How To Spot Real VS Fake Patek Philippe Watch?

a black and brown patek philippe watch

Patek Philippe watches are famous for their skillful craftsmanship and stylish designs, making them a top choice for collectors and fans.

But, because they're so popular, there's a chance you might come across fake versions.

This guide will walk you through important details to spot the real Patek Philippe watches from the fakes.

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Key Features of Genuine Patek Philippe Watches

Genuine Patek Philippe watches are meticulously crafted with unparalleled attention to detail.

Each timepiece bears signature elements unique to Patek Philippe designs, such as intricate dial patterns and elegant case shapes.

Dial Authenticity

close up shot of a watch dial

When examining a Patek Philippe watch, the dial serves as a crucial indicator of authenticity. Genuine Patek Philippe dials are known for their impeccable printing quality and precise text alignment, even under extreme magnification.

You'll find crisp and evenly spaced markings, free from any errors or imperfections. Furthermore, authentic Patek Philippe dials boast unique features like intricate guilloché patterns and applied hour markers, setting them apart from counterfeit replicas.

Case and Bracelet Examination

close up shot of a watch case and bracelet

The materials and weight of a Patek Philippe watch help determine its authenticity. Genuine Patek Philippe watches are made from top-quality materials like stainless steel, gold, or platinum, and feel solid.

The bracelet of a real Patek Philippe watch is carefully crafted, with smooth links and precise details. Also, the case back of an authentic Patek Philippe watch might have engravings of the brand's logo, model number, and serial number.

Movement and Mechanism Insights

watch back panel

When checking if a Patek Philippe watch is real, focus on its movement. Genuine Patek Philippe watches have carefully made movements, showing top quality and accuracy.

Inspect the movement closely for perfect finish, precise decoration, and flawless engraving. Check the Patek Philippe engraving on the caseback; it should be sharp and evenly spaced.

Remember, real Patek Philippe movements don't have blue screws. Older ones may have the Geneva Seal, while newer ones have the Patek Philippe Seal from 2009.

Serial Numbers and Hallmarks

When checking a Patek Philippe watch, make sure to look at the serial numbers and hallmarks.

They're usually engraved on the case back or clasp. They should be clear and match Patek Philippe's standards.

Remember, the serial number is inside the caseback, not outside. Also, real Patek Philippe cases will have hallmarks showing metal purity, like "750" for 18k gold or "950" for platinum.

Practical Tips for Buyers

When buying a Patek Philippe watch, go to trusted sellers like authorized dealers or certified retailers.

Make sure you get the right paperwork, like a Certificate of Authenticity and original packaging.

Also, do your homework and inspect the watch closely to avoid fake copies.


In summary, telling apart a real Patek Philippe from a fake one needs careful observation and caution.

Know the unique traits of genuine Patek Philippe watches to make a wise investment in quality.

Always value and admire authentic Patek Philippe watches for their exceptional craftsmanship and legacy. Also, you can always authenticate your watch using our service.


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