How To Spot Fake Dior Book Tote

To authenticate Dior Tote you should start by analyzing the overall look where you get to observe the print, stitching, and strings. There are a lot of details in this model that need to be taken into account like thread quality, symmetricity, and spaciousness. Make sure to be extremely careful with the embroidery as there might be some minor differences that are obvious but hard to find at the same time. Don’t forget to check the interior, label, and handles too.Let’s analyze the 8 methods to legit check your model and spot a fake Dior bag fast and easy!

How To Legit Check Dior Book Tote

  • Authenticating the overall look
  • Checking the print logo
  • Looking at the side
  • Taking a look at the embroidery
  • Inspecting the handle
  • Legit checking the interior
  • Examining the font
  • Taking a close look at the label
  • Checking the label

Dior Book Tote Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Let's start analyzing the model designed by Christian Dior by its overall look method.

First things first, the Dior print (there is the Toile De Jouy option too) needs to be mentioned; it is something that catches our eyes right away.

While each detail on the authentic print is very defined and clear they look smudged on the replica; also the sizing isn't right and the colors are super off.

It's the small details that make the model flawless: the string that goes on all three sides of the original model is super thick and straight whereas it is narrower and squiggly on the fake bag.

Dior Book Tote Authentication

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Replica Dior Tote: The Print Method

We already mentioned a few words on the Christian Dior print (which can be purchased in the Toile De Jouy style too) but let's observe it closely.

Each detail on the authentic print is very nicely embroidered; even though the letters are overlapped they can be read without any doubt. The same can not be said about the fake print where the letters are smaller and indistinct.

While each detail on the original print is symmetrically and neatly done, they are carelessly embroidered with thick patterns on the replica.

Not only the technique but the font used in both of these cases is different: the letters are supposed to be thin but large just as shown in the left picture.

Replica Dior Tote

Dior Tote Real VS Fake: The Side Method

Not only the details but the measurements of these totes are different from each other.

As you can see, the width of the authentic model is bigger which automatically means that it is more spacious- what even is the purpose of a tote bag if there is not much space inside of it?

The bottom of the fake one is more arched than it should be, but there are other differences too: the stripes are sharper when they should be rounded and are misplaced too as they are supposed to be more towards the bottom.

Dior Tote Real Vs Fake

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Fake Vs Real Dior Book Tote: The Embroidery Method

One of the best things about this model is the iconic Christian Dior bag embroidery.

The replication process didn't go successfully.

Each detail in the left picture is done with thick beige thread whereas the unauthentic embroidery is done with thin white poor-quality thread.There is another difference which is the pattern- as you can see, the original embroidery doesn't have a symmetrical pattern as the lines are put all over the place. On the other hand, the pattern in the right picture is symmetrical which might not look bad but is different from the anticipated look.

Want to learn more about how to spot a fake Dior? Visit these pages: Dior BagDior B23Dior Saddle Bag.

Fake Vs Real Dior Book Tote

How To Tell If Dior Book Tote Is Fake: The Handle Method

The authentic handle is very thick and the two lines in the middle are attached. On the other hand, the replica handle is thinner with only one thick line in the middle instead of two.

Besides the measurements, there is a problem with the pattern too: on top of the fake line, the embroidery is done in a black thread when it is supposed to be in cream just as shown in the left picture.

How To Tell If Dior Book Tote Is Fake

Legit Check Dior Book Tote: The Interior Method

As already mentioned in the previous methods the room inside the fake tote is much smaller than the original model.

This difference is shown in this comparison once more as the original interior is more spacious.

Not only the outer but the interior print is different too: while the authentic print designed by Christian Dior has cold undertones the fake one is decided more in the warmer colors.

Legit Check Dior Book Tote

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Fake Vs Real Dior Tote: The Font Method

There is a problem with the font too.

For example, the letters in the authentic "Christian Dior" lettering are narrow and symmetric to one another, whereas they are thick and wider on the fake one.

Besides the font the difference appears in the spacings between the letters that are equal on the original print; the same can not be said about the replica.

Embroidered letters of "Paris" are squiggly in the right picture too.

Fake Vs Real Dior Tote

Dior Tote Fake Vs Real: The Label Method

The label is the last detail we will be analyzing for today.

Even though the shape of the label was replicated pretty accurately the size could be a little bigger.

The authentic letters are thicker and brighter whereas they look paler in the right picture. The difference can be seen on the "Made In Italy" text.

The quality of the thread used for stitching the label is different in both of these cases: the thread of the replica model is shiny when it is supposed to be matte and as thick as it is on the authentic tote bag.

Dior Tote Fake Vs Real

Is A Dior Book Tote Worth It?

Because of the versatility of the bag, it can be used for shopping, travel, work, or vacation. The patterns and colors don't show dirt too which makes it very practical. If you want to buy a spacious bag that can be used daily, then we would say that this model is worth it.

How Can You Tell A Fake Dior Book Tote?

If you follow these instructions and find the differences you will be able to spot a fake model designed by Christian Dior without many difficulties. Keep in mind that there are many details that need to be taken into account so don’t skip any step.

Where Can I Get My Dior Book Tote Authenticated?

If you followed each instruction carefully and still couldn’t get the authentication done on your own, we would advise you to connect with our expert team via live chat and use our legit check services with the fastest turnaround time: Dior legit check.

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