How To Spot Fake Chanel Ballet Flats

How To Spot Fake Chanel Ballet Flats

Chanel is one of the most desired brands in the world. That’s why hundreds of different replica manufacturers are trying to fake their products every year. Ballet Flats are no exception.

The market is filled with poorly manufactured counterfeits. Some of them are even hard to identify.

That’s why we have gathered the eight best methods of spotting a fake pair of Ballet Flats in this article. Enjoy!

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Chanel Ballet Flats Authentication: The Front Method

Let's look closer at our Chanel Ballet flats, starting with the front. You can easily see the mistakes in the fake logo.

The shape and stitching are wrong. The left C should loop under and then over the other C.

Small details matter when checking if an item is real or fake. Now, about the collar: the fake one is too wide. It should be slimmer and not stretchy.

Lastly, the bow is a small detail but important. In the fake one, you can see the stitching too clearly, and the ribbon is too wide.

Chanel Ballet Flats Authentication

Fake Chanel Ballet Flats: The Collar Method

Small differences are everywhere, so let's start by looking at the collar. The real collar is smooth, but the fake one is bumpy and has stripes.

This makes the fake one look cheap and different from the real one. We also saw that the inside padding of the real shoe fits closely to the sides, but the fake one doesn't.

Fake Chanel Ballet Flats

How To Legit Check Chanel Ballet Flats: The Toe Cap Method

When looking from the side, the real collar has a curve, but the fake one is mostly straight. Also, the front part of the real shoe has a smooth curve.

But in the fake shoe's picture, it's bent. This shows the real one is better than the fake.

How To Legit Check Chanel Ballet Flats

How To Spot Fake Chanel Ballet Flats: The Heel Counter Method

Now, let's turn our attention to the heel counter. In the right picture, the leather piece stitched to the shoe's back appears rather flat and lacks definition, whereas it should be more robust with clean stitches, presenting a polished look.

It's also worth noting that the fake leather extends too far past the heel, causing feet to splay unattractively. Interested in authenticating other trendy items?

Want to learn how to authenticate other fashionable items? Visit these pages: 

How To Spot Fake Chanel Ballet Flats

Chanel Ballet Flats Real Vs Fake: The Sole Method

You might ask, "Why to care about a sole?" But small things can tell if a branded item is real or fake. For example, the fake sole is too shiny.

This doesn't just look wrong, it can also make the shoes slip easily. Also, the letters and numbers on the fake are a bit off.

They should be smaller and more rounded. Lastly, the Chanel logo on the real one is stamped, not carved, and should look like the smaller logo in the left picture.

Chanel Ballet Flats Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Chanel Ballet Flats: The Interior Method

The inside of the shoe looks a lot like the bottom. But the fake one used a different font than Chanel.

Also, the lines and logo on the fake are too spaced out. Plus, the fake shoe is tight in the middle. This isn't good for people with wide feet.

Real Vs Fake Chanel Ballet Flats

How To Tell If Chanel Ballet Flats Are Fake: The Insole Method

When you look at the two pictures, they seem similar. But if you look closer, the right picture has shiny letters, while the real one has dull letters.

The real letters are also smaller and thinner. The fake logo is too shiny, so it's hard to see against the background.

How To Tell If Chanel Ballet Flats Are Fake

Legit Check Chanel Ballet Flats: The Box Method

It's good to check the box at the end. The fake box is shiny, but the real one is not shiny, and that's a big clue.

The letters on the fake box don't stand out well or even. This makes it look cheap. The real box has even, clear letters.

Legit Check Chanel Ballet Flats

Are Chanel Ballet flats comfortable?

Besides being stylish and going in all kinds of outfits, its advantage is comfort. You could walk for a whole day in these flats and feel no discomfort whatsoever.

Wearing them feels like wearing just socks.

Do Chanel Ballet flats run small?

Chanel Ballet flats run true to their size, so if you purchase them, go for your true size and own the model!

Where can I get Chanel Ballet flats authenticated?

Still need professional help? We have your back! Our team is available 24/7 to authenticate your items with the fastest turnaround time! All you need to do is reach out and use our legit check services.

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