How To Spot Fake Givenchy Antigona Bag

How To Spot Fake Givenchy Antigona Bag

To authenticate a Givenchy Antigona Bag you should start by checking the overall look where you get to observe the shape and handle attachments. Remember, that the stitching is an important part of the bag that influences a lot of things. Don't forget to check the buckles, zipper font, and flap with their small details. Remember: the serial number method is one of the most vital steps so pay closer attention while following it. Lastly, observe the label and dust-bags and you are good to go!

Now, let's start analyzing the 9 methods:

How To Legit Check Givenchy Antigona Bag?

Givenchy Antigona Authentication: The Overall Look Method

The shape of the Givenchy Antigona is designed well enough to make the bag functional and fashionable at the same time.

For some reason, the replica factory decided to change up the shape a little by making it bulkier and "bubbly" looking. On the other hand, the authentic bag has sharper features that look fierce in the best way possible.

The handle attachments are a very important part of the bag as the whole weight hangs on them. If they are not attached as securely the handles will come off any minute. 

These attachments on the authentic bag are stitched very tightly which makes them solid. On the other hand, you can see how big of space there is between the stitches in the right picture. 

Overall the original handles are longer too which makes the bag more practical.

Givenchy Antigona Authentication

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How To Spot Fake Givenchy Antigona Bag: The Stitching Method

We already mentioned the difference between the shapes of these bags which was hugely influenced by the differences in stitching.

As you can see, the stitching on the authentic bag connects to the bottom almost straightly with a tiny curve. On the other hand, the replica stitching is arched which creates the round shape of the bag. 

The corners are different in these pictures too.

How To Spot Fake Givenchy Antigona Bag

Fake Givenchy Antigona Bag: The Buckle Method

The small details are what make the bag flawless.

The stitching that connects to the authentic buckle is narrower at the bottom and wider as it connects to the top, whereas the replica stitching is done perfectly straight. 

The fake metal buckle that is attached to the leather is smaller than it is supposed to be with a different shape.

Fake Givenchy Antigona Bag

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How To Legit Check Givenchy Antigona: The Zipper Method

The quality of a slider on the zipper as well as the teeth determines whether opening the bag is going to be a smooth experience or not.

The authentic slider is narrower made out of mirror-like reflective metal, whereas the fake one is wider and matte. 

We want you to pay attention to the fact how the replica zipper teeth are pointed downwards which points out that the slider won't be able to move smoothly. 

The puller metal is thicker and wider on the replica bag too.

How To Legit Check Givenchy Antigona

Givenchy Antigona Bag Real Vs Fake: The Flap Method

The authentic flap is bigger and pointy whereas the fake one is smaller with a rounded corner.

What is a Givenchy bag without its iconic lettering? Fake letters have a washed-out look when they are supposed to be vibrant golden just as shown in the left picture.

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Givenchy Antigona Bag Real VS Fake

Real Vs Fake Givenchy Antigona Bag: The Font Method

Most of the time, the replica factories fail to copy the fonts well. 

Letters on the authentic buckle are engraved deeply inside the metal which gives them a dark look. On the other hand, the replica letters are bigger and wider with a paler color.

Real VS Fake Givenchy Antigona Bag

How To Tell If Givenchy Antigona Bag Is Fake: The Serial Number Method

When it comes to authenticating, serial numbers are very important. 

Whenever you google the serial number the model should come up but be careful: Sometimes replica bags also have serial numbers that can be googled too, just like this case. 

The main difference here appears in the font: the replica letters are bigger and more square-like. 

The leather should be pointed out too - the original bag is made out of goatskin that is durable and scratch-resistant. Fake leather on the other hand is not goatskin even though it has a grainy surface too.

How To Tell If Givenchy Antigona Bag Is Fake

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Legit Check Givenchy Antigona Bag: The Label Method

In this method, we will be analyzing the label.

The authentic one is matte made with the same leather used outside whereas the fake label is glossy.

The leather band that goes over the replica is wider than it is supposed to be too.

The font is worth mentioning too- while the authentic letters are small, wide, and symmetrical the letters on the fake label are bigger with smaller spaces in between.

The difference can be seen in the "Made in Italy" text too.

Legit Check Givenchy Antigona Bag

Fake Vs Real Givenchy Antigona Bag: The Dust-bag Method

Before checking the bag out the first thing we see after unpackaging is the dust-bag. 

The replica dust-bag is made of easily crumpling material when it is supposed to be wool just as shown in the left picture.

Letters on the authentic dust-bag are bigger with bigger spacings in between whereas they are smaller and more densely put on the surface in the right picture.

Fake Vs Real Givenchy Antigona Bag

Is the Givenchy Antigona out of style?

Because the Givenchy Antigona bag has become a classic, it can't go out of style, so if you are thinking of buying the model you should go for it!

When did the Givenchy Antigona come out?

The bag was first released in 2011 and immediately won the hearts of the public. Even in 2021, its iconic style is worth talking about.

Where can I get my Givenchy Antigona authenticated?

Authenticating Givenchy Antigona won’t be a challenge for you after following this detailed guide but if you still have some difficulties then feel free to reach out or use our amazing legit check services: Givenchy legit check

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