How To Spot Fake Gucci Jackie 1961 Handbag

How To Spot Fake Gucci Jackie 1961 Handbag

To authenticate the iconic Gucci Jackie 1961 handbag you should start by checking the overall look - shape and size, color vibration, and symmetry. The hardware is another important detail to take a closer look at as the replica factories generally make it look toy-like. Little details like interior tags and handles need to be closely analysed as well.

After following these steps closely, you’ll get the authentication process done without further complications.

How To Legit Check Gucci Jackie 1961 Handbag?

Gucci Jackie 1961 Handbag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Whenever somebody mentions Gucci print this is the picture that comes into our minds: brownish-grey background with a brown iconic Gucci print that looks amazing on any piece of clothing.

As you can see the original print has warmer undertones as its grey is more on the light brown side rather than white as it is on the fake model.

Not only the background color but the font and lettering are different in these two pictures: the letters on the unauthentic model are larger and thinner when they are supposed to be rounder smaller and closer to one another. The same thing applies to the dots too.

The overall shape and size of the original bag are different.

The brown leather details have to be mentioned too: leather on the original model is super smooth, textureless whereas the faux leather seems to be grainy and textured with less vibrant color.

Gucci Jackie 1961 Handbag Authentication
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How To Legit Check Gucci Jackie 1961 Handbag: The Overall Look Method (Black)

For some reason, replica factories always fail to copy the shape and size well: as you can see, the original shape is more rectangle-like; Even though its bottom is wide, there is not as harsh of a difference between the top and the bottom as it is in the right picture.

The replica handbag also has curvier corners. 

The difference also appears in the leather tag which is rounder on the authentic bag whereas it is more pointy and narrower in the right picture. 

It is super easy to make hardware looking toy-like if the replication process doesn't go successfully, which is the exact case here: the original buckle is wider and its color reflects the light whereas the fake one is more matte and narrower too.

How To Legit Check Gucci Jackie 1961 Handbag

Fake Jackie 1961 Handbag: The Hardware Method

We already talked about the difficulties of replicating the hardware, let's take a closer look at it and analyze the differences.

The original buckle is shinier with vibrant golden color, whereas its color on the fake model is more rose-gold. The size of it is larger than it is supposed to be which gives it a cheap look. 

The font is different in both of these pictures: the letters need to be rounder and bigger as shown in the left picture, instead of small, gap-less letters. Scratches are also hard to unsee on the unauthentic metal.

Replica factories always fail to do stitching symmetrically: while the stitches are tightly and symmetrically done in the first picture whereas they are carelessly and asymmetrically done on the fake model.

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Fake Jackie 1961 Handbag

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Gucci Jackie 1961 Handbag Real VS Fake: The Handle Method

The leather of the original bag is super shiny which gives the model a glossy, glittery look. You can tell just at a glance that the leather of the fake model is matte and not even close to the original one. 

Besides the material, the hardware is completely different too: dark golden on the authentic handle whereas it's super light and low quality in the right picture. 

Few words about the stitching too: while the stitches are tightly done on the original handbag, they are super sloppy on the unauthentic handle: the two pieces might come off any minute.

Gucci Jackie 1961 Handbag Real VS Fake

Real VS Fake Jackie 1961 Handbag: The Interior Tag

The interior tag is as important to check while authenticating an item as any other detail.

As you can already tell, the leather used in these two cases is completely different from each other: it's much darker and grainy in the left picture which points out its durability. 

The leather of the fake tag is light and almost textureless therefore it is not as high quality as the original one. The stitches are sloppy too.

Few words on the font too: the letters are deeply engraved, thick and big on the original tag whereas they are almost impossible to read in the right picture.

Real VS Fake Jackie 1961 Handbag

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How To Tell If Jackie 1961 Handbag is Fake: 
The Pocket Method

This is the last method we will be analyzing today: The stitches on the authentic pocket are made out of thick, high-quality thread whereas the thread used in the right picture is thin and therefore the stitches might come off any minute.

The size of the tag is narrower on the replica pocket too. 

The soft texture of the authentic interior was not as successfully copied as the fuzz is not as obvious to see.

How To Tell If Jackie 1961 Handbag is Fake

What is the most important step in Gucci Jackie 1961 Handbag authentication?

We would say that the overall look method is the most important step as it consists of checking the print, font, lettering, shape, size, and leather too. Keep in mind that each step is as important to follow as the first one. 

Where can I authenticate Gucci Jackie 1961? 

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In Conclusion…

It takes only 6 steps to authenticate your Gucci bag at home, fast and easy! Keep in mind that following each method closely is crucial. If you need more clarification on any step don’t hesitate to reach out and ask our Gucci authentication expert team anything! We are more than happy to help you!

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