How To Spot Fake Saint Laurent College Bag

How To Spot Fake Saint Laurent College Bag

Owning a Saint Laurent bag is everyone’s dream, right? But, with today’s amount of different counterfeits, cheaper or more expensive ones, how can you be sure you’re buying a genuine product?

The answer lies here, so don’t hesitate to read the whole article right now!

We’ve gathered 13 methods of spotting a fake Saint Laurent College Bag that will guarantee the purchase of a genuine YSL College Bag. Enjoy!

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The Overall Look Method

What we adore about the Yves Saint Laurent College bag is its chic style and exquisite design. The first noticeable difference in this comparison is the model's shape: the authentic bag is square-shaped, while the counterfeit one appears more rectangular, wider, and shorter in height when they should be nearly equal.

You might have already observed how much more substantial and fuller the original looks are: the authentic quilted leather is bulkier, giving the entire model a more fashionable appearance, whereas the flat sections of fake quilted leather result in an unfinished look.

Additionally, the replica flap has a different shape: the authentic one is sharper and more defined, indicating that counterfeit models attempt to mimic each detail as accurately as possible. These distinctions help distinguish between genuine and fake Yves Saint Laurent College bags.
Saint Laurent College Bag Authentication

The Logo Method

The authentic YSL logo boasts very nicely defined letters, with each letter being equally sized and smoothly connected, giving the logo a dimensional look. However, the fake logo falls short in this aspect, as its letters aren't evenly sized, and the connecting spots need to be smoother. The letters appear mushed together, resulting in the loss of the dimensional, 3D effect.

Our specialists always pay particular attention to the strap during luxury bag authentication. On the fake version, the strap on top of the logo tends to be a little wider than it should be, and the quality of the fake leather is noticeably low. The surface layer of the fake leather might start coming off at any moment, indicating its poor quality.

Fake Saint Laurent College Bag

The Flap Method

In this comparison, one noticeable difference lies in the authentic quilted leather, which features symmetrical sections with tight, solid, and neat stitches. On the other hand, the replica sections aren't equal-sized, and the sewing exhibits some issues. The stitches on the fake flap appear looser and are done with thicker thread, resulting in a less neat and seamless effect than the original.

Another distinct dissimilarity is the logo placement: on the authentic flap, the logo is positioned just above the pointy part, while the fake logo is below the sharp ending, creating a significant deviation. Furthermore, the size of the counterfeit logo is much larger, contributing to this noticeable mistake in the replica.

How To Legit Check Saint Laurent College Bag

The Lock Method 

The tiny lock with Saint Laurent lettering can reveal more than you imagine.
One of the main differences between authentic and fake locks is their physical attributes. The authentic lock is thicker, slightly bigger, and wider than the fake version. However, the most significant dissimilarity comes down to the hardware.

The original lock is gold-plated, while the fake lock is often made of plastic or, in slightly better cases, a metal that tends to darken after a few months of daily use.

Additionally, the lettering on the fake lock is noticeably smaller and less prominent. In contrast, the letters on the authentic lock are meant to be bolder, thicker, and larger, as shown in the left picture.

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How To Spot Fake Saint Laurent College Bag

The Magnetic Closure Method

The authentic version appears smooth, reflective, and quite sizable when inspecting the magnetic closure. In contrast, the fake one exhibits a matte finish, is much smaller compared, and the screw in the middle is questionable in quality. Notably, the circle in the middle of the authentic closure must be larger and smooth, as shown in the left picture.

There are clear discrepancies in the YSL lettering on the fake flap. Instead of making the letters smaller and asymmetrical like the authentic version, the counterfeit brand opted to make them bigger, thinner, and engraved deeper into the material. Furthermore, the "Paris" line also should be smaller than the "Saint Laurent" text, as evident in the original design.

Saint Laurent College Bag Real Vs Fake

The Font Method

You are right – counterfeit brands often struggle to copy fonts accurately, so paying close attention while observing texts is essential.

The letters are thicker, bigger, and more rounded on the authentic model, while on the counterfeit version, they are thinner, smaller, and sharper, resulting in a noticeable difference.

When we compare the "Paris" texts, it becomes evident how tiny the letters are on the replica closure, making it almost impossible to read. In contrast, the letters on the authentic model are legibly and deeply engraved in the hardware.

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Real Vs Fake Saint Laurent College Bag

The Zipper Method

When examining the leather piece at the bottom of the authentic zipper, you'll notice that it is super narrow, and its lettering is flawless in sizing, engraving, and coloring.

However, the replica part shows distinct differences. The leather piece is much larger than it should be, and the lettering is also different. The counterfeit brand chose to engrave the letters inside the material to make them bold and easily readable, whereas, on the authentic model, the lettering is meant to be easily peelable.

Another issue we observe in this comparison is the stitching. In the authentic model, the sewing is seamless, whereas, in the right picture, we can see each asymmetrical stitch done in a different colored thread, which is a clear sign of inconsistency and a hallmark of a counterfeit product.

How To Tell If Saint Laurent College Bag Is Fake

The Label Method

When examining the label of the counterfeit bag, you'll notice significant differences from the original one. Firstly, the counterfeit label is made of low-quality leather that looks markedly different from the authentic version.

The fake label is much smaller and securely stitched to the background, resulting in a faded appearance. In contrast, the authentic label is flawless, showcasing impeccable stitching, coloring, and lettering.

Furthermore, the font of the replica label is different, appearing more square-like and bigger than the original. Instead of engraving the letters into the leather like the authentic model, the counterfeit brand opted for a different approach.
Legit Check Saint Laurent College Bag

The Dust-Bag Method

In our final step of the authentication process, let's check the dust bag.

The original dust bag is made of nice and soft material, providing a luxurious feel. In contrast, the counterfeit is made of polyester, which is evident even from the picture.

The last thing to examine on the dust bag is the lettering. The letters on the counterfeit dust bag are thinner, narrower, and appear faded, which is a noticeable difference from the original. In contrast, the authentic dust bag should have thick and bold lettering, as shown in the left picture.

Fake Vs Real Saint Laurent College Bag

The Buttons Method

Real bags should have “Saint Laurent Paris” engraved on the buttons. The lettering should be capitalized and evenly spaced to cover exactly half of the button. If the bag is legitimate, the text should be engraved and unpainted.

Most fake manufacturers make the text uneven and with very thick lettering. They also often cover more space than they should, paint the button with black paint, and don’t get the font right.

The Stitching Method

Any stitching on the edges must exhibit uniformity and neatness for a genuine appearance. YSL employs matelassé stitching, a French technique that replicates the charm of hand stitching.

Ensure that each row maintains a consistent width, and take note of the stitches on opposing sides of the bag. If the number of stitches on both sides perfectly matches, it strongly indicates the bag's authenticity.

The Quilting Method

Genuine YSL quilting exhibits a regular, overlapping pattern throughout the bag's surface. This quilting intends to resemble the letter Y, paying homage to Yves Saint Laurent.

Each constituent section forming the quilt pattern should display symmetry, even spacing, and uniform stitching. Any signs of irregularity or inconsistency among the quilt sections may indicate the likelihood of a counterfeit bag.

The Straps Method

Authentic straps must feature a leather stamp or a metal connector. YSL offers two distinct styles of straps for their bags: leather and chain (some styles may have both).

The edges should exhibit the same stitching pattern as the bag, and there should be embossed lettering somewhere, displaying either "Saint Laurent" or "Saint Laurent Paris," depending on the width.

The chain should have a curb-style design with flat-facing links. Always check for a metal connector with the inscription "Saint Laurent." These straps typically feature a peg-in-hole closure, though the exact design may vary.

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Is the YSL College bag worth it?

If you are looking for a bag that can be versatile for different outfits, carry your essentials, and more, and most importantly - is chic and will gain value over time, the YSL College bag is a perfect option. Is it worth it? 100%!

Which is more expensive, YSL or Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton is more expensive, while YSL goods are more affordable for a bigger audience. Both luxurious brands have their staple items, and the price should not be the main component in deciding which brand is better.

Where can I get a Saint Laurent College bag authenticated? 

Finding a trustworthy professional team that can authenticate your luxurious items in the fastest turnaround time can be challenging. Still, lucky you, if you read these words, you have already found one. The LegitGrails team will check your branded items and get you an authenticity certificate ASAP!

Check it out: Saint Laurent legit check.

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