How To Spot Fake Gucci Marmont Bag

How To Spot Fake Gucci Marmont Bag

Oh, the old-school Gucci Marmont Bag. We all want such a notorious piece in our collection. But how can you avoid buying those cheap knock-offs and get the real deal?

In this article, we described the nine most effective ways of spotting a fake Gucci Marmont Bag.


Key Takeaways:

  • The Gucci Marmont bag is often replicated with poor-quality materials. A quick look and feel of the bag can help determine whether yours is real or not.

  • Looking at the bag from all angles and comparing it with images of verified Gucci Marmont bags can be useful to determine if your bag is real.

  • The length, size, and quality of the gold strap will give you essential information on the authenticity of your bag.

  • The distinctive heart imprinted on the back of the Gucci Marmont bag is what sets this bag apart from others an will tell you whether your bag is real or not.

  • A professional opinion can be extremely useful to determine if your bag is the real deal. Consider using our services to find out whether your bag is authentic or not.

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The Overall Shape

First, look at the big picture to see the difference between real and fake Gucci Marmont bags. You can tell right away that the patterns are not the same. The real bag has a sharper, thinner design, while the fake one looks smoother.

The fake bag's leather also feels different.

And if you check out the strap buckle in the middle bottom of the bag, you'll see the fake one is much longer.

Gucci Marmont Bag Authentication

Although these methods of authenticating Gucci Marmont bags are the most relevant to today's counterfeiting industry, beware that counterfeit manufacturers are advancing at an insane rate.

We find practically every month that it's getting harder and harder to tell genuine items from fakes as replicas get pretty good. You should definitely try the methods in this guide for yourself, but if you've spent a lot of money on an item, it may be wise to consider professional authentication.

The Lower Quality Logo

When you look at the GG logo, you can see some clear differences. We're starting with a lower-quality fake to show this.

The real Gs are not the same width all over. They're thinner at the top and get wider in the middle.

But in the fake one, the Gs are not like that. They are wider, thicker, and have a different gold color, making them look more yellow.

How To Spot Fake Gucci Marmont Bag

The Higher Quality Logo

Better imitation Gucci bags are getting closer to the real thing, but they still don't quite get the buckle right. In the last example, the logo was too big, but now it's too small.

The Gs are tinier and thinner on the fake Gucci Marmont bags, not matching the real one's width and height.

The color is also wrong; it should be a bright gold. Also, the folding strap on the copy is skinnier and longer.

Fake Gucci Marmont Bag

The Side Method

Besides being a fashion accessory, the bag should also be useful. When you look from the side, the real Gucci bag offers more space in terms of width. In contrast, the fake bag is wider at the bottom and slims down at the top.
Differences can also be seen in the leather: the fake material on the Gucci Marmont shines, while the original bag has a dull finish.

A quick word about the stitching as well: the real model has almost invisible stitching, but the second picture shows much stronger stitching. These stitches are uneven, and the edges look messy.

Gucci Marmont Bag Real Vs Fake

The Heart Method

There's a cute heart shape on the back of the bag, which is a nice touch. The heart on the real Gucci bag is lower down, while the fake one is more in the middle.

You can also see a difference in the shape: the fake heart isn't as round and wide as it's supposed to be. The stitching pattern on the right picture also doesn't look very even.

Real Vs Fake Gucci Marmont Bag

The Smaller Details

The stitching pattern underneath the flap on the fake Gucci bag is uneven. It's good to know that the real stitching doesn't affect how the leather feels.

You might also see that the fake pattern is a bit messy, which changes how that part looks. Talking about the golden lock, let's note that the real one is small and thin, while the fake lock is too big. Also, it's a different color.

How To Tell If Gucci Marmont Bag Is Fake

The Magnetic Lock

The tiny magnetic clasp on the real Gucci bag is the same size as the smaller clasp inside the bag. On the fake bag, the lock is much bigger.

Also, notice the difference in the colors of the hardware. The end of the flap should be smooth and round, like you can see on the real one. This is also a place where you should think about the stitching pattern again.

Legit Check Gucci Marmont Bag

The Buckle

The buckle, just like other hardware parts, has some problems in the fake version. This starts with its round shape that's meant to copy the real one, but it also gets the color wrong.

Also, pay attention to the smaller details, like the shape of the leather parts. But remember, there could be some quality issues too.

How To Legit Check Gucci Marmont

The Label

The real label's stitching is tight and uses good-quality threads. The stitches on the fake label are hard to spot since thinner threads were used. Unfortunately, the replica factory chose the wrong font too.

You can see that the writing on the original label, like the "Made in Italy" text, is engraved really well, blending into the leather. But in the fake picture, the text looks different (it's much thicker).

Still have doubts about your Gucci Marmont Bag authenticity? Reach out to our experts: Gucci Legit Check.

Fake Vs Real Gucci Marmont Bag

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