How to Tell if Jordan 11s Are Fake

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The world of sneakers is filled with counterfeits. Nike, Adidas, Rebook, and Puma: all these brands are struggling to keep those at bay. Buyers, on the other hand, are trying not to throw their hard-earned money on fake products.

That's why, in this guide, we'll help you navigate the world of sneaker authenticity, focusing on Jordan 11s.

From the shoe box and Jumpman logo to shoelaces, we'll cover key aspects to help you distinguish between genuine pairs and replicas.

Stay informed and confident in verifying the authenticity of these iconic sneakers.

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The Shoe Box

The shoe box is vital for checking if Jordan 11s are real. Real ones have clear prints, precise details, and a strong build, often displaying a label with key info like size and color.

The box's overall quality, print alignment, and embossed features matter for authenticity. Genuine boxes are carefully made, and counterfeit producers struggle to copy them accurately. Differences in color, font, and build can signal a fake box.

By looking at these aspects, fans can confirm if their Jordan 11s are genuine, steering clear of fake replicas.

The Jumpman Logo

genuine Jumpman logo on Jordan 11

Checking the Jumpman logo on Jordan 11s is crucial. Genuine pairs have a carefully crafted logo on both the tongue and heel. Pay attention to the logo's size, making sure it matches authentic standards.

The shape of the Jumpman on real sneakers is precise, showing high-quality embroidery without flaws. Counterfeit replicas often struggle to replicate this feature, resulting in poorly made logos. They contain smudges, uneven stitching, or inaccuracies in the Jumpman's pose.

Examining these logo details is a reliable way to tell real Jordan 11s from fakes. This gives buyers confidence in verifying the authenticity of these iconic sneakers.

The Shoelaces

Checking the shoelaces is vital for verifying the authenticity of Jordan 11s. Genuine pairs have tightly woven, high-quality laces with a distinct texture. Counterfeit replicas often struggle to replicate this precise weave, resulting in laces that may feel different or lack precision.

Pay attention to the color of the laces, ensuring they match the specific color scheme of authentic Jordan 11s. The aglets, or plastic tips, are another detail to check. Genuine Jordan 11s have specific aglet colors, and any deviation could indicate a potential fake.

Confirming that the length and thickness of the laces match authentic specifications enhances the reliability of this method in distinguishing genuine pairs from counterfeits.

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The Shape of the Shoe

In the authentication process, the shape of the Jordan 11 is a crucial indicator of authenticity. Genuine pairs have a distinct silhouette with well-defined curves and proportions. Pay attention to the angle of the heel, the position of the toe cap, and the overall symmetry.

Any deviation from these design standards should be taken as a clue that you're possibly looking at a fake pair. Understanding the specific shape of authentic Jordan 11s is vital for telling the difference. You can also look at the shape of an original pair of Jordan 9 sneakers, which is similar to the one of your new Jordan 11s.

As enthusiasts examine this element, they identify the true craftsmanship of these sneakers. The shape emphasizes the importance of attention to detail in the authentication journey of Jordan 11s.

The Shine

The Shine on authentic Jordan 11 shoes

The shine on real Jordan 11s, especially the patent leather parts, signifies their quality. Genuine pairs have a unique, reflective surface that highlights premium materials.

This shine results from careful manufacturing, ensuring glossy and consistent patent leather. Counterfeit replicas often fail to replicate this detail, lacking the same sheen.

By checking the shine, enthusiasts can spot real Jordan 11s. They appreciate the visual impact that genuine craftsmanship brings.

The Toe Box

real vs. fake Jordan 11 toebox comparison

Authenticating Jordan 11s centers on the toe box. Genuine pairs showcase a clear, symmetrical shape with precise stitching for a defined silhouette. Scrutinize stitching for quality, ensuring no loose threads or visible errors.

Evaluate the material's texture, a hallmark of authenticity. Genuine Jordan 11s feature premium materials, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

The toe box's detail underscores the brand's commitment to crafting sneakers that excel in both performance and iconic design, setting a standard in sneaker culture.

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The Tongue Label

Checking the tongue label is essential for telling real from fake Jordan 11s. Real pairs have a well-made label with clear details in font style, spacing, and layout.

The label shows key info like size, production date, and country of origin. Real Jordan 11s stick to specific standards, ensuring clear and consistent info.

On the other hand, fake shoes often struggle to copy this precision, leading to clear differences. Looking at the tongue label gives fans a solid way to confirm their Jordan 11s are real. You can also compare the tongue label to another pair of sneakers you’re sure are original.

A pair of Jordan 6s, for example, will show you how the original style and spacing should look like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is written on Jordan 11?

The writing on Jordan 11 includes important details like the size, color, and manufacturing information. Genuine pairs feature clear and well-defined text on the shoe box label, tongue label, and other relevant areas.

What are the features of the original Jordan 11?

The original Jordan 11 features a distinctive silhouette with patent leather elements, a Jumpman logo, and a specific pattern on the outsole. Genuine pairs also exhibit high-quality materials, precise stitching, and attention to detail.

Are the Air Jordan 11s good?

The Air Jordan 11 is highly regarded for its design, comfort, and performance. It is a popular choice among sneaker enthusiasts and basketball players alike, known for its iconic look and technological innovations.

What number is on the back of Jordan 11?

The number on the back of Jordan 11 varies depending on the specific edition and release. It often includes Michael Jordan's jersey number, "23," but some editions may feature alternative numbers or special designs. Check the details of the specific pair for accurate information.


In conclusion, verifying the authenticity of Jordan 11s involves a careful look at various details.

By examining the shoe box, Jumpman logo, and more, buyers can ensure the legitimacy of these iconic sneakers.

Stay informed, pay attention to details, and relish the authenticity that genuine Jordan 11 pairs bring. 

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