How To Spot Fake Prada Nylon Backpack

How To Spot Fake Prada Nylon Backpack

Are you tired of simple backpacks that have nothing fashionable about them? If yes, you’re probably eying a new Prada Nylon Backpack and want to know if it's fake or not.

In this article, we gathered 11 methods of spotting a fake Prada Nylon Backpack you can use without the help of a professional.

However, if you are still in doubt after applying all these methods, you can contact the LegitGrails team and get an examination for your new purchase.

How to legit check Prada Nylon Backpack?

The Overall Look Method

Prada's nylon is crafted from industrial-grade material initially used for army tents, ensuring the bag's durability and resilience even with extensive use. The standard backpack size offers surprising roominess; if it gets dirty, a simple surface dusting is required to restore its appearance.

The photos show that replacing the same quality with low-cost materials is also impossible. The counterfeit bag appears matte and fuzzy, which can lead to consequences if it gets dirty.

Unlike the genuine Prada bag, the fake version may not withstand wear and tear as effectively and might show signs of damage more easily.
Prada Nylon Backpack Authentication

The Triangle Logo Method

One distinctive feature of an original Prada Nylon backpack is the presence of an inverted triangle logo plaque. You'll definitely find an upright triangle on some counterfeit Prada bags. The direction of the triangle logo is a clear indication of a fake Prada bag.

In this comparison picture, it's worth noting that the direction of the counterfeit triangle logo is correct, but it appears more rounded compared to the authentic plaque.

Instead of using three separate screws like in the left picture (the authentic version), the counterfeiter's engraved circles in the metal on each corner of the fake logo. The color of the fake logo is faded and showcases a different shade compared to the authentic one.
Fake Prada Nylon Backpack


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The Logo Method

The Prada logo is the most prominent indicator of a fake Prada Nylon backpack. By carefully examining the lettering, you can quickly spot a counterfeit bag. In the authentic version, the Prada logo is spelled with full capital letters, focusing on the letter R.

Specifically, in the Prada emblem, the letter R features a right leg that points outward from the rest of the letter. This characteristic is consistent across genuine Prada bags. If the bag you're examining has an R with a straight-legged appearance, it's undoubtedly a fake Prada bag.

In the comparison picture, the R's leg isn't as angled as it should be, serving as a significant red flag.

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How To Legit Check Prada Nylon Backpack

The Zipper Method

Unlike Gucci and Louis Vuitton, Prada does not manufacture its zippers. Instead, they use zippers from companies such as Lampo, Riri, Opti, Ipi, and YKK. If you examine the metal underside of the zipper on a genuine Prada bag, you'll find one of these names inscribed.

If the name on the bag is different from these five, it is a clear indicator that the bag is fake.
Additionally, pay close attention to the design of the zipper puller. In the comparison, you can notice that the fake puller has a larger top part than the genuine one.

Furthermore, inspect the fonts used in the bag's branding. The fake letters are thinner and smaller than the authentic ones.
How To Spot Fake Prada Nylon Backpack

The Stitching Method

The stitching on a genuine Prada bag should be precise and even. Messy and uneven stitching is a clear and unmistakable sign of a fake Prada bag. Authentic Prada bags have immaculate, evenly sewn stitches made with a strong thread that matches the color of the bag's leather.

In the comparison picture, you can see how the stitching on the right side is uneven and sloppy, indicating that the bag is indeed a counterfeit.

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Prada Nylon Backpack Real Vs Fake

The Hardware Method

Examining the hardware is crucial in determining the authenticity of a Prada Nylon backpack. Counterfeit bags often use low-cost hardware that can be prone to rust.

In contrast, genuine Prada bags feature high-quality hardware with clean, spaced-apart brand name engravings that are easily legible. It's essential to ensure that the hardware matches the original color of the bag.

Furthermore, authentic Prada bags never combine colors on the hardware. If you notice any mixed-color hardware on a purse, it strongly indicates that the bag is fake.
Real Vs Fake Prada Nylon Backpack


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How To Tell If Prada Nylon Backpack Is Fake Using The Closure Method

Firstly, take note of the serial number on the closure. On the counterfeit model, the serial number appears bold and emphasized. Still, it's important to know that the original Prada bags do not have a serial number on the closure. This discrepancy is a clear red flag for a fake bag.

Compare the size and shape of the magnetic closure between the fake and genuine models. The authentic magnetic closure should be smaller and rounder, while the counterfeit version may appear larger and less refined.

Lastly, examine the sewing on the bag. The genuine Prada bags have precise, even, and symmetrical sewing, whereas the counterfeit bags may exhibit loose, sloppy, and asymmetrical stitching.
How To Tell If Prada Nylon Backpack Is Fake

The Leather Method

Authentic Prada bags are meticulously crafted using high-quality leather that should have a soft and luxurious feel. On the other hand, fake leather may sometimes look convincing from a distance, but it often feels rough and stiff upon closer inspection.

In the given example, faux leather has a glossy appearance, which is a common trait of counterfeit bags. Genuine Prada bags typically have a more natural, refined sheen to their leather.
Legit Check Prada Nylon Backpack

The Quality Assurance Tag Method

No Prada backpack will leave the factory without a quality assurance tag. If the Prada backpack is authentic, you’ll find a white, square-shaped tag with two or three digits stitched on it. The number designates the factory the bag was produced in and ensures that it has passed rigorous quality testing.

Most counterfeit factories choose not to use this QAT, as it takes too long to manufacture, and many buyers don’t even know about it. However, it is an important attribute if you want to spot a fake backpack right away.

The Number Authentification Method

This is the simplest way of authenticating a Prada Backpack if you know nothing about them.

All Prada backpacks come with interesting cardboard cards with the product number engraved on them. If you are eying a second-hand Prada backpack, you should ask the seller if they have one of those.

If they do, you can just contact Prada’s customer support and tell them the number. They will look for it in their database, and you’ll know if the product is fake or not with 100% certainty.

The Strap Method

On the authentic backpack, the straps should be made of high-quality leather, ensuring durability and support for carrying a heavy bag. Conversely, on the counterfeit version, the straps may be made of a low-quality material that needs more strength to support the weight of the bag effectively.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the stitching. On genuine Prada bags, the stitching should be precise, even, and neat. Any uneven, crooked, or sloppy stitching signs indicate a fake bag. Damaged or poorly executed stitching can further confirm that the bag is not authentic.
Fake Vs Real Prada Nylon Backpack



Is Prada Nylon Backpack waterproof?

The Prada Backpack is the epitome of style and functionality. Pocone, a waterproof nylon fabric, is used in their production.

Is Prada Nylon durable?

Prada Nylon backpack is water-resistant and durable nylon, making the bag very practical.

Where can I get Prada Nylon Backpack authenticated?

If you believe that professionals always do it the best, you should reach out to authenticate your iconic Prada Nylon backpack with LegitGrails. We'll legit check it for you in the shortest amount of time.

Check it out: Prada legit check.


3 easy steps to authenticate an item

Upload photos of the item

Place your order

We verify the item

You get the outcome

3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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