How To Spot Real Vs. Fake Just Don Shorts

person wearing just don shorts holding a basket ball

When it comes to high-end sportswear, Just Don shorts are highly sought after for their quality, design, and brand prestige. However, their popularity has led to a surge in counterfeit products.

In this guide, we will explore the key aspects of Just Don shorts that can help you determine their authenticity. By focusing on these details, you’ll be better equipped to spot fakes and make informed purchasing decisions.

Understanding the key details distinguishing genuine Just Don shorts from counterfeits is essential. Let's explore the specific elements you should examine closely.

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Size Tag Verification

Just Don NBA shorts: size tag

When checking if Just Don shorts are real, start with the size tag. Real ones have clear embroidery on quality material. The font is consistent, and it includes correct sizing and production information.

But fake Just Don shorts usually have size tags with bad embroidery and wrong info. The text might look blurry, or the material might feel cheap. Look at the font weight and spacing. Real tags have clear, uniform text, while fake ones might be messy or uneven.

Team Logo Authenticity

Just Don NBA shorts: Chicago Bulls and NBA logos

Another crucial aspect of inspecting is the team logo on Just Don shorts. Authentic Just Don shorts will feature meticulously embroidered logos. The colors should be vibrant and true to the team’s official branding. Any deviation from the official team colors or logo design can be a red flag.

Counterfeit shorts often have logos that are slightly off in terms of color and design. The embroidery might be uneven or the print may appear blurry. The detailing on the logo is a strong indicator of authenticity. Genuine logos will have great detail and craftsmanship, while fake ones will likely appear rushed and poorly executed.

Sportswear Text Analysis

Just Don NBA shorts: Just Don text

The text on sportswear items, including Just Don shorts, needs careful examination. Authentic Just Don shorts have clear text with consistent font size and spacing. The placement is precise, reflecting high-quality standards.

Fake Just Don shorts often have text that is either too thick or too thin, with irregular spacing. The printing quality might be poor, making the text look off-center or misaligned. For example, the "SPORTSWEAR" text on fake pairs appears too small, too thick, and boxy.

In contrast, authentic Just Dons have "SPORTSWEAR" text that is bigger, thinner, and more spaced out than the fake ones. The real text is wider and lacks the boxy look of the fake text. Compare the text on a potential purchase with verified images of authentic Just Don shorts to spot any discrepancies.

Utilizing Professional Authentication Services

When in doubt, professional authentication services can provide an added layer of assurance. These services employ experts who are trained to spot even the most subtle signs of counterfeiting. Using professional services can help you confirm the authenticity of Just Don shorts before making a purchase.

Benefits of Using Authentication Services

There are several advantages to using professional authentication services.

First and foremost, these services offer peace of mind. Knowing that an expert, like the ones employed at LegitGrails, has verified the authenticity of your shorts can give you confidence.

Additionally, authenticated items tend to retain their value better than those without verification. LegitGrails gives all persons an authenticity certificate after the process is done.

Another benefit is the detailed report that many authentication services provide. This report can highlight the specific features examined and the authentication process's findings.

Having a documented verification can be useful if you ever decide to resell the shorts, as it provides potential buyers with a trusted source of validation.


So, in the end, authenticating a pair of Just Don shorts is not that hard. You just have to look at all the details listed above and make a decision.

If you feel like you don't have the ability to determine if a pair of Just Don shorts is fake or not, just contact LegitGrails to legit check the pair you want.

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