How To Spot Fake Prada Monolith Boots

How To Spot Fake Prada Monolith Boots

To authenticate Prada Monolith boots always start by analyzing the overall look; Check the volumes, arches, and leather quality. Next, move onto the heel and heel counter method. Don't forget to check the pocket, pin, and insole thoroughly. Lastly, observe the serial number and sole.

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Prada Monolith Boots Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Let's start with observing the overall look of the boots. 

The first thing that catches our eye is the difference in leathers- the authentic one has a glossy and shiny surface whereas the fake boots look all matte.

One of the most iconic features of this model is its oversized volumes that give the foot a nice lift and make legs appear even nicer. 

The volumes on the authentic pair are much sharper and the cut in the middle is larger. On the other hand, they look rounded with softer features in the right picture.

Lastly, the arch- while it is pointy on the fake model, it needs to have a square-like ending with neat stitching.

Prada Monolith Boots Authentication

Fake Prada Monolith Boots: The Heel Method

Even though the authentic heel is voluminous it is not supposed to be as large as it is in the right picture.

The glossy cut-out stitched on the heel counter has a more defined shape on the original boot whereas it does not replicate the same shape on the fake Prada.

While each detail on the authentic model is flawlessly done, the replica failed to do so as the shapes are cut-out differently.

Fake Prada Monolith Boots

Fendi Prada Monolith Boots Real Vs Fake: The Heel Counter Method

The difference in the quality of the leathers is super visible in this comparison but it's not just that.

Noticed how curvy the authentic heel counter is? Its stitching is curvy too.

On the other hand, the heel counter of the replica boot is flat which makes the shoe uncomfortable to wear as well as different looking from the original.

Lastly, the Prada lettering- engraving in the left picture is done neatly, with big, square-like letters whereas they are deeper and differently shaped on the fake model.

Fendi Prada Monolith Boots Real Vs Fake

Even though these methods of authenticating Prada Monolith boots are the most relevant to today’s counterfeit industry, beware that fake producers progress at insane rates. We notice virtually each month that it is getting harder and harder to differentiate original items from fakes, because replicas are getting pretty good. You should definitely try methods in this guide yourself, but if you spent a lot of money on an item, it may be wise to consider professional authentication.

Real Vs Fake Prada Monolith Boots: The Pocket Method

The model is known for its iconic pocket attached to the boot.

The material used in the production is rain and snow-proof which makes the boots wearable in winter. The replica pocket on the other hand is made out of a cheap material that we doubt can keep your feet dry.

The original Prada pin is much bigger than the replica one too.

If you want to learn more about the authentication of designer-made items, we would recommend visiting these pages: Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag, Chanel Deauville, Christian Louboutin Pigalle.

Real Vs Fake Prada Monolith Boots

How To Tell If Prada Monolith Boots Are Fake: The Pin Method

We already said a few words about the pin in the previous method but we should take a closer look at it.

First of all, the authentic pin is bigger, with a more detailed design; observe the text details such as "Dal 1913", "Milano" etc.. that are pale and written in different fonts when they are supposed to be as bold as shown in the left picture.

How To Tell If Prada Monolith Boots Are Fake

Legit Check Prada Monolith Boots: The Insole Method

To authenticate the model thoroughly we need to observe the insole too.

We bet you have already noticed how the authentic insole is made out of almost the same leather as the exterior. The situation is not the same with the replica; the material used in the production is cheaply-made, easily peelable leather that will get worn-out just in a  minute.

Besides the quality, there is stitching too, which is neat and tight in the left picture and sloppy in the right.

Lastly, the font- letters on the replica insole are wider, thicker, and bolder.

Legit Check Prada Monolith Boots

How To Spot Fake Prada Monolith Boots: The Serial Number Method

Serial numbers are not that common in replicas but if they still are there, compare the way they were written to the original model.

As you might have already noticed numbers and letters on the authentic tongue are thin but bold and easy to read, whereas they appear larger but paler in the right picture which makes the serial number almost impossible to read.

The outline of the tongue should be mentioned too: the only thing that parts the outline from the rest of the authentic tongue is the stitching while the replica factory has used a weird, cheap-made, shiny material for the outline effect.

How To Spot Fake Prada Monolith Boots

How To Legit Check Prada Monolith Boots: The Sole Method

This is the last method for today.

Comparing the soles is as important as any other step. 

Noticed how grainy and textured the authentic sole is? It makes it easier for us to walk on slippery surfaces. Turns out the replica factories couldn't care much about this detail and let the soles be smoother than they should be.

The cross detail needs to be pointed out too- the fake one is bigger with less definition.

Lastly, the Prada lettering- on the authentic sole letters blend in so well with the background whereas they just pop out in the right picture.

How To Legit Check Prada Monolith Boots

Are Prada Monolith Boots worth it?

If you are looking for a fashionable model that is wearable in daily life and durable at the same time you should go for the Prada Monolith boots. Its chic design makes the model exquisite and different from what our eyes are used to!

How can I tell if Prada Monolith boots are fake?

Fortunately for us, the model has many details that can be observed and analyzed. If you have already read this guide, then you are familiar with the methods to help you in authenticating your boots. Be extremely cautious with the little details and we promise that you will be able to tell the fake and the authentic boots apart.

Where can I get Prada Monolith boots authenticated?

If you still need professional help you couldn’t have found a better place than LegitGrails! Reach out via live chat, use our authentication services and we promise, you won’t be disappointed. Check it out: Prada legit check.

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