How To Spot Fake Dior Puffer Jacket

How To Spot Fake Dior Puffer Jacket

Who said you can’t be stylish in the winter? With a Dior Puffer Jacket, you can break the fashion charts without sacrificing the warmth of your body.

But how do you spot the difference between a fake and a real Dior Puffer Jacket?

In this article, we have gathered seven different methods for you to make a difference between a real and a fake Dior Puffer Jacket. Enjoy!

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The General Look Method

Let's begin with the overall appearance. First off, the quilting varies noticeably between the two images.

Each segment on the genuine piece is plush and substantial, whereas the sections on the imitation seem air-filled, suggesting insufficient padding beneath the outer layer.

While the authentic jacket has a puffier feel, the sleeves on the counterfeit appear overly large compared to the left image, resulting in an uneven silhouette.

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The General Look Method

Let's check out the Dior pattern on these jackets side by side. The real jacket has a print that's a bit shiny, but not too much. On the fake one, it's too shiny, which makes it look cheap.

The real jacket's letters are bold and match the background well. Now, about the stitches: you can barely see them on the left, but the fake jacket's stitches look messy.

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Print Method

The Collar Method

The stand-up collar is a key feature of this jacket. The fake collar appears taller than the real one, which doesn't improve its look but makes it seem even more counterfeit.

It should match the height of the one in the left image. Did all the methods make sense to you? If you're finding it tough, no worries!

You can use our legit check services and receive your authentication certificate today!

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Collar Method

The Zipper Method

The zipper features an engraved Dior signature, which varies in both pictures: the authentic version is notably slimmer with petite, slender letters, whereas the counterfeit zipper is broad, with oversized, poorly replicated lettering.

Given the fake zipper's subpar quality, it'll likely break sooner than anticipated.

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Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Zipper Method

The Hardware Method

Much like the previous method, the hardware here is poorly replicated. The inferior metal easily gets scratched, as seen in the bottom image.

There's also a noticeable size difference; the counterfeit metal square appears larger. The lettering should be more refined and slender, as depicted in the top photo.

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Hardware Method

The Logo Patch Method

Let's look at the fake and real Dior jackets by checking out their logo patches. In the first picture, we see a not-so-good fake. Its logo patch is different in shape, size, and how the letters are written.

The second picture shows a better fake, but it's still imperfect. It should be wider. The way the letters are written is different, and the border around the logo is too thick.

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Logo Patch Method Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Logo Patch Method

The Tag Method

Wrapping up today's discussion with one last method. The tag on a Dior puffer jacket fake is much larger than it should be.

The letters are a soft grey on the authentic tag, melding nicely with the background. This isn't the case for the bottom image, where the bold, stark white letters stand out too much.

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Tag Method

In Conclusion…

As you can see, a Dior puffer jacket legit check is possible at home if you know the steps that must be followed. If you had some difficulties understanding the details, you are more than welcome to reach us out or use our amazing authentication services that are available 24/7!

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