How To Spot Fake Chanel Espadrilles

How To Spot Fake Chanel Espadrilles

Even authenticating as simple of a design as Chanel Espadrilles can be a challenge. First of all, start by observing the overall look with its details such as leather quality, stitching, and measurements. Next, observe the toe cap, front side, and logo well. Make sure they look the same as the authentic features followed by the top and bottom insole methods. Finally, wrap the authentication process by checking the sole.

How To Legit Check Chanel Espadrilles?

Chanel Espadrilles Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Even as simple of a design as the Chanel Espadrilles can be replicated unsuccessfully. Lambskin that Chanel has used for the production of their shoes is very easy to recognize with its grainy and soft surface. Achieving the same effect with another type of leather is almost impossible so it is not surprising that leather qualities are opposite in these pictures. 

The toe box of the authentic espadrilles is large with a super straight top edge, whereas it has a curvy shape in the right picture.

Overall, the replica espadrilles look flatter when it is supposed to be fuller.

Chanel Espadrilles Authentication

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Fake Chanel Espadrilles: The Toe Cap Method

As already observed in the previous method the replica does not have as round and fuller look as the original espadrilles that make as simply designed shoes look truly high-end. 

The midsole of the authentic model is wide which will slightly lift feet and make the overall look nicer whereas the midsole in the right picture is narrower so the same effect won't be achieved. 

Stitching done with a "rope" on the fake espadrilles does not follow the same pattern as the original. Also, the stitching in the middle of the midsole should be as thick and tight as it is in the left picture.

Fake Chanel Espadrilles

Chanel Espadrilles Real Vs Fake: The Front Method

We can take a closer look at the midsole rope pattern in these pictures. If you take a look, you'll notice how the thick rope goes in between the sections on the authentic midsole: it makes the braiding secure so your espadrilles will last longer. The same thing can't be said about the replica midsole as the thick connecting thread can't be spotted in between the sections. As a result, the pieces might come off easier. 

In the right picture, the thread used for the stitching is not as thick as it is supposed to be either.

Chanel Espadrilles Real Vs Fake

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Real Vs Fake Chanel Espadrilles: The Logo Method

When it comes to the Chanel logo, you can't mess it up, alright?

Double C needs to be perfectly symmetrical; as you can see, the replica factory couldn't care less about this detail. The C on the right is bigger than the one on the left. 

The authentic logo is symmetrical, narrow, and sharp, whereas the fake one is wider, bulkier, and loose.

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Real Vs Fake Chanel Espadrilles

How To Tell If Chanel Espadrilles Is Fake: The Top Insole Method

Chanel Espadrilles are only made with double soles which make them last longer.

When it comes to the authentic top insole, it doesn't replicate the shape of the foot, whereas the fake one follows the outline of the foot. It might not seem like a big of a deal but remember, we are hunting differences, not what's good or bad.

The original insole is also grainier which will keep feet from slipping inside the shoes. 

Stitching on the fake insoles is loose, which is never a good sign, it needs to be as tight as it is in the left picture. 

Finally, the lettering: thin but big letters on the authentic insole are such golden that reflects the light very well. On the other hand, the letters and Chanel logo on the replica are bolder, thicker, and in a different shade of golden.

How To Tell If Chanel Espadrilles Is Fake

Legit Check Chanel Espadrilles: The Bottom Insole Method

Observing the bottom insole is as important, so don't forget this step. 

The bottom replicates the lettering of the top insole but in the engraved version. 

Similarly, letters on the authentic shoes are thinner, bigger, and very easy to read. On the other hand, letters on the fake insole aren't even engraved, they are thicker and almost impossible to read.

Legit Check Chanel Espadrilles

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How To Legit Check Chanel Espadrilles: The Sole Method (Part One)

Never forget to check the soles. When it comes to the authentic espadrilles, each detail from the sizing to the engraved pattern is done flawlessly. The same can not be said about the replica sole: letters and numbers are so thin and small that it is almost impossible to spot them; the pattern is asymmetrical and it does not replicate the original look at all.

How To Legit Check Chanel Espadrilles

How To Spot Fake Chanel Espadrilles: The Sole Method (Part Two)

We got to the last method for today. As already mentioned in the previous method, the fake espadrilles have a big problem with symmetry but not only that, the replica factory doesn't care much about the details. For example, the dot that is supposed to be on the left side of the pattern is non-existent on the fake sole. 

Letters in this case too are thinner and so pale that it is almost impossible to tell them from the background.

How To Spot Fake Chanel Espadrilles

Are Chanel Espadrilles comfortable?

As you would expect from the espadrilles made from the finest materials, they are super comfortable, so you can wear them running errands or meeting up with friends. Your feet will be grateful.

Are Chanel Espadrilles true to size?

They run true to size and part of it can be explained with its double insole. So if you are going to buy them, don't be scared. purchase them in your true size and rock them!

Where can I get Chanel Espadrilles authenticated?

If you followed these methods but still struggled, we recommend you using our legit check services with the fastest turnaround time! Check it out: Chanel legit check.

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