How To Spot Fake Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010

Is Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 authentication something you are curious to learn about? Worry not, because we will teach you our 7 easy methods for legit checking this beautiful model! 

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How To Legit Check Jordan 11 Cool Grey?

  • The overall shape 
  • The midsole 
  • The tongue
  • The Jumpman embossment
  • The “23” heel lettering
  • The outsole
  • The insole

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Jordan 11 Cool Grey Authentication - The Overall Shape Method

As usual, we will start off our Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 legit check with the overall look of the sneaker. Immediately, you can notice the difference in colors. The color of the fake pair is more dirty grey, whereas the authentic is true, cool grey. 

Next, pay attention to the shape, specifically the rear side. It should form a nice smooth curve, however, the heel of the replica lacks that curviness. 

Finally, if you observe the midsole, you can see that it is placed higher than it should be, specifically the white part.

Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 Fake VS Real Guide - Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 Authentication

Fake VS Real Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 - The Midsole Method

The midsole is, perhaps, the detail that stands out the most about this model, because of its half-transparent texture. The midsole, obviously, should not be completely transparent. Instead, it should have a milky texture. What we mean by that is that the details of the shoe should not be visible through the material.

The color of it also differs from the authentic shoe. The real is more white, off-yellow even, while the fake one has a light grey shade.

On bad replicas you can discover glue stains where the transparent part connects to the midsole of the shoe. Of course, the authentic shoe should not have any traces of glue visible, as well as no threads sticking out. 

Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 Authentication

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How to legit check Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 - The Tongue Method

The logo is done in a shape of a ribbon stitched to the tongue. This ribbon should be slightly curving downwards, whereas on the fake it is completely straight. 

Apart from that, the Jumpman here is thinner than he should be. Overall, we advise you to look for any inconsistencies in the Jumpman, as he might appear either too slim or too thick on different replicas.

Lastly, notice the threading. The original stitching is grey, whereas on the replica it is white.

How to spot fake Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010

Fake Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 - The Jumpman Method

Moving on, let us examine one more Jumpman logo. This one is separate and placed near the heel of the shoe. 

Once again, try to spot any visual inconsistencies of the jumping man’s silhouette. It would be a good idea to look up the original logo online, and just compare it to the one you have on your shoe. Make sure it looks as similar as possible. 

Apart from that, check the density of the sewing. Touching it with your own hands can help. Just make sure it is not too rich or dense, but not too thin. The embossed logo should be a bit convex, but not too much.

Real VS Fake Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010

The “23” Logo Method - Jordan 11 Cool Grey Replica

While we’re examining the heel, it’s reasonable to inspect the “23” lettering placed on the heel tab. Of course, it should be placed in the middle of the tab, which you can usually see pretty easily. 

Another mistake is that this number on the replicas is often too stretched out, the same way as we can see on this fake Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 example. 

And, for the last part, pay attention to the heel tab itself. In our case it has incorrect shape. The upper corners, which touch the sock liner, are not stretched out like on the authentic.

Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 Legit check

The Outsole Method - Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 Real VS Fake

One of our favourite features is the outsole, made with carbon fibers for maximum comfort. There is one detail about them that you probably didn’t notice before!

The carbon fibers on the replica Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 have a flaw in their pattern. They have rounded corners, whereas the authentic has them sharp and matching each other kind of like a chessboard. Sure, it is a detail that isn’t even visible most of the time, but it just goes to show that every little thing is important in the process of the authentication!

Next, look at the translucent tab on the outsole. The translucent tab should have a wavy pattern and an icy blue shade. Most replicas get this shade wrong, and you can see a perfect example of this below. The Jumpman figure, although a bit blurred, should be visible through the translucent material. If it is not visible, you are definitely looking at a fake!

Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 Replica

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The Insole Method - Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 legit check

As for our final method, we are going to verify the insole of the shoe. The most important thing about insoles is the comfort they provide, not the look, so this time we are going to focus on the feeling, rather than visual appearance.

The authentic insole is made of a silky, velvety material. It should feel rather thick and soft, providing great comfort and protection for your foot. When it comes to the fake Jordan 11 Cool Grey, however, their insoles feel much cheaper and thinner. Some say they even feel like cardboard when you touch them.

Lastly, the pattern on the fake insole also differs slightly. The small fibers tend to be less fluffy and defined in comparison to real ones. And that’s it for today’s guide!

Fake Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010

How do I make 100% sure I am not buying a replica?

Our guide is helpful, but some replicas out there look almost identical to the original. Unfortunately, such replicas are very hard to authenticate, so you might need professional help.

Who can help me authenticate my brand item?

Our team of experts, of course! We have different teams specialising in different items: luxury, streetwear and hype.

Where can I get my product verified? 

Right here! The best part is, our online live chat is available 24/7. Just click this link and try it out: Jordan legit check.

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