How To Spot Fake Travis Scott Jordan 1 High

The collaboration between Nike and Travis Scott has reached its peak popularity, with hundreds of thousands of pairs sold monthly. Hence, counterfeit manufacturers are trying to profit from their popularity by copying and selling fake shoes.

But, how can you mitigate the risk of buying a fake pair of Travis Scott Jordan 1 High?

In this article, you’ll find 14 different methods of spotting a fake pair of TS Jordan 1 High shoes.

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How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1 High?

The Left Outer Swoosh Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Left Outer Swoosh Method

Begin the examination by checking the left outer swoosh to ensure its originality. As you can see in the comparison picture, the swoosh on your pair should not have any imperfections in its stitching.

We want to emphasize that this collaboration is distinct from the regular Travis Scott Low shoes, as it boasts a prominent worn-out appearance.

So, any signs of messiness in the stitching, especially around the eyelets shown in the picture, should prompt you to refer to the accurate vs. fake comparison below.

The Inner Swoosh Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Inner Swoosh Method

Moving on to the next item on our checklist, we have the inner swoosh, which provides crucial clues to identify a counterfeit pair. A common flaw to look out for here is the direction of the swoosh's tip, which tends to point rightwards in fake pairs.

Another detail that reveals a counterfeit item is the space between the corner stitching and the tip itself, which appears larger in fake footwear.

The comparison picture also highlights the typical misalignment in quality between fake and authorized collaborations. You can observe the difference in the tumbling of real leather compared to the lower quality fake leather.

The Cactus Jack Printing Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Cactus Jack Printing Method

Counterfeit items often struggle to replicate key materials' authentic texture, making the authentication process less difficult. This provides a straightforward method to determine if Travis Scott shoes are fake.

Take a close look at the comparison, and any doubt will vanish: the contrast in leather quality is striking.

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The Air Jordan Wing Logo Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Air Jordan Wing Logo Method

The Wing Logo in most replica models raises suspicion to some extent. That's why this method is crucial for verifying the authenticity of the pair.

Pay close attention to thicker lines between the details as a telltale sign of a replicated pair, even though Nike's quality control has been inconsistent with this model. Additionally, the TM sign in the logos is much larger in most cases, providing another way to ensure your sneakers' genuineness.

The Outer Tongue Label Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Outer Tongue Label Method

We highly recommend focusing on the tone of the logo color, as the fake Nike logo often appears much darker with a deeper shade of red.

In contrast, the authentic logo appears cleaner, with notably thinner letters.

And one last important detail to observe is the printing disposition of the logo – the fake Nike Air logo is positioned too low on the tag, resulting in a "cut-off" appearance.


The Cactus Jack Tag Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Cactus Jack Tag Method

This method is exclusive to the Cactus Jack collaboration and proves quite helpful in authenticating your pair.

It's fair to mention that counterfeit pairs often struggle to match the quality of the Cactus Jack logo printing, which gives customers the advantage of inspecting an item with confidence.

In this instance, the noticeable difference between a fake and genuine pair of shoes lies in the logo's position, where the letter "S" is pushed further into the fabric, leaving only half of it visible.

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The Inner Tongue Label Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Inner Tongue Label Method

Let's now focus on the inner tongue label, where the distinctions may vary from one pair to another regarding various printing variables, including text margins, arrangement, color tone, and letter thickness.

We focus on the last two printing aspects in this specific comparison of the Jordan 1 TS. The fake tongue label appears thicker, with darker colors used for the printing. Additionally, the font is larger compared to the authentic version.

The Heel Method

The Heel Method

Manufacturers often can’t replicate the original Cactus Jack logo and the material quality used to produce the heel.

Look closely at the outlining of the Cactus Jack logo to see how thicker it appears on the fake heels. Also, remember that fake pairs are, in most cases, unable to match genuine ones in terms of texture and quality.

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The Toe Box of the Shoe Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Toe Box of the Shoe Method

Thanks to the distinctiveness of its toe box, customers can conduct a high-quality comparison by cross-referencing the disposition of the original holes with the fake ones.

Different from the authentic pair, the replica is positioned too close to the suede outline and may vary significantly in size. The pattern of the holes is also crucial and creates a noticeable difference when comparing it to the genuine pair.

The Outsole Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Outsole Method

The most challenging method of inspecting counterfeit Jordans is examining the shoe's outsole. However, one thing remains certain regarding the authentic outsole: the original stars have a cleaner, sharper shape and follow a more precise and rigorous sequence.

Thanks to this strict and almost military-like arrangement of the stars, customers have a reliable visual reference for authentication.


The Outsole Nike Logo Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Outsole Nike Logo Method

We always look for superior quality in every component when dealing with Nike shoes and assessing their counterfeit features.

In this case, it applies to the Nike logo on the outsole. When examining an unauthorized pair of sneakers, we notice a tilted logo. In contrast, the authentic one maintains a straight and confident position, appearing thinner and more defined.

The Packaging Laces Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Packaging Laces Method

When examining the packaging of laces, certain specificities can help us draw the correct conclusion about the item's authenticity. Although the packaging may initially appear similar, we focus on distinguishing between fake and genuine laces by looking at how they are assembled.

As shown in the picture below, it is clear that the fake laces have a disorganized and messy arrangement in the packaging. Sometimes, they might need to be wrapped in a circle, further setting them apart from the neatly arranged genuine laces.


The Shoe Box Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Shoe Box Method

Paying attention to the details can be crucial here. For instance, the UPC numbers on the left are noticeably thicker on the counterfeit box label, an essential focal point for a discerning customer.

Additionally, take a moment to examine the 'Suggested Retail' tag. On an original item, the tag should never be glued down to the box itself; you should be able to rip it off if it's authentic easily. This observation further helps in distinguishing genuine products from counterfeits.


The Box Paper Method

Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Box Paper Method

The box paper method is the final variable in solving the equation of how to legit check the pair, and it proves to be quite valuable. Thanks to the manufacturers' attention to detail, this particular aspect of the packaging is rarely replicated accurately, providing a helpful aid to customers interested in inspecting their items.

Remember that replica box paper often has a much brighter shade of pink, while the genuine form boasts a very light pink color. This distinction is a reliable indicator of distinguishing between fake and authentic items.


How can I spot fake Travis Scott Jordan 1 High in 60 seconds?

  1. Inspect the heel tab of your shoe

  2. Inspect the swoosh ending on your pair and compare it to our example

  3. Verify the box label if applicable

  4. Use our outsole method to reach the most vulnerable part

  5. Minimize the chance of getting a fake by looking at the tongue label

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