How To Spot Fake Fendi First Bag

How To Spot Fake Fendi First Bag

Fendi is known for its elegance and style. To begin, analyze the general look strategy to get as many details as possible. Then look closely at the stitching, as counterfeiters almost never get the sewing right, and then look at the lining approach. Don't forget to look at the hardware, as there may be some differences there, as well as the leather approach. Then examine the font and handle before concluding your authentication with a look at the label.

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Fendi First Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Genuine Fendi First bag comes with a lot of structure and stability, and it keeps its shape well, which is especially visible the moment you put it down. This is perhaps the most noticeable feature of a fake Fendi First bag, as counterfeiters frequently don't bother to process the bag to such a high standard. When it comes to size, you must be extremely careful to distinguish between a fake and a genuine Fendi bag too. 

The bag's lines across the corners and edges should be smooth and even. Fake Fendi First has jagged and uneven edges, color differences, and different leather textures.

Fendi First Bag Authentication

Fake Fendi First Bag: The Stitching Method

Genuine Fendi The first has immaculate stitching that is evenly spaced and has each thread placed precisely in its place. Unlike the fake model, which has uneven and sloppy stitching. Furthermore, if the thread color is different from the material, you know you're dealing with a fake model.

Check the stitching around the tags, the ends of the straps, the corners, and, most importantly, the hidden sections.

Fake Fendi First Bag

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How To Legit Check Fendi First Bag: The Lining Method

The lining of the Fendi First bag is made of the brand's distinctive jacquard canvas with classic FF logos. classic tobacco and dark colors. Make sure the fabric is tight when evaluating the lining. Counterfeiters frequently utilize a looser weave, giving the FF pattern a fragmented appearance. In addition, the inauthentic lining will not have the same feel as a genuine Fendi First bag.

The false FF symbols are significantly bigger, more matte, and asymmetrical, as you can see in the image comparison.

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How To Legit Check Fendi First Bag

How To Spot Fake Fendi First Bag: The Hardware Method

The quality of the hardware is one way to detect the difference between fake and genuine bags. If you look at the original bag, you'll note that the hardware is gleaming, reflective, and vibrant, however, the replica doesn't have the same effect: it's a different hue, has a more matte effect, and has less definition.

Not only is the quality of the pieces poor, but the size is also incorrect: Compare the screws in these two photos to understand how much of a difference a minor detail can make. (You can find similar differences with the fake Hermes Constance Bag)

How To Spot Fake Fendi First Bag

Fendi First Bag Real Vs Fake: The Leather Quality Method

In this comparison, leather quality can be determined by examining the way the leather folds in the right picture: while the original leather is deeply rounded around the closure from the side, this fold is much smaller and less defined, indicating that the leather is not as flexible or high-quality. It's shinier than it should be, and the circle around the closing is much larger than it should be.

The "clutch" area of the bag is also wider than the genuine bag, making it quite easy to distinguish between the two.

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Fendi First Bag Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Fendi First Bag: The Font Method

In this comparative image, we can see how the "FENDI" text on the fake bag is much thinner than the engraving on the actual bag.

The "FENDI" text on the original First bag is thicker and more distinct than the "FENDI" text on the phony bag.

This defect occurs on the imitation Fendi First bag because the lettering is pressed too shallowly into the metal, whereas the original bag's text is pressed deeper into the material, giving it a thicker appearance than the fake bag's inscription. (You can find similar differences with the fake Dior Tote bag)

Real Vs Fake Fendi First Bag

How To Tell If Fendi First Bag Is Fake: The Handle Method

You can identify the difference between a genuine and a counterfeit Fendi by just taking a look at as "small" of detail as the handle. 

The genuine handle is made of high-quality, gorgeous leather, whilst the fake one appears to be peeling off its top layer at any moment.

The difference in hardware is particularly obvious here, as the phony hardware appears to be more plastic-y.

The stitching is also asymmetrical, tight, and sloppy.

How To Tell If Fendi First Bag Is Fake

Legit Check Fendi First Bag: The Label Method

The "FENDI" word is overly thick on the counterfeit First bag, although the same writing is thinner on the genuine label.

Lower down, we get the "MADE IN ITALY" writing, which is similarly overly thick on the fake Fendi bag, whereas the text on the original label is thinner and more elegant.

You can also see how the stitching on the counterfeit bag is overly thick and asymmetrically placed.

When looking at a genuine Fendi First bag, you can see how the label stitching is thinner, tighter, and more symmetrical.

Legit Check Fendi First Bag

Is Fendi first a classic bag?

The Fendi First is a whimsical take on a classic clutch. The Fendi monogram is interpreted in the form of a Nappa leather-bound tilting metal F-shaped clasp.

Fendi is one of the most famous fashion houses in the world, with over 90 years of experience and a reputation for opulent fur designs and fine leather goods. We're sure you've seen the FF monogram before, but you might not know much about the brand's origins.

Where can I get my Fendi First bag authenticated?

If you followed our instructions but are still unsure about your results, we recommend contacting us and using our authentication services. We provide the quickest turnaround time and are accessible to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What would you say? Check it out: Fendi legit check.

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