How To Spot Fake Loewe Puzzle Bag

How To Spot Fake Loewe Puzzle Bag

Loewe Puzzle Bag in classic calfskin is considered to be a “modern classic” for a reason. To authenticate the model you should start by checking its cuboid shape and the puzzle pattern that is so iconic. Take a closer look at the zipper and its chain, leather quality and handle shapes, stitching, and anagram logo. Don’t skip the label method as well as the serial number step as you might find some vital differences between the bags.

How To Legit Check Loewe Puzzle Bag?

Loewe Puzzle Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

This bag is a true Loewe icon with its puzzle pattern. 

Let's analyze some of the differences.

At a glance, the puzzle pattern on the replica model might seem symmetrical and pretty similar to the original one, but after observing both bags closely, you'll change your mind.

On the authentic model, the lines between the sections are thick and bold, distinguishing each part. The same can not be said about the fake Loewe Puzzle bag; The lines blend in with the background color so much that the puzzle pattern is not as visible anymore; also the sections are not as big as they are supposed to be, which is pointed out in the bottom right picture.

A few words should be said about the puller leather too: while it is narrow and pointy on the authentic bag, the puller in the right picture is wide and round on the side.

Loewe Puzzle Bag Authentication

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Fake Loewe Puzzle Bag: The Zipper Method

High-quality zippers are a super important part of a designer bag as it determines how smoothly it is going to open and close.

You can already tell at a glance how different these zippers are: The teeth of the chain in the left picture are assembled perfectly in a line whereas each element on the fake zipper is asymmetrically put, which means that the slider won't move smoothly at all.

The differences of pullers appear in the font, size, and shape but we will be talking about these details thoroughly in the next method.

Fake Loewe Puzzle Bag

Loewe Puzzle Bag Real VS Fake: The Puller Method

The replica factories always fail to copy the hardware well.

The golden puller on the original model is smooth, thick, and shiny, whereas the silver puller is thinner and doesn't reflect the light as nicely.

The font should be pointed out too: letters on the authentic puller are thick and wide which makes the letters pop out nicely. The font on the fake puller is thinner and not as bold; the spacing between each letter is much smaller too.

A few words on stitching: each stitch is supposed to be as long as it is shown in the left picture, not as tiny as it appears on the fake bag; keep in mind that replica factories always try to use less material and this might point out its fakeness.

Loewe Puzzle Bag Real VS Fake

How To Legit Check Loewe Puzzle Bag: The Handle Method

One of the best things about this model has to be the adjustable handle that makes it possible to wear the bag in five different ways.

The first thing that should be pointed out is the material- leather of the authentic bag is crafted from classic calfskin, which is super durable, whereas the material in the right picture is weirdly bubbly and looks as if the top layer is going to come off any minute.

The original handle is wider than the replica, but the metal "ball" is bigger in the right picture. 

Stitching is sloppy and asymmetrical when it's supposed to be as neat as it is on the original handle.

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How To Legit Check Loewe Puzzle Bag

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Real VS Fake Loewe Puzzle Bag: The Anagram Logo Method

Everybody will agree that the Loewe anagram logo looks spectacular.

Engraved details on the fake anagram are different colored, super thick but smaller, as they do not occupy the metal square fully as it is shown in the left picture. 

Each detail on the authentic anagram logo is exquisite and deeply engraved that fully takes the palladium square. 

Real VS Fake Loewe Puzzle Bag

How To Tell If Loewe Puzzle Bag Is Fake: The Embossed Anagram Method

This anagram has more issues than the previous method. 

The overall size of the replica logo is bigger when it is supposed to be smaller but more detailed and as exquisite as it is on the authentic bag. 

Not only shaping but the spacing is a problem too, as the original anagram has a bigger spacing between each detail. 

Neat stitching of the authentic bag was done with a high-quality and thick thread whereas the stitches in the right picture are thin and not as tight as it was anticipated to.

How To Tell If Loewe Puzzle Bag Is Fake

Legit Check Loewe Puzzle Bag: The Label Method

The original leather label is rectangle-shaped and wide whereas the fake one is cut off weirdly at the bottom.

Letters are supposed to blend in with the background; even though they might not look bad in the right picture, they look different from the original.

Interior material has defined lines, while it looks all washed-out when it comes to the unauthentic model.

Legit Check Loewe Puzzle Bag

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How To Legit Check Loewe Puzzle: The Serial Number Label 

This is the last method we will be talking about for today.

Serial numbers can be very helpful when it comes to authenticating your item but keep in mind that sometimes SN is given to the fake models too, just as shown in this case.

Let's analyze the visual differences: clearly, the label itself is shaped differently in both cases: even though the original tag is curved at the bottom, the corners are still there whereas the fake label is all rounded.

The material used in the production of the fake label has poor quality as its top layer is peeling. 

The font is different in both pictures- the inauthentic text is bigger.

As always, stitching is carelessly done by the replica factory as the stitches are not as symmetrical and tight as they are supposed to be.

How To Legit Check Loewe Puzzle

Is the Loewe Puzzle bag a classic?

Even though the Loewe Puzzle bag was first introduced in June 2014 it is considered to be a "modern classic" all over the world.

How do you carry a Loewe Puzzle bag?

With its adjustable handles and help from zippers, the bag can be worn five different ways from a shoulder bag to a clutch.

In Conclusion… 

After following these 8 methods you’ll be able to complete your Loewe Puzzle bag authentication process. It doesn’t take much time or knowledge but if you find yourself stuck on any method don’t hesitate to reach out and use our legit check services with a faster turnaround time! Check it out: Loewe Authentication Service.

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