How To Spot Fake Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scott

How To Spot Fake Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scott

The quickest way to authenticate a pair of Cactus Jack Jordan 6 is to inspect all the logos, placed on the tongue, heel, outsole and inside the side pocket. Secondly, spot any inconsistencies from the side view. And, of course, don’t forget to verify the shoe box label. For more information on how to do that, read our guide!

How to legit check Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scott?

How to spot fake Jordan 6 Travis Scott: The Shoebox Label

We suggest you to start off with examining the shoebox. And first of all, authenticate the colors. 

The color of the box should be in tone with the shoes, and the overall military theme. The reason why we advise you to be cautious about it is because counterfeits often have their boxes looking washed out.

Of course, you should also take a look at the size label on the shoebox. The letters, as seen on the replica, should be more thick and a bit larger. It is especially visible on the “Made in China text” below the size table.

How to spot fake Jordan 6 Travis Scott



Jordan 6 Travis Scott legit check: The Side View

Moving on, we are going to inspect the overall look of the sneaker from the side view. And first, let’s talk textures!

The upper is made from solid olive green suede, and the midsole is also plain black with some white and yellow tabs. This look might seem boring, but it's generously compensated by a bunch of other interesting details that we’ll focus on later. Here you should make sure the suede is soft and high quality, without any “bald” patches or miscolorations. 

As for the inconsistencies in shape, the differences are centered around the heel. The heel itself should be more straight, while the replica has a steep curve. Also, the pull tab is placed higher and sticks out more. Besides, the midsole also seems to be higher than needed.

Finally, focus your attention on the smaller details. The perforations on the upper should be rather large and equal in size to each other. The stitching which you can see on the bottom left mini pic are placed closer to each other on the authentic than what they are on the fake.

Jordan 6 Travis Scott legit check

Replica Travis Scott Jordan 6: The Side Pocket

The next cool feature of these Jordans is the external stash pocket, which resembles military gear, specifically what you would see on cargo pants.

The pocket opens with a button clasp. Make sure it is very tight, because you don’t want anything falling out of the pocket.

Next, take note of the little Cactus Jack drawing. If you compare the real Vs fake Jordan 6 Travis Scott, you can see that the fake one is placed too low, while the real is higher.

Finally, pay attention to the stitching. It shouldn’t be just a straight line like what it is on the counterfeit; instead, it must be slightly curved.

Replica Travis Scott Jordan 6

Fake Jordan 6 Travis Scott: The Tongue Logo

Let’s move on to the embroidered Jumpman logo on the tongue. But first, note that the tongue itself is made from durable canvas, continuing the military theme of the sneaker. It should be really thick and firm. 

Next, examine the logo. In case with this replica Jordan 6 Cactus Jack, the proportions look off. The torso is thicker and the legs are considerably wide. The ball he’s holding is bigger as well. Apart from that, the embroidery looks too thin and patchy, when the authentic should be rather dense. 

Fake Jordan 6 Travis Scott

Even though these methods of authenticating Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scott are the most relevant to today’s counterfeit industry, beware that fake producers progress at insane rates. We notice virtually each month that it is getting harder and harder to differentiate original items from fakes, because replicas are getting pretty good. You should definitely try methods in this guide yourself, but if you spent a lot of money on an item, it may be wise to consider professional authentication.


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Travis Scott Jordan 6 Fake Vs Real: The Shoelace Details

The next point of our authentication would be the shoelaces. Specifically, the infrared lace lap with the Cactus Jack logo printed on it.

The replicated lace cap looks like it was made cheaply, based on the split in the middle. Also, as you can see on the example below, the original one has it’s letters not completely flat, but slightly convex. The fake, on the other hand, looks like it’s flat.

Travis Scott Jordan 6 Fake Vs Real

Real Vs Fake Jordan 6 Travis Scott: The Left Heel Logo

Let us proceed with the authentication of the left heel logo, which has the Nike logo  embroidered on it.

The Swoosh here looks very round and long, showing that even authentic pairs have different variations of the logo. 

What is really suspicious here is the “Air” letters under the Swoosh. Not only they are placed too low, but they are also too big. The “R” letter, specifically, looks strange and crooked.

As for the Nike logo, the genuine font is slightly more tilted to the right than the counterfeit.

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Real Vs Fake Jordan 6 Travis Scott


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Jordan 6 Travis Scott authentication: The Right Heel Logo

The right heel logo is actually different from the left heel, and it is a Cactus Jack cross logo. Now, the first thing you may have noticed is that the fake logo looks thicker and bigger than the original. 

Specifically, the letter “t” looks off, the letters “U” and “S” are bigger. Overall, you can notice small flaws and inconsistencies in every single letter. However, these flaws vary a lot between replicas, so the best way to check would be to simply compare your pair to the original logo. 

Another important thing to note here is the density of the embroidery. It should be pretty dense, but not too much, to the point of poking out. However, it should not have any “bald” spots as well.

Jordan 6 Travis Scott authentication

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 6: The Outsole Logo

The outsole is, perhaps, one of the most interesting elements about this model. Not only does it feature translucent overlays, it also includes an unusual variation of the Jumpman logo - the silhouette is made of rubber. 

First of all, pay attention to the logo. Despite being a modified version of the original Jumpman, some differences can still be noticed. For instance, the feet should be noticeably thicker. 

Second, focus on the outsole itself. The light tabs should glow in the dark, and the black part should look textured and rough. To check out the glow, observe your shoes with the lights off, and make sure the glow is equally bright on the whole surface.

Finally, examine the multiple perforations found on the outsole. The fake ones are slightly deeper and smaller. Some of them are also misplaced, such as the ones on the translucent tabs being placed lower. 

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 6

Does Travis Scott 6 glow in the dark?

Yes! This unique model features a translucent glow-in-the-dark outsole, as well as plenty of other amazing details such as the side pocket and the bold red detailing.

How much are the Cactus Jack Jordan 6?

Travis Scott 6 retailed for just 250$. However, now they resell in the price range from 315$ to 800$ and over.

Where can I get my TS Jordan 6 authenticated?

If you’re uncertain about whether or not your shoes are original, we provide professional help. Just reach out to our team, and you will receive a high quality legit check along with a unique authenticity certificate. Check out our service here: Cactus Jack legit check.

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3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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