How To Spot a Fake YSL Hobo Le 5 a 7 Bag

How To Spot a Fake YSL Hobo Le 5 a 7 Bag

Saint Laurent's Hobo le 5 a 7 bag, designed with a sleek look, strikes the perfect balance between elegance and minimalism. This chic purse is made out of genuine leather and high quality metals. Let's authenticate it in 7 easy steps starting with the overall shape method and the YSL clasp method, followed by the materials and stitching method and the handle method. Don't forget to observe the handle method and the hardware and engravings method, as well as monitor the inside label and zip. 

How to legit check YSL Hobo Le 5 a 7 Bag?

YSL Hobo: The Overall Shape Method

Although this bag is still stunningly simple and elegant in some of the dupes, there are subtle differences in its shape that make the real from fake ones stand out. The authentic versions will look perkier, like they hold up better and have more substance to their shape.  

Especially around the bottom corners of the bag, the real version has a more gentle and rounded look while the fake version has a harsher, more rectangular angle to it. 

The strap connecting to the logo and clasp in the real versions has more give to it, while in the fake versions appears tighter.

Although the shape of the false bags is still similar, there are other qualities that set the two apart. (for similar issues check out the Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Check)

Saint Laurent Hobo Bag Authentication

Real vs Fake Saint Laurent Hobo: The YSL Clasp Method

This is a huge difference between real Saint Laurent Hobo bags and all others! Firstly, survey the color of the logos themselves. The color should be a lighter, lustery golden. If it’s not, and it’s a more yellow, deeper gold, it is likely not real.

The authentic logo is aged, particularly near the corners. Look at the sides of the letters, and see if they have additional gloss to them. The sides of the letters should not look the same as the top of the letters! 

Additionally, the lines between the intersections of the letters in the real one are deeper and more pronounced, adding depth to the logo. The fake bag is also missing glazing on the leather loops attaching the logo. Since everything is black, you have to look closely to see this.

YSL Hobo Le 5 a 7 Authentication

Spotting a fake YSL Hobo: the Materials & Stitching Method

This can be a tricky one, since many dupes get the leather so close. On a real YSL Hobo bag, the leather will have a natural variation and not be uniform, especially in different parts of the bag or after certain folds have been made in the design.

In the false version, the leather is uniform and also lacks volume to its patterns. 

Different fake Saint Laurent Hobo bags are able to copy the leather of the authentic version near-perfectly, so be on the lookout for details when it comes to surveying the leather in your authentication process!

It can be difficult to tell the difference between real and false leather sometimes, and if you’re unsure of the material’s authenticity, the LegitGrails experts can help you verify this. 

Saint Laurent Hobo Bag Authentication

Authenticating a Saint Laurent Hobo bag: The Handle Method 

This is likely one of the easiest ways to spot a fake and ensure that yours is the most high quality and authentic as possible. On the real bag, the handles have a seamless transition to the body of the bag. However on the fake one, it looks more so out of place and not a continuation of the bag.

In the authentic version, the stitching around the handle is tidy, symmetrical and organized. In the false version, it is much busier, cramped, and causes the leather to bunch up. 

So, for this, pay attention to the quality and organization of the stitching as well as the direction that the leather of the handle comes from. 

YSL Hobo Bag Authentication

How to Spot a YSL Hobo Fake: the Hardware & Engravings Method

Similar to identifying a real vs fake YSL Hobo bag with the clasp method, this method involves surveying the method thoughtfully. Firstly, the quality of the metal in the authentic versions has far more luster and shine to it. The color is brighter and has more shine. In the fake one, the color is dulled and has less shine. 

The Saint Laurent Paris text should be incredibly clean, easy to read, and also not indented very far into the metal. It should also be accurately spaced out, and in the fake one is very much bunched together and difficult to read. In the fake it is also indented far deeper into the metal.

Additionally, the corners of the metal where the lines meet on the inside of the rectangle should be slightly rounded, rather than fully rectangular and harsh like they are on the fake bag. To see other examples of false engravings, check out the Bottega Veneta guide. 

Saint Laurent Bag le 5 a 7 Authentication

How to Tell a Fake from a Real YSL Hobo bag: Materials Method

This method is the most visually obvious out of all of them, simply relying on color recognition and proper lighting. In the real one, the interior fabric will be a darker color, rather than a lighter, less vibrant one.

Not only does the shade of the fabric differ, but the leather does as well. In the authentic version, the interior leather is a darker shade of black, rather than a lighter shade of black as it is in the false version. 

YSL Hobo Bag Authentication

Authenticating the Saint Laurent Hobo Bag: Inside Label & Zip method 

The inside label method is an extremely easy and simple way to spot the difference between a real vs fake Saint Laurent Hobo bag.

If you look closely, you’ll see that on the real bag, the Saint Laurent text is just stamped or imprinted onto the label. On false bags, the text is in gold, an entirely different color than the label itself. The text also appears as though it is on top of the label, rather than imprinted into it. 

Additionally, the zipper should look silver and lustery and come together smoothly. In false ones, it’ll look more golden and have a less elegant close. 

The zipper area and logo tag should also have glazed edges. The loop on the interior leather zipper pull is shaped slightly flatter in the fake one than the authentic, which is more rounded. 

Saint Laurent Hobo Bag Authentication

Where can I get Saint Laurent Hobo Authenticated?

If you’re not sure if your Saint Laurent Hobo bag is authentic and real, our team of experts at LegitGrails can help you verify your item. With 24/7 online communication and a quick turnaround time, we’ll ensure that you get the service you need. Check it out: YSL Hobo Legit Check.


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