How To Spot Fake Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm

How To Spot Fake Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm

No fashionista can go without a Goyard Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm. Its classy look and perfect design can upgrade even the simplest wardrobe, giving it an elegant touch.

Unfortunately, many replica factories have started manufacturing poor-quality knock-offs, filling the market with counterfeits.

In this article, we’ll give you six methods of spotting the difference between a replica and an original Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm. Enjoy!

How to legit check Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm?

Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm Authentication: The Overall Look Method

 Goyard Saint Louis Tote: real vs fake

We like the simple look of this bag. But that doesn't mean we can't spot a fake. The real bag has a classic "boat" shape. The fake one on the right looks wrong; it's too wide and short.

The pattern on the fake bag is rough and not smooth like the real one. The real bag's design is clear and sharp.

And the handles? The real ones are thick and made of good leather. The fake ones look like rubber, and the stitches seem carelessly done.

Fake Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm: The Bottom Side Method

Goyard Saint Louis Tote real vs fake: bottom corners

The real bag's corners fold in nicely. The fake bag has a bump where it folds. Even if it doesn't look very bad, it's still different.

The middle of the bag should be a straight line. But on the fake bag, it goes up a bit because of how it's stitched.

Goyard Saint Louis Tote real vs fake: Goyard pattern

The print truly elevates this model's elegance. On the imitation, the dots forming the patterns are noticeably larger, while they should be smaller, uneven, and slanted.

The beige dots should lean even more than what's seen in the right image. Similarly, the genuine print's lettering has a distinct, faded appearance, a detail absent in the counterfeit version.

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Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm Real Vs Fake: The Handle Method

Goyard Saint Louis Tote real vs fake: the handles

The real handle is thicker than the fake one. Look at the strong stitches on the real handle; they make it last longer. The fake handles are wider but thin.

Their stitches are weak and could break easily, making it hard to use the bag every day.

Real Vs Fake Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm: The Pouch Method

Goyard Saint Louis Tote real vs fake: the pouch

The small pouch with the tote is really handy. In the right picture, the pouch corners are too round. They should look more like a rectangle, like on the real one.

The real pouch has a big silver button with a clear Goyard logo. The fake one has a different-shaped button, it's smaller, and the logo isn't big enough.

How To Tell If Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm Is Fake: The Font Method

Goyard Saint Louis Tote real vs fake: logo font

Finding a replica with the correct font is rare.

First, let's examine the metal button's lettering: the genuine item displays slender and closely spaced letters, etched deeply and prominently, ensuring easy readability.

Conversely, the counterfeit model has uneven letters spaced too far apart and lacking in boldness, rendering them hard to decipher. The lettering on the replica pouch appears almost as if it's been scratched off.

Legit Check Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm: The Serial Number Method

Goyard Saint Louis Tote real vs fake: the serial number

We should observe the serial number tag as our last step.

First of all the leather quality is different in the right picture, with different surfaces and an overall cheap look.

The most definite difference, in this case, is the font- while the letters are boldly engraved in the left picture, they are narrower, thinner, and much harder to read on the fake tag. The spacing between the characters is tiny.


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Is Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm worth it?

If you are looking for a bag that will be your daily companion, then yes, you should get this model.

It's lightweight, practical, and stylish at the same time, so you will not regret this purchase.

How do I tell a fake Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm?

At this point of the guide, you are familiar with the seven methods to help you tell a fake model apart from the authentic one. Just follow each step closely, and you’ll get your results.

Where can I get Goyard Saint Louis Tote Pm authenticated?

If you still need professional help, it is more than okay to ask for it! Just contact our expert team, available 24/7, and we will be more than happy to help you.

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