How to Tell if Jordan 6s Are Fake

a Jordan 6 shoe

Jordan 6 sneakers are highly coveted, making them a target for counterfeit production. This makes the purchase of such a pair dangerous, especially if we're talking about a reseller.

That's why, in this article, we have gathered the nine best methods of spotting the difference between a fake and a real pair.

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The Overall Look

an example of real vs. fake Jordan 6s

When checking if Jordan 6 sneakers are real, take a close look at various aspects. A good shoe authenticator will always examine the overall appearance focusing on materials, craftsmanship, and logo placement.

Then, inspect the shoe box for consistent branding. Check the laces for texture and color, ensuring they match the genuine style.

Look at the size tag for accurate details. Evaluate the Jumpman logo for its size, position, and quality.

Lastly, examine the tongue, checking stitching and logo alignment. A careful look at these elements helps determine whether your Jordan 6s are genuine or fake.

The Shoe Box

When checking if Jordan 6s are real using the Shoe Box method, pay attention to important details. Genuine shoe boxes have consistent branding, including the iconic Jumpman logo and accurate labeling.

Look closely at the box for clear printing and details that match the official packaging for the specific Jordan 6 release.

Check if the colors and design all make sense. Fake boxes might show differences in logo placement, print quality, or color.

By carefully examining the shoe box, you can spot potential signs that help you tell if your Jordan 6s are genuine or fake.

The Laces

When checking if Jordan 6s are real using the Laces method, focus on how the laces feel and their color. Real pairs have high-quality and consistent laces with a unique texture.

On the other hand, fake versions might struggle to get this right, showing differences in texture or color.

By paying attention to these small details, you can easily figure out if the laces match the expected quality of genuine Jordan 6 sneakers. This simple check of the laces is a practical way to make sure your Jordan 6s are the real deal.

The Size Tag

When verifying Jordan 6 sneakers, check the size tag for accurate details and clear printing on authentic pairs.

If you spot inconsistencies, like a thick date of manufacturing print extending beyond the tag, it's a red flag for fake Jordan 6s.

Also, keep an eye on the thickness of prints like "MADE IN CHINA" and "FABRIQUE EN CHINE" – these details are key indicators of authenticity. Compared to a pair of Jordan 4s, the prints are a little thicker.

an example of fake versus real Jumpman Logo on Jordan 6 shoes

When you're inspecting Air Jordan 6 sneakers, take a close look at the Jumpman logo below the laces. Authentic pairs have a carefully crafted Jumpman with a smoothly curved upper arm and a head that's both curvy and smooth. The lower arm, without the ball, shouldn't look too thick or boxy.

On the flip side, fake pairs might show differences, like a thicker upper arm, a less curvy and bumpy body, and a less smooth head on the Jumpman logo. These details are crucial in telling apart real Jordan 6s from replicas.

The Tongue

Check the tongue for proper design and details. Authentic Jordan 6s have a specific tongue look, and any differences may mean a fake pair.

Pay attention if the tongue looks too textured, especially in bright light. Compare it with an authentic pair to spot the texture distinctions. These visual clues help you tell real from fake Jordan 6s.

The Reflective Material

The reflective material is a standout feature in Jordan 6 sneakers. Genuine pairs showcase high-quality reflective elements, providing a clear and consistent shine.

When inspecting the reflective details on the shoe, ensure they exhibit a distinct and uniform appearance.

Authentic Air Jordan 6s boast a powerful reflection of light, setting them apart from fake counterparts. This discrepancy in reflective quality plays a crucial role in identifying genuine Jordan 6 sneakers.

The Perforations

When checking if Jordan 6s are real, focus on the tiny holes. Legitimate pairs have evenly spaced perforations on the side, contributing to the shoe's design and function.

On fake Jordan 6s, you might notice irregularities like uneven spacing or different-sized holes. These differences are important indicators to help you distinguish between real and fake Jordan 6s.

The Heel Details

Jordan 6 fake vs real heel

Checking if Jordan 6 sneakers are real involves a close look at the heel. Authentic pairs have specific heel details, like precise stitching, accurate logo placement, and proper alignment.

Pay attention to the thickness of the "NIKE" and "A I R" logos, and the Nike Swoosh logo. Differences in these elements may indicate fake Air Jordan 6s. You can also try to compare them with a pair of Jordan 5 sneakers, their heel details have some similarities that will help you authenticate your new Jordan 6s.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Jordan 6s run?

Jordan 6s typically run true to size. It is recommended to go for your regular sneaker size when purchasing a pair, as they offer a comfortable fit without the need for sizing up or down.

What material are Jordan 6s made of?

Jordan 6 sneakers feature a combination of materials, including leather and synthetic materials.

The upper often consists of leather, providing durability and a premium look. Other parts incorporate synthetic materials for flexibility.

How old are Jordan 6s?

The Jordan 6 silhouette was originally released in 1991. Over the years, various colorways and editions have been introduced, contributing to the iconic status of this sneaker in the Jordan Brand lineup.

How to clean Jordan 6s?

To clean Jordan 6s, start by removing any loose dirt with a soft brush or cloth. Mix a small amount of mild detergent with water and gently scrub the shoes with a soft brush or sponge.

Wipe off excess soap with a clean, damp cloth. Allow the sneakers to air dry and avoid direct heat sources.

What are the most popular Jordan 6s?

Several Jordan 6 colorways stand out as particularly popular among sneaker enthusiasts.

The "Black Infrared," "Carmine," and "Olympic" editions are recognized and sought after in the sneaker community.


In summary, verifying Jordan 6 sneakers demands a close look at various details. From the overall appearance to specific features, a careful examination is vital.

Each method provides unique insights, offering a thorough approach for enthusiasts and buyers to differentiate between real and fake Jordan 6s.

Keep in mind, that focusing on craftsmanship, materials, and subtle details is crucial to ensuring you're getting an authentic and top-quality pair of these iconic sneakers.

Stay informed and trust these details for an informed purchase or assessment.

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