How To Spot Real Vs. Fake Apple Airpods Pro

apple airpods pro

In the world of wireless earbuds, distinguishing between genuine Apple AirPods Pro and counterfeit replicas is crucial for ensuring quality and performance.

Let's delve into the essential factors to consider when determining the authenticity of AirPods Pro, highlighting key differences between the real deal and fake imitations.

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Initial Checks

Before diving into the specifics, it's vital to emphasize the importance of purchasing AirPods Pro from reputable sources. Be wary of unusually low prices or sellers with questionable reliability, as these could be red flags indicating counterfeit products.

Packaging and Presentation

earphones with their case and the packaging box

Check the outside layer of the Airpod Pros.

Analyzing the Box

Start with the packaging when checking if AirPods Pro are real or fake. Real ones come in a strong white box with a clear picture of the AirPods, while fake ones often have cheaper boxes.

Look closely at the box details, like the LED light opening. It's hard for fakes to copy this exactly.

Also, watch out for mistakes on the packaging, like spelling errors or weird translations. These can be clues that it's not real.

Errors might not stand out at first. But, if you look closely, you might see missing punctuation or wrong words. These errors can help you spot fakes.

Serial Numbers and Verification

Real AirPods Pro have unique serial numbers that prove they're genuine. Checking this number is important to ensure you're buying the real deal. The serial number is on the box or inside the charging case.

You can also get it from your iPhone's Settings > Bluetooth menu. Just enter the serial number into Apple's website to confirm it's real. Watch out for fake AirPods Pro with fake or copied serial numbers. But remember, some fakes might have numbers that look real, so stay alert.

Physical Inspection of the Case

apple airpods case and earphones on a pink background

Inspect the case before going on to the headphones.

Case Design and Build Quality

Checking the AirPods Pro case can help you spot real from fake. Here's what to look for:

Front of the Case:

Look at the LED light opening. Real cases have a flush LED light covered by a thin layer, while fakes might have a pinhole. Viewing the case from an angle can help you see this difference. Also, see how the LED light behaves. Real AirPods Pro have a focused light, while fakes might have light bleeding into the plastic.

Back of the Case:

Turn the case around and check these things. Firstly, look at the hinge. Real cases have a flat hinge with even joints, while fakes might have rough edges or loose joints. Next, see if it says, "Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China."

Some fakes might not have this or have it in the wrong place. Look at a picture of a real case for comparison. Lastly, check the button. Real cases have a button that fits perfectly, while fakes might have a wobbly button or visible flaws.

By looking closely at these details, you can tell if your AirPods Pro are real or fake, helping you make a good choice when buying.

Inspecting the Lightning Port

Remember to check the bottom of your AirPods Pro case, especially the Lightning port. Real AirPods Pros have a clean Lightning port with a metal ring that sticks out slightly, showing good quality. But fake ones might have rough or badly made Lightning ports.

These fake ports might look like they're pushed into the plastic and don't have the same care in making them. Also, the metal part at the top of the Lightning port might be shallower on fake cases.

Unlike real AirPods Pro cases, you might see unfinished plastic inside the fake Lightning port. These details can help you tell if your AirPods Pro are real or fake, so you can buy with confidence.

Inspecting the AirPods Pro

apple airpods pro resting on a black background

Inspect the AirPods Pros.

Design and Material Quality

When checking the AirPods Pro earbuds, focus on their design and quality. Real AirPods Pro are well-made with precise construction and good materials. Look for small differences in how the grilles and sensors are placed and in how the earbuds look overall.

Notice if the black stripes and metal grilles match perfectly, as real AirPods Pro do. Fakes might have a slightly lighter shade of black. Also, ensure the optical sensors on the bottom of the earbuds are there and work. They're important for knowing when the earbuds are being used.

Fake products might not have these features or use them just for looks, not real use. Attention to these details lets you tell if your AirPods Pro is real or fake.

Sound Quality and Performance

While sound quality can be subjective, counterfeit AirPods Pro often exhibit noticeable differences in audio performance compared to genuine ones. Issues such as distorted sound, poor noise cancellation, or limited functionality may signal a fake product.

Connectivity and Functionality

Fake AirPods Pro may cause problems when used with iOS devices, leading to limited functionality. Real AirPods Pro works seamlessly with Apple devices, providing access to Siri and automatic device switching. Counterfeit versions may not have these features or may act strangely when pairing and using them.

Genuine AirPods Pro contains special chips (W1, H1, or H2) that control Bluetooth connections, making device switching smooth and ensuring quick recognition by iPhones, iPads, or Macs. Authentic AirPods Pro should be recognized and connected instantly when opened near an iPhone.

If pairing problems arise or extra steps are needed, the AirPods Pro might be fake and lack genuine Apple chips. Also, features like Siri voice activation, Audio Sharing, active noise cancellation, and Adaptive Transparency Mode are only available in AirPods Pro with H1 or H2 chips. Hence, their absence in counterfeit versions shows they're not real.


In conclusion, identifying real Apple AirPods Pro from fake replicas requires careful attention to detail and thorough inspection.

Remember to purchase from trusted sources, verify serial numbers, and scrutinize packaging and product design. By remaining vigilant, you can ensure your AirPods Pro experience is authentic and enjoyable. Also, you can always text our LegitGrails luxury authenticators to verify the veracity of other brands.


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