How To Spot Fake Loewe Gate Bag

How To Spot Fake Loewe Gate Bag

To authenticate an exquisite and chic Loewe Gate bag start by analyzing the overall look where you get to observe the knotted leather strap and shape. Then take a look at the bottom of the bag. Check the anagram well and remember that the logos vary on the type of leathers they are engraved on. Then, analyze the hardware and further details. Don't forget to observe the stitching well. Finally, finish up your luxury authentication process by looking at the pocket and tag.

How To Legit Check Loewe Gate Bag?

Loewe Gate Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Let's start by analyzing the overall look of the Loewe Gate bag. The very first thing that we notice about the replica model is its different shape from the authentic bag; the flap of the original model is more rounded whereas the fake one is much flatter. 

Knotted leather strap in front of the authentic bag is wider and thicker whereas the narrow straps of the fake model create a much skinnier knot that doesn't look as pretty.

Loewe Gate Bag Authentication

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Fake Loewe Gate Bag: The Bottom Method

The bottom of the authentic bag has a pointed-out section in the middle and so does the replica but its pointy part is much larger than it was supposed to be. 

The same can be said about the side parts that are much pointed out in the right picture.

Fake Loewe Gate Bag

How To Legit Check Loewe Gate Bag: The Anagram Method

The Loewe anagram is truly one of the most important parts of any Loewe bag; if it's messed up by the counterfeit factory then the fake model can be almost immediately recognized. 

In this case, the authentic anagram is much deeply engraved which makes the overall logo bolder whereas the replica anagram is paler and less defined.

Every detail on the authentic anagram is more exquisitely and flawlessly done.

How To Legit Check Loewe Gate Bag

How To Spot Fake Loewe Gate Bag: The Anagram Method (Grainy Type)

The anagram on the authentic grainy leather is as highlighted as it is on the smooth surface. Similar to the previous comparison, the replica anagram still isn't as deep inside the leather as the original logo is. Overall, the authentic anagram is bigger, more defined, and exquisite than the fake one.

The surface of the authentic leather is different too; it is grainy and rough but not as much as it is in the right picture and the fake leather should be replicating the same look.

How To Spot Fake Loewe Gate Bag

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Loewe Gate Bag Real Vs Fake: The Hardware Method

Replicating hardware is not an easy task: most of the time you can tell whether your item is fake or not by taking a look at its hardware. In this case, the original metal piece is almost silver-like gold, whereas the replica one is almost yellow-ish golden. 

Letters are differently engraved too: while the original letters are thin, narrow, and big, the replica letters are much smaller, but bold, thick, and wide.

The metal piece itself is much rounded in the left picture and more square-like in the right.

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Loewe Gate Bag Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Loewe Gate Bag: The Details Method

The stitching on the authentic model is so thick and tight that the bag will last a long time even after years of daily use; even more, it will gain its value over time. The same can't be said about the replica bag as its lower sewing is almost impossible to see because the thread is super thin and stitches are loose. 

The upper sewing on the fake model is asymmetrical and loose when it needs to be as symmetrical and tight as it is in the left picture. 

Real Vs Fake Loewe Gate Bag

How To Tell If Loewe Gate Bag Is Fake: The Stitching Method

In this case, the stitching is vital as it holds the strap together. 

If you haven't noticed already, the stitching of the authentic handle is super thick, neat, symmetrical, and secure whereas the replica sewing can not be trusted with its sloppiness, asymmetry, and thin stitches. Sewing is something that makes or breaks the branded item; if it's messed up then spotting a fake becomes pretty easy.

How To Tell If Loewe Gate Bag Is Fake

Legit Check Loewe Gate Bag: The Pocket Method

Let's analyze the interior pocket next.

The main difference that we notice is the font: while the letters of the fake pocket are thin, pale, narrow, and small, the authentic letters look much bolder, thicker, bigger, and more defined. Most of the time, counterfeit brands fail to copy the fonts well. 

The next thing is the stitching again - the replica pocket has looser stitching that doesn't replicate the same shape as the left picture, so this detail immediately gives the counterfeit item away.

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Fake Vs Real Loewe Gate Bag: The Tag Method

Here comes our final method for today and it's not other than the anagram tag. 

Details on the fake tag are less rounded, less dimensional, and smaller when it needs to be fuller and more defined just as it is in the left picture.

The quality of the tag is different in both of these cases too: the authentic tag is smoother even though it has a similar pattern as the replica one.

Fake Vs Real Loewe Gate Bag

Do Loewe bags go on sale?

Just like other luxury brands, Loewe bags rarely go on sale, so if you are looking for cheaper options, you might want to go for a second-hand option or the Loewe outlet itself.

Is the Loewe Gate bag worth it?

If you are looking for a bag that can be your companion daily in carrying your essentials around, then the Loewe Gate bag is the one you should go for - chic, practical, and exquisite at the same time. But if you need to carry around more stuff than just essentials, then you should consider other models.

Where can I get a Loewe Gate bag authenticated?

Consider yourself lucky, as it’s not an easy task to find a more professional team than LegitGrails. What do you need to do to get the service? Just reach out and the rest is on us! Check it out: Loewe legit check.

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