How to Tell If Jordan 12s Are Fake

a pair of Jordan 12 sneakers

Navigating the world of real and fake sneakers is important for both enthusiasts and buyers. When it comes to the iconic Jordan 12, telling apart the genuine ones from replicas is crucial.

In this guide, we'll explore the details and methods to authenticate Jordan 12s. From checking the shoe box to looking at stitching patterns, we'll give you practical tips to confidently spot real Jordan 12s.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a casual buyer, this article is your go-to resource to make sure your Jordan 12 sneakers are the real deal.

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The Overall Check

example of real vs fake Jordan 12 sneakers

In the overall check method, begin with the box – genuine ones have clear printing and a reflective logo. Inspect the tongue's Jumpman logo, making sure it's sharp and properly aligned. Authentic pairs showcase quality stitching, especially on the distinctive mudguard.

Examine the carbon fiber plate on the outsole – legitimate Jordans have a raised texture. Insoles on real pairs feature accurate logos and good padding. Confirm the placement and font of the heel tab.

Lastly, examine the overall design for symmetry. Assessing these details collectively aids in distinguishing authentic Jordan 12s from fake shoes.

The Shoe Box

example of a fake Jordan 12 shoebox

Inspect the box label for clear and accurate details, avoiding any misspellings. Authentic shoes exhibit a well-made, sturdy construction with sharp printing.

The side of the lid should display a reflective and distinct Jumpman logo. Look for a quality control stamp inside the box. Legitimate boxes feature a raised texture on the lid, ensuring durability. Additionally, the underside of the lid has a specific pattern.

Genuine Jordan 12 boxes adhere to these details, offering a dependable way to confirm authentic pairs.

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The Shoe Box Label

Authentic pairs have a top-notch box label with accurate details, including clear and sharp text.

Focus on the spacing and overall print quality. The font style should be consistent and well-defined. Genuine Jordan 12s usually have a small, embossed Jumpman logo above the barcode.

Scrutinizing these details on the shoe box label offers a reliable way to tell apart real pairs from fake replicas, ensuring you're making a genuine investment in Jordan 12 sneakers.

The Inside Shoe Label

Authentic pairs feature a clear and well-defined label inside the shoe with precise text. Focus on the font style, spacing, and overall layout.

Genuine Jordan 12s presents details like size, production date, and country of origin. Any irregularities, inconsistencies, or missing information on the inside label may suggest a fake pair.

Making sure these details match expected standards offers a reliable way to verify the authenticity of the sneakers.

The Jumpman Logo

authentic Jumpman text on Jordan 12 shoes

Original pairs showcase a well-defined and proportionate Jumpman logo with clear details. Observe the size, shape, and positioning of the logo on the tongue and heel.

Genuine Jordan 12s display precise embroidery, free from inconsistencies or irregularities. Any deviation, like blurred or poorly executed logos, could signal a counterfeit pair.

Scrutinizing The Jumpman Logo is a practical approach to confirming the genuine nature of Jordan 12 sneakers.

The Metal Lace Hooks

Genuine pairs display high-quality metal hooks with a robust build. Look for uniform spacing, clean edges, and a polished finish. Counterfeit versions might show rough edges, irregular spacing, or lack of attention to detail.

Authentic Jordan 12s boast durable, well-crafted metal hooks, enhancing the quality and longevity.

By examining the metal lace hooks, buyers can invest in genuine Jordan 12s, steering clear of potential counterfeits.

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The Heel Stitching

jordan 12 real vs fake heel details

Original pairs display precise and consistent stitching forming a distinct pattern.

Deviations in the stitching pattern, irregular shapes, or inconsistent spacing may signal a counterfeit pair. Authentic Jordan 12s exhibit meticulous attention to detail with neat, evenly-spaced stitches.

Any signs of loose threads, sloppy stitching, or irregular patterns on the heel are red flags for potential fakes. By examining the heel stitching, buyers can gain valuable insights into the craftsmanship of the sneakers.

The Sole Pattern

Real vs Fake Jordan 12 sole pattern

Genuine pairs have a unique and consistent sole pattern, known for their distinct texture.

Authentic Jordan 12s feature a fine and defined sole texture without irregularities. Counterfeit pairs may show a less defined or overly textured sole pattern. Additionally, authentic Jordan 12s use a soft and responsive Boost material.

Buyers can identify a fake pair by examining the sole pattern, ensuring it matches the genuine design.

The Toe Box

Authentic pairs have a specific, symmetrical toe box shape with well-defined stitching, contributing to their distinct silhouette.

Deviations from this shape, irregularities, or a less refined toe box may indicate a counterfeit pair. Authentic Jordan 12s exhibit precise stitching without loose threads, maintaining a high standard.

When evaluating the toe box, consider the quality of the material, as authentic pairs use high-quality materials with a distinct texture. By closely examining the toe box, buyers can confidently identify authentic Jordan 12 sneakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the web.

What is the original Jordan 12?

The first Jordan 12, launched in 1996, is a famous basketball sneaker created by Tinker Hatfield for Michael Jordan.

The Jordan 12 became renowned as the pair Jordan sported during his fifth NBA championship.

Are Jordan 12s real leather?

Indeed, Jordan 12s commonly use real leather. The material mix may differ across releases, with many editions incorporating both genuine and synthetic leather.

This blend ensures durability and a high-quality appearance. For precise details on the materials used in a particular pair, buyers should refer to the product information provided.

Do Jordan 12s run big?

Jordan 12 sizing depends on personal preferences and foot shapes, usually considered true to size.

To find the best fit, use the sizing chart from the brand or retailer. Trying them on in-store is a good idea for those who prefer a precise fit.

How much are the Jordan 12s in the US?

Jordan 12 prices in the US vary based on factors like edition and release. Standard releases range from $170 to $250.

Limited editions or collaborations might cost more in the resale market. Check official retailers or authorized resellers for current prices.


In conclusion, being able to tell real from fake Jordan 12s adds value to sneaker enthusiasts. By checking all the details, you protect yourself from counterfeits and invest in the true craftsmanship of the iconic Jordan 12.

Whether you're buying or verifying your collection, the guide's knowledge empowers you to confidently navigate the sneaker market. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and keep enjoying the authenticity of each genuine Jordan 12 pair.


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