How To Spot Fake Chanel Ballet Flats

How To Spot Fake Chanel Ballet Flats

To authenticate Chanel Ballet flats start by observing the front side with its shape, measurements, and little details. Next, observe the collar and the toe cap. Don't forget to check heel counters and soles. After completing these steps, move onto the interior and insole methods and finally finish up your legit check process by observing the box.

How To Legit Check Chanel Ballet Flats?

Chanel Ballet Flats Authentication: The Front Method

We should start observing our Chanel Ballet flats by analyzing the front side. 

It is almost impossible to not notice how the counterfeit brand messed up the Chanel logo so badly. Not only did they got the shape wrong, but also the stitching, as the left C is supposed to go underneath the second one first and then over. This might not seem like a big deal, but trust us, every single detail is important while legit checking your branded items.

A few words on the collar too: it seems like the counterfeit brand went extra generous with its width as it isn't supposed to be as wide but rather narrow. The surface of it shouldn't be as stretchy either.

Lastly, the bow that is such a small detail truly gives the extra spice, but the replica still got it wrong: first of all, the stitching isn't supposed to be that visible and the rope needs to be narrower too.

Chanel Ballet Flats Authentication

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Fake Chanel Ballet Flats: The Collar Method

Differences can be hidden all over the place, so analyzing a collar is a great idea.

The first thing that we notice is how the authentic collar is smooth and more even while the replica one has a texture and fuzzy-striped surface. This detail not only gives the replica a cheap look but also differentiates it from the original look.

Another flaw that we've spotted is how the authentic insole isn't that separated from sides whereas the right picture tells a different story.

Fake Chanel Ballet Flats

How To Legit Check Chanel Ballet Flats: The Toe Cap Method

The first thing that is noticeable while observing the model from the side is how the original collar creates a curve whereas the replica one follows pretty much the straight line. 

On the contrary, the toe cap outline that is supposed to be one straight line following the curve is bent in the right picture which takes the point off of the counterfeit model in favor of the authentic pair. 

How To Legit Check Chanel Ballet Flats

How To Spot Fake Chanel Ballet Flats: The Heel Counter Method

Let's observe the heel counter now. 

The leather piece that is stitched on the back of the shoe is super flat and almost shapeless in the right picture when it is supposed to be thicker with neat stitching that gives it a finished look. 

The difference that also needs to be pointed out is how the counterfeit leather is spread way beyond the heel which will make feet spread unnaturally that isn't appealing.

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How To Spot Fake Chanel Ballet Flats

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Chanel Ballet Flats Real Vs Fake: The Sole Method

You might think to yourself - it's just a sole, why should we care much? You should care about any detail that could give you information about the authenticity of your branded item.

In this case, the replica sole is too shiny compared to the authentic one which not only is a visual flaw but it also makes the shoes slippery that won't be practical by any means.

The problem also appears in the way letters and numbers were replicated by the counterfeit brand: even though the lettering might not look bad, it is supposed to be smaller and written in rounded characters.

Lastly, the Chanel logo, which isn't supposed to be engraved but hot-stamped on the surface. It also needs to be smaller with the same shape as in the left picture.

Chanel Ballet Flats Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Chanel Ballet Flats: The Interior Method

The interior almost replicates the sole look. The counterfeit model still managed to mess it up; clearly, the font used by the replica factory is completely different from the one Chanel went for.

Besides that, the lines and the logo need to be put closer to one another.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is how narrow the replica shoe is in the center compared to the authentic look; it wouldn't be practical for people with wide feet.

Real Vs Fake Chanel Ballet Flats

How To Tell If Chanel Ballet Flats Are Fake: The Insole Method

If we compare these two pictures, you might not find that many differences at a glance, but if we take a closer look at it, we'll notice how shiny the letters in the right picture are, when they're supposed to be matte just as shown on the authentic insole.

The issue is the size and the width of the letters too: the original ones are smaller and narrower too.

The same can be said about the logo: the shiny effect makes the counterfeit logo blend in too well with the background which makes it hard for us to see it well. 

How To Tell If Chanel Ballet Flats Are Fake

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Legit Check Chanel Ballet Flats: The Box Method

Finishing up with the box method is always a good idea. 

The first thing that we notice is how shiny the replica box is, whereas the original one is all matte that makes a huge difference.

Letters in the right picture aren't as highlighted as they are supposed to be as well as their asymmetry which makes the whole thing look super cheap. 

On the other hand, the letters on the original box are symmetrical and sharp.

Legit Check Chanel Ballet Flats

Are Chanel Ballet flats comfortable?

Besides being stylish and going on all kinds of outfits, its advantage also is comfort. You could walk for a whole day in these flats and feel no discomfort whatsoever. Wearing them feels like wearing just socks.

Do Chanel Ballet flats run small?

Chanel Ballet flats run true to their size so if you are planning on purchasing it, go for your true size and own the model!

Where can I get Chanel Ballet flats authenticated?

Still, need professional help? We got your back! Our team is available 24/7 to authenticate your items with the fastest turnaround time! All you need to do is reach out and use our legit check services. Check it out: Chanel legit check.


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