How To Spot Fake Cactus Jack Dunks

How To Spot Fake Cactus Jack Dunks

If you want to do a quick SB Dunk Travis Scott legit check, you should pay especially close attention to the Swooshes on both sides of the shoes: their shape, placement, and the stitching. Next, inspect all the logo tags and the logo on the outsole. Finally, check the shape of the toe box. For a more precise verification, keep reading this guide!

How to legit check Cactus Jack Dunks?

Travis Scott Dunks authentication: The Outer Swoosh

Let’s start off with the most recognizable part of every Nike Dunk pair: the Swoosh! Right now we will look at the outer Swoosh. 

The Swoosh itself should be placed in the middle of the shoe, not higher and not lower. It is pretty hard to spot, so look at the collage below. As you can see, the replica TS Dunk has its Swoosh way lower than needed. 

The next detail you’ll want to pay attention to is the texture of the velvet overlays. Apart from that, look for any inconsistencies in the plaid pattern. Usually, the fakes have more brown lines/squares and less white squares. Also, many replicas have parts of the plaid fabric not properly aligned with each other and creating an asymmetric look.

Travis Scott Dunks authentication


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Travis Scott Dunk legit check: The Inner Swoosh

Now, onto the next detail, which is the inner Swoosh! Overall, it is not that different, so you can apply all the same methods we used for authenticating the outer Swoosh, such as the shape and the placement. However, there are a couple more things worth noting here.

Take, for example, eyelets. It is very easy to notice that the eyelets on the replica look much messier, with strange white borders and threads poking out. If your dunks are original, the eyelets should also be a bit smaller. 

As for the Swoosh, note how the counterfeit one doesn’t have that smooth curve and a very sharp, pointy tip. It is also thicker than the original. The difference in shape is noticeable, even if it’s very little.

Finally, pay attention to the print of the black overlay. The authentic one has thinner lines and a more messy, hand-drawn look. The counterfeit is thicker and looks as if it was simply printed.

Travis Scott Dunk legit check


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How to legit check Nike SB Dunk Travis Scott: The Cactus Jack Tag

The main things to verify here are the dimensions of the tongue label, as well as the texture of the suede.

As for the dimensions, the original tag is thicker, but has about the same length. The font of the Cactus Jack logo is pretty much the same, so let’s move on to the textures and stitching.

The stitches should be very small and equal in size, which the fake shoe nails pretty well. However, the texture of the fabric is different, it’s more grainy, while the genuine should be more smooth.

How to legit check Nike SB Dunk Travis Scott

Fake VS Real Nike Dunk Travis Scott: The Made in Vietnam Tag

Another tip on authenticating this model is by looking at the Made in Vietnam tag. Let’s approach it the same way we approached the previous tag.

We would like to point out one interesting detail about the stitching pattern. On the lower half of the tag you can notice 2 stitched lines. These lines should have some distance from each other, and they should not touch the lines of text, which they do on the replica, because the lines are much lower than they should be. Not only that, but the two bottom lines of text are also placed way too low on the tag.

Fake VS Real Nike Dunk Travis Scott

Real VS Fake Dunks Travis Scott: The Toebox

As a next method we will be examining the toe box. The major difference here is the width. As SB Dunks have a more narrow fit, especially around the toe box, it is a bit hard to replicate, so fake Dunk Travis Scott may have a wider toe box. 

The next flaw you can see here is the shoelaces. The OG laces are not only wider, but also flat, whereas inauthentic ones are more round and thin. 

Finally, verify the size and spacing of the perforations. In this example of a replica the perforations are placed much further away from each other than they should be.

Real VS Fake Dunks Travis Scott

Replica Dunk Travis Scott: The Heel Tab

The next step would be taking a look at the heel tab.

Begin with taking a note of the shape of the heel tab and the placement of the logo. The genuine heel tab is a bit taller and wider. The Nike logo on the real pair is located lower than on the counterfeit item. Next up, let’s focus specifically on the logo.

The most notable feature is the size of the logo, which is bigger on the original. Next, observe the embroidery pattern, which is done in a very recognizable way. Make sure the threading is dense enough, that no threads stick out or disrupt the pattern in any way. The best option would be to use our fake VS real Travis Scott SB Dunks comparison for guidance.  

And finally, don’t forget about the stitching around the heel tab. The stitches should be small and delicate, definitely smaller than they are on the counterfeit.

Replica Dunk Travis Scott

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful for you so far. For all lovers of Travis Scott / Cactus Jack sneakers, we want to suggest reading our guides on other TS models: Travis Scott Jordan 1 High, Cactus Jack Jordan 4.

Fake Travis Scott Dunks: The Outsole Logo

Of course, we can’t leave out the outsole. 

On the real VS fake Travis Scott Dunk comparison you may notice a difference in colors. It is a bit of a complicated topic, because it can be a flaw that can be spotted in replicas. However, it may also depend on the lighting. It is really difficult to compare the colors without seeing them in person side by side, so we would not recommend doing that.

Don’t worry, though, because we have a couple of other tips saved up that could be a great help at TS Dunk authentication! On one of the mini pictures you can see the difference in textures of the rubber outsole. Both pairs have a “grainy” texture going on, except the genuine shoe has the grains looking larger and more prominent.

Finally, let’s inspect the font. The most obvious flaw is the size of the logo, which is smaller on the replica. The logo should also have two ® trademark signs: one above the Swoosh, and another one above the Nike text. Notice that the sign should be slightly tilted sidewards, same as the Nike logo. The original ® signs are also a bit bigger. Finally, the Swoosh should be located further away from the text, whereas on the fake the two elements are almost touching each other. 

Fake Travis Scott Dunks


Travis Scott Dunk real: The Shoelaces

Since the shoelaces do not have any logos or prints on them, it makes the task a bit easier. Here you only need to look at the quality of the lace itself.

First things first, the fake laces are noticeably smaller and thinner. It is not really related to the quality, and it may simply be a wrong choice of lacing on the manufacturer’s side. What’s more important to pay attention to, though, is the texture of the shoelace. The original ones are very stretchy, but also very dense and durable. They’re not easily ripped or pulled apart. The fake would be thinner and, due to cheaper quality, easier to destroy when wearing. 

Another interesting detail is that the shoelaces of this model come separately in a ziplock bag with a Nike logo printed on it. Make sure that this bag is included with your pair! Otherwise, there’s not much to examine except for the logo. As you can see in the following comparison, the fake logo here has a completely different font, with bigger and thicker letters. They are also less tilted sideways in comparison to the legit ones. 

Travis Scott Dunk real

Nike SB Dunk Travis Scott real VS fake: The Shoebox Label

And finally, let’s not forget about the shoe box! The TS Dunks come in a stylish box with a plaid pattern all over it, but it’s not what we want to focus on. What interests us in terms of authentication is the size label, specifically the fonts and spacings between the elements. 

Firstly, take a look at the Nike SB logo. The real one looks completely different from the fake, with thinner letters, bigger spacings and a more tilted font. Notice that the replica also lacks the “suggested retail” bar on the side. 

The next difference is in the first row from the top, the one that says the name of the model. Obviously, it should be written in regular font, not in bold. The same mistake can be spotted on the 2nd and 3rd top rows, as well as the sizes and the product code. 

Nike SB Dunk Travis Scott real VS fake

How do SB dunks fit?

Nike SB dunk fit pretty true to size. For some people, however, they fit a bit too tightly, so you might want to go half a size up if you have wide feet.

What can I wear with Travis Scott dunks?

These sneakers are extremely versatile and offer tons of styling opportunities. However, they look the best with some loose trousers and brown/earth tones. You can’t go wrong with keeping it simple and casual!

Where do I get my Nike Dunk Travis Scott authenticated?

If you want to be 100% sure your dunks are real, we offer you our excellent authentication service. Text us using our live chat option, and our helpful professionals will quickly provide a detailed response. See it here: Cactus Jack legit check.

Get To Know If Your Cactus Jack Dunks Are Real


3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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