How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Cactus Jack Travis Scott

Jordan 4 Cactus Jack legit check can be a little tricky, unless you are familiar with fashion and have a knowledge that would easily detect some major, but hard-to-notice mistakes that have been made while creating these fake replicas.

Travis Scott has to be one of the most popular musicians and performers around the world. But he did not stop his career there; Even gamers know well about him, after the major concert "ASTROWORLD" took place in Fortnite. 

No wonder his major collaboration with Nike in 2018 gained so much popularity too, but turns out that replica brands could not perfect Jordan 4 Cactus Jack well enough.

If you do not want to get trapped into a fraud and spend thousands of dollars on something that is fake but you believe it to be real, then follow along to know how to authenticate Jordan 4 Cactus Jack.

Sometimes, it can be hard to spot fake models, that is why our knowledgeable team offers special services, where you can authenticate your designer piece, get an authentication certificate and chat with our team that is available 24/7. 

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How To Legit Check Jordan 4 Cactus Jack?

  • The Overall Look
  • The Stitching Method
  • The Front Side
  • The Heel Counter
  • The Right Sneaker
  • The Sole
  • The Tags
  • The Tongue Tag
  • The Box

Cactus Jack Jordan 4 Fake VS Real: The Overall Look Method

Let's start with an overall look. First thing that you have to check is the material your Jordans are made out of. Original Jordan 4 Cactus Jack sneakers are made out of Suede which is a type of leather but much softer and thinner than a traditional leather, which gives it more flexibility.

Whenever you look at this model, the first thing you notice is its vibrant blue color, which has been mistakenly replicated by the fake brands, as the unoriginal one has darker, more of a dirtier-look blue than the one on the top.

Jordan 4 Cactus Jack Travis Scott Fake vs Real Guide - How to Authenticate Jordan 4 Cactus Jack: Cactus Jack Jordan 4 Fake VS Real

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How to Authenticate Jordan 4 Cactus Jack: The Stitching Method

These photos give us more of a chance to take a look on the stitching method, which you definitely have to do to know how to spot a fake Jordan 4 Cactus Jack. 

On the original method stitching is more tight and even, while on the bottom the sneaker has asymmetrical stitches. Besides that, you can see how large holes have been made by the needle on the fake model, which does not look appealing.

Now let's take a look at the white part over the black midsole: as you have already noticed, on the authentic model it is much smaller than it appears on the bottom picture.

If you look closely, you'll notice that the blue midsole has the same color as the Suede on the original one, which is different on the fake Jordan 4 Cactus Jack, where the color of the midsole and the material do not match, giving it a very cheap look.

How to Authenticate Jordan 4 Cactus Jack

Jordan 4 Cactus Jack Legit Check: The Front Side Method

Let's take a look at the front now. 

Even the iconic logo has been messed up on the fake sneaker; It would not be an exaggeration if we said that the man on the left logo looks as if he's been into fast food lately. Humor aside, it looks super stretched, besides that, the color and the texture does not match the original logo.

Even the font of the word "Flight" has been written incorrectly. 

The logo on the authentic model is perfectly symmetrically placed in the middle, and the tag has been cut out flawlessly and stitched very evenly, while on the fake one it looks totally uneven and unappealing. 

You can see the difference in laces too- the fake model has a washed-out look to it, while laces on the authentic one has a pitch black color.

Jordan 4 Cactus Jack Legit Check

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Fake Jordan 4 Cactus Jack: The Heel Counter Method

You might have already noticed how unique this model already is, but what makes it even more special is how different left and right sneakers are from each other at the back. Let's talk about the left side first. Cactus Jack written on it gives it a very special look, well... if it has been done correctly, and by correctly we mean, authentically. 

It is super easy to see how asymmetrically the symbol has been placed on the fake model. Besides that, authentic sneakers have pitch black heel counters, while the unoriginal one has almost a dirty look to it. 

Besides "Cactus Jack" what is very noticable is its difference in heel height. Jordan 4 on the right seems to have a higher heel.

Fake Jordan 4 Cactus Jack

How to Spot a Fake Jordan 4 Cactus Jack: The Right Sneaker Method

We have already mentioned the heel situation, which of course is the same on the right sneakers too. 

We want you to see how deeply cut and asymmetrical the black heel counter is on the fake one, while on the right it looks flawless. 

The logo on the original model has been placed in the center and is smaller than it is on the right picture. 

The fake one also does not seem to have enough blue speckles as the authentic model has.

Are you following us? Some fake models might not even show these easy-to-spot flaws and we understand that it might be still hard spotting the fake model by yourself, that is why you should contact our expert team and get your Jordans authenticated. 

How to Spot a Fake Jordan 4 Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack Jordan 4 Fake VS Real: The Sole Method

Now let's take a look at the bottom.

First thing that we notice is the difference in the color. While authentic one has more of a milky-white look, the unoriginal has more of a white color. 

Lines are super different too. You can easily notice how the upper line on the left picture goes upwards, while on the right picture it straightly connects two sides with a line. Same goes to the bottom line, which is not as inclined as it appears to be on the fake model. 

The logo is also different: while on the left side the logo is smaller and centered with a bright red color, the right picture does not show the same, as it has more of a pinky-red color, is larger and not in the middle.

Cactus Jack Jordan 4 Fake VS Real

Fake Jordan 4 Cactus Jack: The Tags Method

Sometimes replica factories do not pay as much attention to the tags, as the owner of the sneakers is the only person who sees it, but they are mistaken right there: it's the easiest to identify fake brands by just looking at the tags.

As you can see, the authentic tag has a light blue color with almost a holographic effect. Letters look as if they have been embroidered by hand and the tag is stitched very evenly too. On the fake model the tag has an unappealing blue color, letters are not symmetrical and the texture does not look the same too. 

The difference at the background is also noticeable, as on the authentic pic the background is brown and the fake one has a pitch black color to it.

Fake Jordan 4 Cactus Jack

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Jordan 4 Cactus Jack Legit Check: The Tongue Tag Method

Similarly to the tag at the back, letters are very thick and embroidered on this tag too, while on the fake one letters appear to be smaller and asymmetrical. 

The color of tags differ from each other too: on the top picture we see how milky-white color the tag has to it, while at the bottom tag is pale white. 

We could just tell which one was fake by looking at the stitching, as the stitches on the fake model have been seriously messed up.

Jordan 4 Cactus Jack Legit Check

How to Spot a Fake Jordan 4 Cactus Jack: The Box Method

Just by looking at these boxes you can tell how much of a difference there is between these two quality-wise. 

The one on the top has a very pale white color with pitch black speckles that gives it a very expensive look, while on the bottom it has a milky-white color and a washed-out look. 

There also is a difference in the placing of QR codes, as the spacing between codes and the left corner appear to be larger on the authentic one.

How to Spot a Fake Jordan 4 Cactus Jack

How do I legit check a Jordan 4 Cactus Jack?

We would always recommend starting with an overall look method but do not forget to get deep into the details as the flaws can mostly be found in them.

How to authenticate a Jordan 4 Cactus Jack without much knowledge?

This guide is the very first thing you should consider following to authenticate your item easily at home. Do not skip any step and we promise that you'll get the result!

What is the best way to compare Cactus Jack fake VS Real?

We would recommend visiting the official web-site and compare your sneakers to the original pictures. Another thing you could do is ask the customer service to inspect your shoes.

Which step is the most important to spot a fake Jordan 4 Cactus Jack? 

We would recommend taking a closer look at the stitches and overall shape as generally these two components are missed by the replica factories at all times.

In Conclusion…

As you can see there are so many different ways to get your Jordan 4 Cactus Jack legit check, you just need to look at the details closely. 

Sometimes authenticating an original clothing piece can get really complicated, that is why you should check out our Jordan legit check services and get your authenticity certificate! Our team is available and by your side 24/7.

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