How to Spot Fake vs Real Lady Dior Bag

How to Spot Fake vs Real Lady Dior Bag

Are you in the market for a Lady Dior Bag but don’t know how to differentiate between a real and a fake product? You are in the right place!

In this article, we have gathered more than 11 methods of spotting a fake Lady Dior Bag and how to use them on real products.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Lady Dior Bag has numerous distinctive features that can help you determine whether the bag you are buying is authentic or a replica.

  • An initial feel and look at the bag from all angles can reveal whether it is made with Dior's high-quality manufacturing process or not.

  • The slender and finely engraved font used on the real Dior bag's golden attachments easily gives away a fake bag.

  • Check the size and font of the letters on the distinctive Christian Dior keyring to discover whether your bag is authentic.

  • Still struggling? To receive a quick, easy, and definitive authentication, use our professional verification service.

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The Overall Look Method

Firstly, we'll begin with a general overview. These models exhibit different colors, so that aspect isn't up for comparison.

However, we can discuss the material: the authentic fabric is notably vibrant and glossy, evidenced by how it catches the light. This lustrous effect is poorly mimicked on the fake Dior bag; despite some light reflection, it retains a more matte finish.

Additionally, the genuine material appears more substantial compared to the Lady Dior bag replica. We'd also like to draw your focus to the handles.

They are considerably broader and shorter than depicted in the second image.

Dior Lady Bag Authentication Guide: The Overall Look Method

The Side Method

Examining the side of the authentic bag reveals the spaciousness within. The genuine bag is broader, whereas the replica falls short of accurately replicating the original Christian Dior dimensions.

Beyond the size discrepancy, the craftsmanship on the fake Dior bag is also subpar, particularly the stitching. The rhombus-shaped stitches should be larger and symmetrical, consistent with those on the original model.

Dior Lady Bag Authentication Guide: The Side Method

The Golden Attachment Method

These gold ring attachments indeed lend a luxurious aura to the Christian Dior bag, a detail less glamorous when poorly imitated.

Notice the generic gold hue of the first attachment, contrasting with the toy-like appearance in the lower image.

Beyond the color, the font also deviates. It's intended to be slender and finely engraved, not bold and oversized, as displayed on the counterfeit Christian Dior model.

Dior Lady Bag Authentication Guide: The Golden Attachment Method

The Key-ring Method

The golden DIOR key-ring detail is truly stunning. Regrettably, the replica producers also botched this element.

Noticeably large letters with flat surfaces and rounded edges establish a contrast. In contrast, the fake model sports significantly smaller letters in a dissimilar font, lacking appeal.

The color discrepancy is also evident; the authentic key ring gleams in brilliant, standard gold, whereas the counterfeit Christian Dior version falls short in its replication attempt.

Dior Lady Bag Authentication Guide: The Key-ring Method

The Letter Method (D and I)

Let's delve further into the keyring specifics. Firstly, observe the font: The letters on the authentic model are noticeably broader.

Beyond the size, the sheen and vibrancy of the color in the initial picture are striking.

In contrast, the counterfeit versions are riddled with scratches, presenting a decidedly cheap appearance.

Dior Lady Bag Authentication Guide: The Letter Method (D and I)

The Letter Method (O and R)

Much like the previous instance, we see distinct font discrepancies and scratches on the counterfeit model here as well.

The letter "R" is particularly shoddily crafted, resembling mere scribbles. The fabric beneath the "O" is glossy and reflective, starkly contrasting to the fake's leather-like material, which also suffers from sloppy cutting.

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Dior Lady Bag Authentication Guide: The Letter Method (O and R)

The “O” Hang Tag Method

The reverse side of the "O" hang tag's fabric lacks the leather-like appearance depicted in the lower image.

Additionally, on the genuine model, the letters are broader and slimmer, with more generous spacing between them, contrasting with the replica's bolder, more compressed lettering.

Dior Lady Bag Authentication Guide: The "O" Hang Tag Method

The Handle Attachment Method

The authentic handle attachment boasts a flawless "O" shape, a detail the replica botches.

The upper segment is considerably more diminutive than what's showcased in the subsequent image. Whereas the original presents a smooth surface, the knockoff is scratched.

The font also diverges: the letters should resemble the smaller, finer ones in the initial picture, not the bold and irregular ones in the right-hand image. In totality, the attachment is expected to be more substantial.

Dior Lady Bag Authentication Guide: The Handle Attachment Method

The Engraved Label Method

This engraved tag is exceptionally glossy and radiant, an effect not replicated on the counterfeit.

The letters are meant to be symmetrical and uniform, as shown in the initial image. Deciphering any text on the replica label is practically an impossible task.

Dior Lady Bag Authentication Guide: The Engraved Label Method

The Printed Label Method

This printed label retains a certain sheen, unlike the entirely matte finish of the fake. The letters are significantly smaller than those in the lower image, with "PARIS" distinctly smaller than the line above.

"MADE IN ITALY" should also stretch wider, not larger. The original label's letters are meant to be more luminous and reflective.

One step remains to swiftly and effortlessly authenticate your Lady Dior bag at home.

Dior Lady Bag Authentication Guide: The Printed Label Method

The Serial Number Method

The serial number is crucial in the authentication process of your item. Simply conduct a Google search of the serial number, and if product images surface, your item is likely genuine in most instances.

But caution is key! Sometimes, counterfeit models may share a serial number with an authentic one.

Notice here the font discrepancy in the numbers across these images. They're meant to be heftier and more rounded, as demonstrated in the first picture.

Dior Lady Bag Authentication Guide: The Serial Number Method

In Conclusion…

This was our comparison of Lady Dior bag, fake vs real. We hope that our explanation will help you with Lady Dior bag authentication easily at home.

If you still have some doubts, do not worry; all you need to do is use our
Dior authentication services and get your item legit checked! Our knowledgeable team is here to help you 24/7!

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