting differences.

Then, see if the shapes of the details (text, logos, others) are correct. In the example below, the text is considerably thicker in the authentic patch.

Also, make sure that the stitching and embossment patterns are correct. A red flag could be inconsistent stitching around the patch, or the text embossment that is not dense enough (refer to the example below).

Vetements Tee Fake Vs Real

How to Spot a Real Vetements Tee: The Neck Tag

We recommend starting the neck tag verification with taking a look at the stitching pattern found in the lining behind it. Also make sure that the material used in the collar is correct, as the replicas tend to use very thin materials with a loose knitting pattern.

The neck tag is one of the best indicators for a Vetements t-shirt authentication. It is not the same for every model, yet it can be easily legit checked. Firstly, make sure that the information found in the neck label is correct for your specific item. That is, make sure the gender (homme/ femme/ unisex) indicated, the collection (tricots/ garderobe) and the season check out. 

Additionally, verify the fonts and the placement of the text is right. In the Vetements tee real vs fake example below, the difference is very noticeable in the letter ‘R’.

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How To Spot A Real Vetements Tee

Vetements Cartoon Tee Authentication: The Backside of the Neck Tag

In this step you must also verify the overall look of the text, as the fonts may be off. The placement of the text varied from a retail tag to a retail tag, so you should not be thrown off by the text that is placed slightly lower than the center of the label.

What also does not apply to every model is the way the label is attached to the t-shirt. As you can see, this model has its extra fabric showing; there is also a thin stitch line, and 3 sews that attach the extra fabric to the item. The replica neck label has no extra fabric showing.

There is another detail that helps authenticate your Vetements T-Shirt placed below the label. The details is just the inner stitching that shows as a result of the embossment that is placed in the back of the tee. You may notice a very dense, high-quality stitching in a real tee, and a loose embossment of a fake Vetements Cartoon T-shirt.

Vetements Carton Tee Authentication

How to Legit Check Vetements Logo: The Embroidery 

The logo embroidery found on the other side of the item is not the most reliable indicator of the authenticity, as some flaws are often found in the retail t-shirts as well. Nonetheless, you should take a look at the text and look for some major differences in the fonts and spacing.

Also remember to verify the lining stitching on this side as well, as our team has noticed numerous replicas failing here.

How To Legit Check Vetements Logo


Vetements T-Shirt Real vs Fake: The Washing Label

To finish off this Vetements legit check guide, pay attention to the washing and size labels found inside the tee. A size indication in the smaller label must be printed on, and not stitched out, which is often found in the counterfeits. The text printing is also often too thick in the fakes.

Additionally, the overall text must be reviewed, as the replicas often get it wrong too. Remember that the production information printing must be located in the front side (Made in Portugal), and the item’s model code must be found on the other side of the tag.

Vetements T-Shirt Real vs Fake


How To Authenticate a Vetements Tee in 30 seconds? 

The quickest way to authenticate a Vetements Tee is to inspect the font of the text on the inner labels. This method will allow you to complete a legit check in no time. 

Where Can I Get My Vetements Tee Authenticated?

If you need a quick and accurate authentication for your Vetements tee, we got your back. Upload photos and get a response in 30 minutes. Our legit check experts are available 24/7.

In Conclusion...

Today, the LegitGrails Team shared some tips on how to legit check Vetements t-shirt. The brand offers a variety of t-shirt designs, yet the details do not vary much from a model to a model. Although the guide shows real vs fake Vetements Cartoon T-shirt comparisons, the methods can be applied to the other models/ colorways as well. In case you still have doubts about authenticity of your T-shirt, feel free to reach out to our team for help. 

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