Luxury Authentication Course for Gucci Handbags

Starter Course: Gucci Luxury Handbag Authentication Course

How to become a certified luxury authenticator?

LegitGrails Team has launched its first luxury goods authentication course. This course will give you the foundational knowledge on how to spot fake Gucci bags. You will receive a certificate of completion if you successfully pass the final assessment.

Why take this course:

The global luxury handbag market is growing faster than ever. But there’s a big problem that both sellers and buyers face: counterfeits. From bad copies to "super fakes" - the counterfeit market is not lagging behind the growth trends. 

Authenticity is a big concern for customers, especially when buying online when they can’t physically hold the product to inspect. This luxury bag authentication course examines the 5 key steps of Gucci handbag authentication. You will learn how to tell if a Gucci bag is real.

The LegitGrails Luxury Authentication Course is For:

  • Luxury handbag resellers and other businesses that wish to train their employees on how to spot fake Gucci handbags;
  • Fashion enthusiasts and luxury authenticators looking to sharpen their skills;
  • Consumers looking to make smart purchases within the resale industry.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the 5 essential identifiers to review while authenticating your handbag;
  • Learn high-level brand history and development of the brand;
  • Learn how to spot a fake Gucci handbag by looking at 5 photos;
  • Pass theoretical and practical tests to transform knowledge into skills.

The Course Outline

The Course Outline

Become a Certified Authenticator

Learn how to spot fake Gucci bags in 5 easy steps! Join our expert-lead course and use your knowledge to your advantage.

Enroll here
LegitGrails is not affiliated nor endorsed by any of the brands included in this courses and all trademarks belong to their respective brands. The courses are for educational purposes only and do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability or accuracy of this information. All content is property of LegitGrails.

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