How To Spot Fake YSL Kate Bag

Have you ever compared YSL Kate bag fake VS real before? Sometimes replicas are so well made that it is hard to differentiate them without much knowledge but we got your back, as we are about to show you some major steps of how to authenticate YSL Kate bag fast and easy at home! 

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Now let’s start our YSL Kate bag authentication guide.

How To Legit Check YSL Kate Bag?

  1. The General Look Method
  2. The Pebbled Leather Method 
  3. The Side Method
  4. The Logo Method (Lower-Quality Replica)
  5. The Logo Method (Higher-Quality Replica)
  6. The Chain Method
  7. The Hardware Method
  8. The Label Method
  9. The Signature Method

The General Look Method

It is always a good idea to start with the general look method and catch some flaws "at a glance".

The authentic leather as well as the faux is pebbled, which originally is scratch and abrasion resistant and we will be giving more detailed information about this in the next method but to say it in a few words, the way these grains are put on the surface is totally different in both cases. 

The surface has more of a shiny look in the upper picture whereas it is matte on the unauthentic bag.

The iconic YSL logo on the authentic model looks as if it was put deeply in the leather when on the faux model the logo looks more "3D" and is more dimensional.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The General Look Method

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The Pebbled Leather Method 

As we mentioned in the previous method, the pebbled leather is super durable when it's produced correctly and by correctly we mean the way it is done in the upper picture.

These grains are supposed to be very tightly put together and not miniature sized just as shown on the faux leather; rather than dots they must have a larger circle-like shape which will be scratch resistant.

The unauthentic leather has ridiculously small grains that have a large space between one another and this kind of surface can not be durable enough.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Pebbled Leather Method

The Side Method

In this case the leather situation is the same as explained in the previous method but we should take a closer look at the shapes of these bags.

The original model is thinner and has an exquisite shape- wider at the bottom and narrower as we get to the top which is super cute.

On the other hand, the unauthentic shape is weirdly rounded, it does not replicate the same wide-at-the-bottom and narrow-at-the-top look and the width is the same all over.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Side Method

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The Logo Method (Lower-Quality Replica)

If the iconic YSL logo is replicated poorly on the faux bag, then it is the easiest to tell whether the bag is fake or not.

In this case, there are some major flaws on the fake log. The original letters are tilted on the side, while the fake ones seem to be pretty straight in comparison. 

The letters are much larger and wider on the fake model and the spacing between one another is almost non-existent. 

Not only sizing but the shaping is also a problem here as the fake letters do not replicate the same shape as shown in the left picture.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Logo Method (Low-Quality Replica)

The Logo Method (Higher-Quality Replica)

In this case the letters are replicated better, but there are still some flaws.

The logo is just a little wider and shorter in the left picture when the letters are narrower but bigger in height on the replica model.

Are you keeping up with the methods? We really hope there won’t be any doubt after reading our guide but if you still need some help, we recommend using our amazing legit check services and get your authentication certificate now!

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Logo Method (High-Quality Replica)

The Chain Method

The hardware is always a very hard thing to replicate well, as it does not take much to make it look toy-like.

In this case the metal rectangle is bigger and more dimensional in the bottom picture, and the chain is also much larger than it is supposed to be.

The letters are bolder on the faux metal too when they are supposed to be the same color as the background metal and not so deeply engraved.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Chain Method

The Hardware Method

Replica factories sometimes do not take as much care while producing little details and it shows.

The metal circle on the authentic model is perfectly round when it is bent on the unoriginal bag and thinner than it is supposed to be.

The Saint Laurent signature on the original metal is engraved so well that it is the easiest to read which can not be said about the fake model as the letters are not put on the top of the metal but the side.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Hardware Method

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The Label Method

The labels are very important to take a look at, even though they are not really seen while wearing a bag.

The original label is less grainy and the overall size of the label is much bigger than it is shown in the bottom picture.

The fake label is more on the grey-shade than black and is super faded which might not look bad but clearly shows how the bag is a replica.

The black letters with silver outline are supposed to be in the exact middle. The fake label has silver letters that are put in the bottom asymmetrically.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Label Method

The Signature Method

This is the last method we will be talking about in today's guide.

The Saint Laurent signature on the original bag is put on the smooth surface. The letters are thick and asymmetrical to one another.

The replica model used the same material used for the exterior and the surface that is supposed to be smooth is pebbled, the letters are thinner and they are bigger in size than they are supposed to be.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Signature Method

In Conclusion…

Clearly comparison of a real VS fake YSL Kate bag is not as complicated if you know some of the most crucial steps. 

If you still have some questions left unanswered we would encourage you to reach us out or use our authentication services that are available 24/7! 

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