How to Tell Fake vs. Real Prada Sunglasses

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The eyewear market is filled with counterfeits of brands like Prada, Gucci, and Versace. Navigating through all these fakes might be difficult, but don't worry, we've got you!

This guide will help you navigate the nuances of distinguishing between fake Prada sunglasses and the real deal. If you've ever wondered how to spot a counterfeit pair, keep reading for essential insights.

Whether you're buying online or from a physical store, these key details can make a real difference.

But if you feel like you’re not able to authenticate designer sunglasses and want an expert to take a look at your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details!

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Overall Feel

Prada sunglasses

The overall feel of Prada sunglasses is a good starting point for authentication. Authentic Prada sunglasses are crafted with precision and attention to detail.

When you hold a genuine pair, the weight should feel substantial, conveying a sense of quality.

Counterfeit sunglasses often feel lighter and may lack the sturdyness of authentic eyewear.

You should know that this method can help you everywhere in the eyewear industry. You can even Spot fake Versace sunglasses by using the overall feel and trusting your senses.


Genuine Prada sunglasses come in a well-designed box with the Prada logo, emphasizing quality and attention to detail. A new box should include the sunglasses, a hard cardboard box, a case, a cleaning cloth, a Prada info guide, and an authenticity card.

In the case of used sunglasses, extras may vary, but new ones always include these items. Pay attention to the case design for authenticity, as Prada uses only a few designs. Note that the Prada SPS and SPR series have different case designs.

When buying a used pair, retailers often don't sign the back of the authenticity card unless the original buyer requests it. That's why if there's no pen writing on the authenticity card, you shouldn't be concerned, it can be the request of the original buyer. The card still holds electronic information about the specific model.

Nose Pads

When checking Prada sunglasses, focus on the nose pads for authenticity. Genuine ones have comfy, high-quality pads attached. Fakes may feature cheap, uncomfortable pads. Also, ensure the nose pads are placed and aligned; real Prada sunglasses are even positioned.

Most original Prada sunglasses bear a "Prada" print on the nose pads. Yet, replacements might lack this, so no text doesn't always mean fake.

Prada includes its logo on the inner nose pad in new styles with adjustable bridges. However, acetate frames or those without adjustable bridges lack the logo on the part resting on the nose.

This is essential for recent styles, adding to the ways you can confirm the authenticity of Prada sunglasses.

Compare to Legit Models Online

A great way to authenticate a pair of Prada glasses is to compare them to an original. If you don't have one, visit the official Prada website to familiarize yourself with the current styles, colors, and detailing.

Pay attention to specific features, such as logo placement, frame design, and lens quality.

By comparing your sunglasses to legitimate models online, you can spot any discrepancies that may indicate a fake pair.

Insight Right Arm

When checking if your Prada sunglasses are genuine, focus on the right arm for important details. Real Prada sunglasses have clear engravings on the inner side of the right arm, including the Prada logo, "Made in Italy," and the 'CE' icon.

This icon is crucial, as all Prada sunglasses are made in Italy by Luxottica. If the 'CE' icon is missing, it's 100% a fake.

Keep in mind that the notched indent on the 'R' in Prada might be less noticeable on sunglass logos compared to clothing tags and purses. This is part of Prada's design, and while there might be a slight difference, the overall engraving should be clear and precise.

Counterfeit sunglasses might lack these engravings or have done ones, signaling potential fakes.

So, inspect the right arm, ensuring you see the Prada logo, "Made in Italy," and the crucial 'CE' icon to confirm the authenticity of your Prada sunglasses.

Inside Left Arm

Prada sunglasses inside the arm

When making sure Prada sunglasses are genuine, check the inside left arm for crucial details. Authentic sunglasses have a serial number and "Prada Made in Italy" on this arm, with consistent and precise font and spacing. Counterfeits may lack these markings or show irregularities.

Additionally, find the Prada model number on the inside right arm. It starts with 'S' or 'V', indicating sunglasses or vision eyewear. 'PR' stands for Prada, followed by a 2-3 digit number/letter sequence – the model number.

Numbers and letters indicate measurements like nose bridge, lenses, arms, frame color, and lens category. Compare these measurements to the actual product; differences may signal a fake. The measurements are in millimeters.

Right Lens

Checking the right lens of Prada sunglasses offers more insights into their authenticity. Genuine Prada sunglasses typically feature the product's serial number etched into the lens. The number should be clear, well-defined, and correctly positioned. This small etching is challenging to duplicate, making it a reliable indicator of authenticity. Ensure careful inspection to find this small inscription, as it is often omitted from counterfeit products.

Left Lens

Prada sunglasses lemse

Authenticating Prada sunglasses extends to the left lens, mirroring the examination of the right lens. Genuine Prada sunglasses often bear the brand's logo, etched to the upper corner of the outer left lens.

The Prada logo is typically engraved on the left lens as well. Ensure that these engravings are clear, well-defined, and consistent with Prada's standards.

Where to Buy Genuine Prada Sunglasses?

When buying Prada sunglasses, stick to authorized dealers.

These places guarantee authenticity, reducing the risk of getting fake products. While online deals may be tempting, they come with a higher risk of encountering counterfeit items.

Opting for official stores ensures you get the latest and genuine Prada sunglasses.


How to Avoid Buying Fakes?

Here’s a quick checklist to follow when buying any type of Prada glasses:

  • Buy from Authorized Sellers: Stick to reputable dealers like official Prada boutiques, department stores, and authorized online retailers. They're directly connected to the brand, ensuring genuine products.
  • Check Packaging: Authentic Prada sunglasses come with top-notch packaging. Inspect the box, case, and any included documents for quality. Counterfeits often have subpar packaging.
  • Authenticity Cards: Genuine Prada sunglasses typically have authenticity cards or certificates. These documents provide product details and help verify authenticity. Counterfeits may lack them or contain errors.
  • Study Logo Details: Examine the Prada logo on the sunglasses for clear and well-defined details. Authentic logos are precisely placed, while fakes may have poorly aligned logos with inconsistent font or spacing.
  • Inspect Build Quality: Genuine Prada sunglasses are known for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Check the build quality, hinges, and overall construction. Authentic ones feel sturdy, while fakes may be flimsy.
  • Look for Serial Numbers: Authentic Prada sunglasses often feature engraved serial numbers on the inner side of the temple or lens. Counterfeits may lack serial numbers or have poorly engraved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Prada sunglasses.

Where is the serial number on Prada sunglasses?

The serial number on Prada sunglasses is commonly located on the inner side of the temple or on the lens. It usually contains two letters and eight to ten numbers.

Genuine Prada sunglasses feature clear and precisely engraved serial numbers. Counterfeit versions may lack serial numbers or have poorly executed engravings.

Do Prada sunglasses have the logo on the lens?

Yes, authentic Prada sunglasses may have the logo on the lens. However, the placement and detailing of the logo should be consistent with the brand's standards.

Counterfeit sunglasses may feature logos that are poorly aligned or lack the clarity seen in genuine products.

Are Amazon Prada sunglasses legit?

While some sellers on Amazon may offer authentic Prada sunglasses, there is also a risk of encountering counterfeit products.

To ensure the legitimacy of the sunglasses, purchase from authorized and reputable sellers.

Check for customer reviews, product details, and seller information before making a purchase on online platforms like Amazon.


Ensuring the authenticity of Prada sunglasses requires a careful examination of various factors, from nose pads to lenses and packaging.

By following these guidelines and staying informed, you can reduce the risk of buying fake Prada sunglasses and enjoy the genuine quality and style associated with the brand.

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