How To Spot Fake Travis Scott Jordan 1 High

Owing to its originality, Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG collaboration was unofficially nominated for the shoe of the year among the lovers of quality footwear, which in turn reported about the existence of interested customers to the lovers of counterfeit item production. So please, friendly help us in guarding the Retro High OG collaboration’s reputation as well as in promotion of authenticity by thoroughly following the forthcoming comprehensive guide on how to spot fake Travis Scott Jordan 1 High. 

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How To Legit Check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High?

1. The Left Outer Swoosh Method

Let the examination start with the method of checking the left outer swoosh with respect to its originality. As it is visible in the comparison picture, the swoosh on your pair could not contain any type of imperfections in relation to its stitching. Let us repeatedly warn you, that this particular collaboration is different from the similar Travis Scott Low shoes with its pristine condition, whereas mentioned low pair is prominent due to its worn-out look. Therefore, any kind of messiness of stitching, such as near the eyelets on the picture, should serve you as a suffice reason to refer to the real vs fake comparison below. 

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Left Outer Swoosh Method

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2. The Inner Swoosh Method

Next on the list is the inner swoosh, which supports the customer with the clues necessary to identify counterfeit pair. The typical flaw here would be the pointing of the tip of the swoosh, which is looking rightwards in the case of fake pair. Another, seemingly insignificant detail, which yields into the result of items counterfeiting, is the space between the corner stitching and the tip itself, which is reasonably bigger in fake pair of the footwear. The comparison picture also gives us the perspective of typical misalignment in quality between fake and authorised collaboration. As you could conclude, it's noticeable how tumbled the real leather is, compared to a lower quality fake leather.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Inner Swoosh Method

3. The Cactus Jack Printing Method

It is common for counterfeit items to fail in remaking the original printing as well as the texture of key materials, which in turn remove the unnecessary headache of authentication process. This method offers you a simple way of how to tell if Travis Scott's are fake. Just look at the comparison carefully and it will leave you without a doubt: the difference between the quality of the leather is significant. Is is visible how the real leather has an ivory colour, while the unauthorised one has more of a snow-white shade to it, which also heightens the disparity between printings of the Cactus Jack printing. Fake pair's printing is in some sense hidden behind the swoosh more and look bulkier overall.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Cactus Jack Printing Method

4. The Air Jordan Wing Logo Method

The Wing Logo in the vast majority of replica models is being remade incorrectly or causes suspicion of some degree, which is why this method is one of the most important ones for you to check the authenticity of the pair successfully. Always look on thicker lines between the details as a sign of pair being replicated despite the fact that Nike quality control (QC) remains poor over the years with this model. Moreover, the TM sign in the logos is much larger in the most cases, which is an additional way for you to be sure in your sneakers.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Air Jordan Wing Logo Method

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5. The Outer Tongue Label Method

The tongue label method has been a loyal servant for the authentication of the shoes regularly in the practice of legit checking and this particular situation is no different. We strongly encourage you to turn your attentive eyes on the tone of the logo color, which in the fake Nike logo is often much darker and has a deeper shade of red. The legitimate logo, on the other hand, looks cleaner, the letters are significantly thinner. And last but not least, the printing disposition of the logo: the fake Nike Air logo is placed too low on the tag, which forms its “cut-off” look.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Outer Tongue Label Method

6. The Cactus Jack Tag Method

This method is unique to the Cactus Jack collaboration and is useful enough when it comes to the authentication procedure of your pair. It would be honest enough to say that pair of counterfeit do have a natural tendency to lack in ability to keep up with the quality of the cactus jack logo printing, which automatically empowers the customer with sufficient knowledge to independently inspect an item. In this particular case, apparent disparity between fake and legitimate pair of shoes is the position of the logo, which pushes the letter “S” further into the fabric and leaves us with only half of it.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Cactus Jack Tag Method

7. The Inner Tongue Label Method

Moving on to the inner tongue label, it is fair to say that the distinction may differ from one pair to another in terms of different printing variables such as margins of the text, its arrangement, tone of color as well as thickness of the letters. In the given comparison of Jordan 1 TS we are emphasising the last two mentioned printing aspects, which result in the fake tongue label being thicker and made in darker colors. Furthermore, the font is substantially larger as well.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Inner Tongue Label Method

8. The Heel Method

Transitioning to the heel method, we must outline that this way of inspection in regards to the authenticity of the item would be one of the most fruitful due to manufacturers’ inability to fabricate not only the original Cactus Jack logo, but also the texture and quality of the material implemented in production of the heel. Have a glance at the outlining of the Cactus Jack logo firstly in order to see how much thicker it is on the fake heels. Secondly, bear in mind that fake pairs in most cases.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Heel Method

9. The Toe Box of the Shoe Method

Owing to originality in terms of its toe box, the customers are enabled to cross-reference the original holes’ disposition to the fake one in order to make a high quality real vs fake comparison. In contrast to the legit pair the replica are placed too close to the suede outline as well as are often much smaller or much larger than the original ones. The pattern of the holes is also critical and makes a dramatic difference when referring to the authentic pair.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Toe Box of the Shoe Method

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10. The Outsole Method

The most difficult method of inspection of counterfeit Jordans is making a distinction by looking at the outsole of the shoe. One thing remains certain when it involves the authentic outsole: the original stars have a cleaner and sharper shape as well as a more explicit and rigorous sequence. Thanks to this strict and in some sense military tight order of the stars the customers are equipped with sufficient visual material.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Outsole Method

11. The Outsole Nike Logo Method

On of the least visible yet useful detail is the outsole nike logo, which opens up the gates to another way of inspecting your shoes. Once again, when the matter of item’s counterfeit features is under consideration, we are looking for the heightened quality in every single component when dealing with Nike shoes. In this case it applies to the nike logo on the outsole. Referring to an unauthorised pair of sneakers we are observing tilted logo, while the authentic not only maintains its straight and confident position, but also is thinner and more defined.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Outsole Nike Logo Method

12. The Packaging Laces Method

As far as laces’ packaging is concerned it is possible to outline certain specificities in order to draw the right conclusion on the subject item’s authenticity. Although at the first glance packaging makes no difference due to similarities in the package itself, we are striving to mark the line between fake vs real by looking at the way the laces are put together. By virtue of the picture below it is observable that the fake laces have a much disorganised order of packing and in some cases it may even not be wrapped as a circle.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Packaging Laces Method

13. The Shoe Box Method

The shoe box is another tool in our arsenal and is not to be dismissed when it comes to the quality check. LegitGrails offers you an opportunity to spot something captivating: the UPC numbers on the left are much thicker on the counterfeit box label., which is a point of focus for a caring customer. Please also take a peek at the 'Suggested Retail' tag and mark the following: tag must never be glued down to the box itself, you should be able to rip it off, if the item is original.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High: The Shoe Box Method

14. The Box Paper Method

The final variable in solving your equation of how to legit check the pair would be the box paper method. Thank to the manufacturers’ granularity, this particular detail of the packaging could be remade good enough only in rare occasions, which lend a helping hand to the customer interested in inspecting his item. Always take into consideration that the replica box paper often has a much brighter shade of pink, while the real paper has a very light pink colour.

How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High:  The Box Paper Method

How can I spot fake Travis Scott Jordan 1 High in 60 seconds?

  1. Inspect the heel tab of your shoe 
  2. Inspect the swoosh ending on your pair and compare it to our example
  3. Verify the box label if applicable 
  4. Use our outsole method to compare the most vulnerable part 
  5. Minimise the chance by getting a fake by looking at the tongue label

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